Modern Asian Studies 2003 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 2003
Abolishing 'Cruel punishments': a reappraisal of the Chinese roots and long-term efficiency of the Xinzheng legal reforms.Regional focus/area studiesBourgon, Jerome
A case of contagious legitimacy: kinship, ritual and manipulation in Chinese martial arts societies.Regional focus/area studiesTakacs, Jeff
Achieving reversion: protest and authority in Okinawa, 1952-70.Regional focus/area studiesAldous, Christopher
Banten Rebellion, 1750-1752: factors behind the mass participation.Regional focus/area studiesOta, Atsushi
Beyond Colonial Law: indigenous litigation and the contestation of property in the Mayor's Court in late eighteenth-century Madras.Regional focus/area studiesBrimnes, Niels
Breaking the bonds of precedent: the 1905-6 Government Reform Commission and the remaking of the Qing central state.Regional focus/area studiesHorowitz, Richard S.
Changes in wool production and usage in colonial India.Regional focus/area studiesRoy, Tirthankar
Chongqing's most wanted: worker mobility and resistance in China's nationalist arsenals, 1937-1945.Regional focus/area studiesHoward, Joshua H.
'Cocked Hats and Swords and Small, Little Garrisons': Britain, Canada and the fall of Hong Kong, 1941.Regional focus/area studiesFedorowich, Kent
Creating 'Virtuous and Talented' officials for the twentieth century: discourse and practice in Xinzheng China.Regional focus/area studiesStrauss, Julia C.
Four colonies and a kingdom: a comparison of fiscal, trade and exchange rate policies in South East Asia in the 1930s.Regional focus/area studiesBooth, Anne
From Indochine to Indochic: the Lang Bian Palace hotel and French colonial leisure, power and culture.Regional focus/area studiesJennings, Eric T.
From Orientals to imagined Britons: Baghdadi Jews in Shanghai.Regional focus/area studiesBetta, Chiara
'I Am Not a Refugee': rethinking partition migration.Regional focus/area studiesRahman, Mahbubar, Schendel, Willem Van
J. G. Farrell's Indian works: his majesty's subjects?.Regional focus/area studiesGoonetilleke, D.C.R.A.
Languages on Stage: linguistic pluralism and community formation in the nineteenth-century Parsi theatre.Regional focus/area studiesHansen, Kathryn
Making claims for power: a new agenda in Dalit politics of Uttar Pradesh, 1946-48.Regional focus/area studiesRawat, Ramnarayan S.
Officers, gentlemen and thieves: the looting of monasteries during the 1903/4 Younghusband mission to Tibet.Regional focus/area studiesCarrington, Michael
Processes of secularization in contemporary India: Guru faith in the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission.Regional focus/area studiesWarrier, Maya
Reassessing indirect rule in Hyderabad: rule, ruler, or sons-in-law of the state?.Regional focus/area studiesLeonard, Karen
Representation and representations of the railways of colonial and post-colonial South Asia.Regional focus/area studiesKerr, Ian J.
Taiwan's foreign economic policy: theE Liberalization Plus' approach of an evolving developmental state.Regional focus/area studiesDent, Christopher M.
Tales of treachery: rumour as the source of claims that Tipu Sultan was betrayed.Regional focus/area studiesBrittlebank, Kate
The death of Tiaoxi (the 'Leaping Play'): ritual theatre in the northwest of China.Regional focus/area studiesHolm, David
The Great Tradition Globalizes: reflections on two studies of 'The Industrial Leaders' of Madras.Regional focus/area studiesHarriss, John
The making of a dream: the Sino-American expedition to Mount Amne Machin in 1948.Regional focus/area studiesChen, Shiwei
The politics of anti-nuclear protest in Taiwan: a case of party-dependent movement (1980-2000).Regional focus/area studiesMing-Sho Ho
The PRC's relationship with the ASEAN regional forum: Realpolitik, Regime theory or a continuation of the Sinic Zone of Influence system?.(People's Republic of China)Regional focus/area studiesEvans, Thammy
'The Redemption of the Rascals': the Xinzheng reforms and the transformation of the status of lower-level central administration personnel.Regional focus/area studiesGabbiani, Luca
The social life of opium in China, 1483-1999.Regional focus/area studiesZheng, Yangwen
Training scholars not politicians: Zunjing academy and the introduction of Han learning to Sichuan in the late nineteenth century.Regional focus/area studiesYu Li
Tuberculosis, housing and the colonial state: Hong Kong, 1900-1950.Regional focus/area studiesJones, Margaret
Violence and ethnicity on a Qing colonial frontier: customary and statutory law in the eighteenth-century Miao Pale.Regional focus/area studiesSutton, Donald S.
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