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Public Opinion Quarterly
Affirmative action and the public, 1970-1995.(The Polls - Trends)Sociology and social workSteeh, Charlotte, Krysan, Maria
American support for international involvement: general and specific components of post-Cold War changes.(The Polls - Trends)Sociology and social workRichman, Alvin
A method to increase response when external interference and time constraints reduce interview quality.Sociology and social workPol, Louis G.
An evaluation of computer-assisted self-interviews in a school setting.Sociology and social workBeebe, Timothy J., Harrison, Patricia A., Fulkerson, Jayne A., McRae, James A., Jr., Anderson, Ronald E.
Attributes of questions and interviewers as correlates of interviewing performance.Sociology and social workPresser, Stanley, Shanyang Zhao
China and human rights. (analysis of public opinion)Sociology and social workWaller, Wynne Pomeroy, Ide, Marianne E.
Clarifying divergent estimates of rape from two national surveys.Sociology and social workLynch, James P.
Comment on Davis's "Changeable Weather in a Cooling Climate atop the Liberal Plateau." (James A. Davis; liberalism and conservatism in social surveys)Sociology and social workConverse, Philip E.
Comment on Davis: yes, but ... public opinion is a top-down process. (James A. Davis; liberalism and conservatism in social surveys)Sociology and social workZukin, Cliff
Context effects on responses to questions about AIDS.Sociology and social workSinger, Eleanor, Colasanto, Diane, Rogers, Theresa F.
Early voting.Sociology and social workStein, Robert M.
Eli Samplin Marks, 1912-1991. (statistician) (Obituary)Sociology and social workElinson, Jack, Rothwell, Naomi D.
Errors in reports of occupation.Sociology and social workMathiowetz, Nancy A.
Executing Hortons: racial crime in the 1988 presidential campaign.Sociology and social workMendelberg, Tali
Filter questions and question interpretation: presuppositions at work.Sociology and social workKnauper, Barbel
Formative security, education, and postmaterialism: a response to Davis. (reply to James A. Davis' 'Review Essay of Value Change in Global Perspective,' vol. 60, p. 322)Sociology and social workInglehart, Ronald, Abramson, Paul R.
Hans Zeisel, 1905-1992. (public opinion analyst) (Obituary)Sociology and social workSills, David L.
How good is the A.C. Nielsen people-meter system? A review of the report by the Committee on Nationwide Television Audience Measurement.Sociology and social workMilavsky, J. Ronald
Impression management in computer-based interviews: the effects of input modality, output, modality, and distance.Sociology and social workMoon, Youngme
Improving on probability weighting for household size.Sociology and social workGelman, Andrew, Little, Thomas C.
Interregional migration and political resocialization: a study of racial attitudes under pressure.Sociology and social workGlaser, James M., Gilens, Martin
Is it really racism? The origins of White Americans' opposition to race-targeted policies.Sociology and social workSears, David O., Laar, Colette van, Carrillo, Mary, Kosterman, Rick
Is subtle prejudice really prejudice?Sociology and social workMeertens, Roel W., Pettigrew, Thomas F.
Is "up" right? The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.(The Polls-Review)Sociology and social workMiller, Peter V.
Metastereotypes: Blacks' perceptions of Whites' stereotypes of Blacks.Sociology and social workSigelman, Lee, Tuch, Steven A.
Nonrandom measurement error and race of interviewer effects among African Americans.Sociology and social workDavis, Darren, W.
Opinion polls and the democratic process: 1945/1995(Presidential Address)(Andrew Kohut at the 50th annual American Association for Public Opinion Research convention)(Transcript)Sociology and social work 
Perceptions of economic insecurity: evidence from the survey of economic expectations.Sociology and social workManski, Charles F., Dominitz, Jeff
Pluralistic ignorance across issues and over time: information cues and biases.Sociology and social workShamir, Jacob, Shamir, Michal
Poll-based forecasts of midterm Congressional election outcomes: do the pollsters get it right?(The Polls - Review)Sociology and social workSigelman, Lee, Erikson, Robert S.
Polling, under the gun: political attitudes in Estonia, surveyed at the height of the Soviet coup attempt, August 1991.Sociology and social workSaar, Andrus, Joe, Liivi
Preelection survey methodology: details from eight polling organizations, 1988 and 1992.Sociology and social workVoss, D. Stephen, Gelman, Andrew, King, Gary
Presidential address: a response to the nonresponse problem.Sociology and social workBradburn, Norman M.
Projective questioning and ethnic discrimination: a procedure for measuring employer bias.Sociology and social workSupphellen, Magne, Kvitastein, Olav A., Johansen, Svein Tvedt
Race and risk: factors affecting the framing of stories about inequality, discrimination, and just plain bad luck.Sociology and social workPhillips, David, Gandy, Oscar H., Jr., Kopp, Katharina, Hands, Tanya, Frazer, Karen
Race, public opinion, and the social sphere.Sociology and social workBobo, Lawrence
Racial differences in attitudes toward the police.(The Polls-Trends)Sociology and social workTuch, Steven A., Weitzer, Ronald
Reducing vote overreporting in surveys: social desirability, memory failure, and source monitoring.Sociology and social workTraugott, Michael W., Belli, Robert F., Young, Margaret, McGonagle, Katherine A.
