Telemarketing 1983 - Abstracts

Telemarketing 1983
A Comparative Look at Telephone Headsets.BusinessShact, N.H.
Advertising for Information: The 800 Connection.BusinessCronin, R.
Advertising & Telemarketing.BusinessPlatt, N.R.
A New Beginning for Electronically-Saturated Metro Areas.Business 
Automatic Call Distributors in a Telemarketing Environment.BusinessPigeon, B.A.
Automatic Dialers Ring-Up Time and Cost Savings.BusinessMongillo, A.
Before You Buy that Computer System - A Guide to Basic Computer Terminology.BusinessBoyle, N.N.
Business-to-Business Telemarketing; An Industry Specific Approach.BusinessSarney, L.
Business-to-Business Telemarketing: A Trend or Just a Fad?BusinessPope, J.
Call Accounting Equipment: A Management Control Tool.BusinessVerMeulen, J.D.
Comparative Compensation Practices in the Telemarketing Industry.Business 
Compensation for Telemarketing: Sales Reps and Supervisors.BusinessBencin, R.L.
Computerized Telemarketing Helps Keep Air India Flying High.BusinessWolicki, C.A.
Computer Supported Telemarketing.BusinessZelinka, J.
Coordinating Inside and Outside Sales Forces: A Compensation Approach for Greater Productivity.BusinessGardner, J.A., Gross, S.E.
Could Inconsistency Be Killing Your Credibility?BusinessMasser, B.Z., Leeds, W.M.
Customer Service Reps: Are They Outbound Marketing Material?BusinessMiller, D.M.
Data Over Voice: A Welcome Choice in Telecommunications.BusinessSmith, P.
Determining Telemarketing Profitability.BusinessBarden, V.M.
Direct Mail and Telemarketing.BusinessSmyth, S.
Displaying 800 Numbers for Best Results.BusinessVenuto, J.
E-COM & Telemarketing Form a Growing Team.BusinessParmiter, B.
Effective Telemarketing Implementation for the Wholesale - Distributor.BusinessFisher, P.
Examining Your Telemarketing Equipment Needs.BusinessWeitzner, M.
Exploring the Telephone Peripherals Market.BusinessPensky, N.A.
Gaining a Competitive Edge with Video Training.BusinessClifford, J.
Healthcare Telemarketing Comes of Age.BusinessRay, D.
High Turnover - Several Alternatives.BusinessMiller, P.M.
How to Buy a PBX.BusinessDaniels, C.
How To Evaluate a Telemarketing Managerial Candidate.BusinessCrandall, H.B.
How to Phone Your Way to Fortune.BusinessForman, R.B.
Inside Telemarketing: A Revealing Probe into the Growth of the Industry.Business 
Integrating the Telephone Personality with an Effective Script Design.BusinessSmyth, S.
International Marketing Goes Toll-Free.BusinessCherkosky, Y.
Looking for Mr. Goodvoice: The Crux of Manpower Planning.BusinessLittlefield, G.
Marginal Accounts Plus Telemarketing Mean $100 Million for Bell.BusinessCoker, L.
New Developments in Headset Design Improve Efficiency.BusinessRoss, K.L.
New Technology: Electronic Mail.BusinessStevens, C.
Preparation Is the Key to Telemarketing Profitability.BusinessQuinn, J.
Rethinking and Retooling for the Telecomputer.BusinessTaylor, L.
Sales Verification: It's Vital to Telemarketing.Business 
Satellites Are Revolutionizing Business Communications.BusinessParsons, A.E.
Scripts for Outbound Telemarketing.BusinessDicker, B.
Selecting Telemarketing Technology in a Deregulated Environment.BusinessWexler, P.L.
Selling with Your Voice: Tactics for Selecting an Effective Telemarketing Training Approach.BusinessCrane, A.S., Carmichael, T.
Standards & Good Taste as Telemarketing Tools.BusinessKavanagh, L.G.
Taking the Plunge: How to Computerize Your Telemarketing Department in Four Easy Steps.BusinessWalther, G.R.
TCA Conference and Exposition.Business 
TELECOMMUTING: A New Frontier for Telemarketing.BusinessGordon, G.E.
Telemarketing and Ergonomics: Synergy and Symbiosis.BusinessSpringer, T.J.
Telemarketing and the Petrochemical Industry.BusinessArcoria, P.A., Spiegel, S.R.
Telemarketing Call Management.BusinessMcCabe, J., Martin, K.
Telemarketing Is Synonymous with Success for Sprint.BusinessJoyce, P.
Telemarketing Means Big Profits for a Small Business.Business 
Telemarketing Quality Control with Monitoring Systems.BusinessBencin, R.L.
Telemarketing's Cancer: Fraudulent Calls.Business 
Telemarketing - The Difference Between Cold Leads and Hot Prospects.BusinessHaimes, D.J.
Telemarketing Turns Customer Service into a Profit Center.BusinessO'Boyle, J.
Telephone Techniques for TSRs.Business 
The 75 Cents that Could Break the Camel's Back.BusinessTehrani, N.
The ABC's of In-House Telemarketing.BusinessCarlson, J.
The Chemistry of Effective Telemarketing.BusinessTehrani, N.
The Choice Is Yours: Key-PBX Systems.BusinessReganato, P.A.
The Dynamic Relationship Between Data-Tele Communications.BusinessAure, R.
The Effects of Busy Signals.BusinessTheis, P.F.
The New Generation of Long Distance Services.Business 
The New Language of Telemarketing and Associated Techniques.BusinessBencin, R.L.
The Nuts & Bolts of Audio Teleconferencing Applications.BusinessJenkins, T.M.
The Psyche of the Telephone Sales Rep.Business 
The Roots of a Telemarketing Pioneer.Business 
The Strategy of Fundraising by Phone.Business 
The Team Incentive: An Alternative Motivational Approach.BusinessBradley, J.
The Telemarketing Glossary of Terms.Business 
The Telephone-Display Terminal Marriage: A Bond in Productivity.BusinessSiegel, A.H.
Tips on Script Development.BusinessZelinka, J.
Total Telemarketing Is Totally Successful.Business 
Training for Telemarketing Success.BusinessBoothe, W.A.
Using Computer Simulation to Select an ACD.BusinessMuller, M., Reinhardt, D.
Using Telemarketing to Sell Telecommunications Services.BusinessReynolds, J.C.
Using Telex for Better Business Communications.BusinessGarratt, A.
Video Training for Better Business Productivity.BusinessWooden, J.C.
Voice-Data PABX Meets Office Automation Needs.BusinessPatterson, B.
Voice Technology: The New Link Between the Telephone and Computer.BusinessStephens, R.
What To Look for in Telecommunication Workstations.BusinessGannon, M.H.
What You Always Needed to Know about Audio Conferencing.BusinessCohen, B.
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