Technovation 1996 - Abstracts

Technovation 1996
A look at Aston Science Park. (Aston Science Park, Birmingham)High technology industryGuy, Ian
An analysis of cooperative R&D in the United States.High technology industryMiyata, Yukio
A new approach to the identification and selection of international technology transfer modes: logical framework and empirical evidence.High technology industryVenanzi, Daniela
Artificial neural networks for supporting production planning and control.High technology industryCorsten, Hans, May, Constantin
Barriers to international trade between Iran and Australia.High technology industryTajzadeh-Namin, Ardeshir Abolfazle, Shayan, Ebrahim, Gillin, Murray
Decisions on innovation and diffusion and the limits of deregulation.High technology industryHubner, Heinz
Different factors considered in project selection at public and private R&D institutes.High technology industryLee, Mushin, Om, Kiyong
Environment and technology strategy of firms in government R&D programmes in Korea.High technology industryCho, Hyun-Dae, Lee, Jae-Keun, Ro, Kony-Kyun
Government support for R&D: the Spanish case.High technology industryFernandez, Esteban, Junquera, Beatriz, Vazquez, Camilo J.
Human factors and the innovation process.High technology industryLux, David S., Brown, Marilyn A., Livesay, Howard C.
Implementing strategic change: a survey of British and German workers.High technology industryHarding, Rebecca
Indigenous development and acquisition of technology: an Indian perspective.High technology industrySikka, Pawan
Industry-academic relations: an assessment of the linkages between a university and some enterprises in Nigeria.High technology industryOyebisi, T.O., Nassar, M.L., Ilori, M.O.
Information, technology and culture: an ethnography of information technology and modernist business organization.High technology industryDespress, Charles Jean-Noel
International technology transfer examined at technology component level: a case study in China.High technology industryLan, Ping, Young, Stephen
Just around the corner.High technology industryMcMullan, W. Ed
Managerial implications of flexible manufacturing for small/medium-sized enterprises.High technology industryCawthon, Garret, Gupta, Mahesh
Manufacturing excellence for 21st century production.High technology industryHitomi, Katsundo
Measuring technological change through patents and innovation surveys.High technology industryArchibugi, Daniele, Pianta, Mario
National systems of innovation, organizational learning and industrial biotechnology.High technology industrySenker, Jacqueline
New indicators for measuring the manifold aspects of technical and economic efficiency of production processes and technologies.High technology industryBarbiroli, Giancarlo
New methods of evaluating physical demand at work areas. (modification of the MTM-UAS system of ergonomic evaluation)High technology industryElola, Luis Navarro, Tejedor, Ana Clara Pastor, Menorca, Leonor Gonzalez
New ventures on an ancient campus. (Oxford Science Park at the University of Oxford)High technology industryGuy, Ian
Operations effectiveness for a successful implementation of CIM. (computer integrated manufacturing)High technology industryGupta, Mahesh
Product design as a means of integrating differentiation.High technology industryPawar, Kulwant S., Sharifi, Sudi
Product development and price trends for fiber optic components.High technology industryWebb, G. Kent
Stimulation of technology-based small firms - a case study of university-industry cooperation.High technology industryKlofsten, Magnus, Jones-Evans, Dylan
Strategic HRM: the implications for pharmaceutical R&D. (human resource management)High technology industryJones, Oswald
Strategies and performance of Canadian biotechnology firms: an empirical investigation.High technology industryHartel, Diana, Woiceshyn, Jaana
Sweden's technological profile: what can R&D and patents tell and what do they fail to tell us? (the use of patents and R&D as technology indicators)High technology industryJacobsson, Staffan, Philipson, Joakim
Technical entrepreneurship, strategic awareness and corporate transformation in small high-tech firms.High technology industryBerry, M.M.J.
Technological capability assessment of a firm in the electricity sector.High technology industryPanda, H., Ramanathan, K.
Technological dependence in Africa: its nature, causes, consequences and policy derivatives.High technology industryFabayo, J.A.
Technology strategy and corporate planning in Australian high-value-added manufacturing firms.High technology industryRyan, Neal
Technology transfer basic research and industry.High technology industryHameri, Ari-Pekka
The indirect economic effects of Ecopetrol's contracting strategy for informatics development.High technology industryAmesse, Fernand, Garcia, Alfredo, Silva, Mario
The relationship between an entrepreneur's background and performance in a new venture.High technology industryLee, Jinjoo, Jo, Hyungrae
The role of creativity within best practice manufacturing.High technology industryHall, David J.
Towards the maturity stage: an insight into the performance of French technopoles.High technology industryChorda, Isidre March
Understanding the process of knowledge transfer to achieve successful technological innovation.High technology industryGilbert, Myrna, Cordey-Hayes, Martyn
User groups in action: the management of user inputs in the NPD process. (new product development)High technology industryArmstrong, Peter, Tomes, Anne, Clark, Murray
Using basic research as a catalyst to exploit new technology-based innovations - a case study.High technology industryHameri, Ari-Pekka, Vuola, Olli
Venture capital for financing technology in Taiwan.High technology industryPandey, I.M., Jang, Angela
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