Religion and political behavior in the United States: the impact of beliefs, affiliations, and commitment from 1980 to 1994.Sociology and social workLayman, Geoffrey C.
Reply to Catania, Canchola and Pollack. (response to article by Joseph A. Catania, Jesse Canchola and Lance Pollack in this issue, p. 620)Sociology and social workMiller, Peter
Response to "They said it couldn't be done: the National Health and Social Life Survey." (response to Peter Miller, Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. 59, p. 404)Sociology and social workPollack, Lance, Canchola, Jesse, Catania, Joseph A.
Review essay. ('Value Change in Global Perspective')Sociology and social workDavis, James A.
Security and political attitudes in Israel: 1986-1991.Sociology and social workArian, Asher
Self-selected and randomly selected respondents in a computer network survey.Sociology and social workSproull, Lee S., Kiesler, Sara, Walsh, John P., Hesse, Bradford W.
Social Security - an update.(The Polls - Poll Trends)Sociology and social workJacobs, Lawrence R., Shapiro, Robert Y., Baggette, Jennifer
Survey introductions and data quality.Sociology and social workCouper, Mick P.
The behavior of respondents, nonrespondents, and refusers across mail surveys.Sociology and social workHoek, Janet, Brennan, Mike
The educational infrastructure of the survey research profession.Sociology and social workGroves, Robert M.
The impact of spousal characteristics on political attitudes in Australia.Sociology and social workHayes, Bernadette C., Bean, Clive S.
The interface between ethnic and national attachment: ethnic pluralism or ethnic dominance?Sociology and social workLevin, Shana, Sidanius, Jim, Pratto, Felicia, Feshbach, Seymour
The National Issues Convention deliberative poll.(The Polls - Review)Sociology and social workMerkle, Daniel M.
The polls - a review. (accuracy of exit polls)Sociology and social workTraugott, Michael W., Price, Vincent
The polls - a review: American public opinion and the Gulf War: some polling issues.Sociology and social workMueller, John
The polls - a review: the 1992 British election: the failure of the polls.Sociology and social workJowell, Roger, Hedges, Barry, Lynn, Peter, Farrant, Graham, Heath, Anthony
The polls - a review: the Holocaust denial controversy.Sociology and social workSmith, Tom W.
The polls: poll trends: AIDS - an update. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workSinger, Eleanor, Rogers, Theresa F., Imperio, Jennifer
The polls - poll trends: American support for international involvement.Sociology and social workRichman, Alvin
The polls - poll trends: public opinion on crime and punishment.Sociology and social workWarr, Mark
The polls - poll trends: public support for Congress.Sociology and social workPatterson, Kelly D., Magleby, David B.
The polls: poll trends: religious beliefs and behaviors and the televangelist scandals of 1987-1988.Sociology and social workSmith, Tom W.
The polls - review: was 1996 a worse year for polls than 1948?Sociology and social workMitofsky, Warren J.
The polls - review: why Money magazine's "Best Places" keep changing.Sociology and social workGuterbock, Thomas M.
The polls - trends: attitudes toward homosexuality.Sociology and social workYang, Alan S.
The polls - trends: crime, the police, and civil liberties.Sociology and social workJacobs, Lawrence R., Shapiro, Robert Y., Shaw, Greg M., Lock, Shmuel
The polls-trends: genetic testing, engineering, and therapy: awareness and attitudes.Sociology and social workSinger, Eleanor, Corning, Amy, Lamias, Mark
The polls - trends: governance and reform of public education in the United States.Sociology and social workHochschild, Jennifer, Scott, Bridget
The polls - trends: guns. (gun control issues in the American public)Sociology and social workBlendon, Robert J., Benson, John M., Hemenway, David, Young, John T.
The polls - trends: immigrants and immigration.Sociology and social workShaw, Greg, Lapinski, John S., Peltola, Pia, Yang, Alan
The polls - trends: race relations and American youth, 1976-1995.Sociology and social workSigelman, Lee, Tuch, Steven A., MacDonald, Jason A.
The polls - trends: United States intervention in Bosnia.Sociology and social workSobel, Richard
They said it couldn't be done: the National Health and Social Life Survey.(The Polls - A Review)Sociology and social workMiller, Peter V.
Third parties and the two-party system.Sociology and social workCollet, Christian
Twenty-five days to go: measuring and interpreting the trends in public opinion during the 1993 Russian election campaign.(The Polls - Review)Sociology and social workWhite, Stephen, Miller, William L., Heywood, Paul
Using the "L-word" in public: a test of the spiral of silence in conservative Orange County, California. (liberals)Sociology and social workKatz, Cheryl, Baldassare, Mark
Welfare.(The Polls - Trends)Sociology and social workJacobs, Lawrence R., Shapiro, Robert Y., Weaver, R. Kent
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