The German Quarterly 2004 - Abstracts

The German Quarterly 2004
"A nothing, if it could be thought:" shadows of Diotima in Susette Gontard's letters to Friedrich Holderlin.Regional focus/area studiesAugst, Therese Ahern
Attachment, patriarchal anxiety, and paradigm selection in German literary criticism.Regional focus/area studiesKowalik, Jill Anne
Beyond the wandering Jew: anti-semitism and narrative supersession in Goethe's.Regional focus/area studiesSchutjer, Karin
Fontane's Unwiederbringlich: a Bakhtinian reading.Regional focus/area studiesBowman, Peter James
From weiter leben (1992) to Still Alive (2001): Ruth Kluger's cultural translation of her "German Book" for American Audience.Regional focus/area studiesSchaumann, Caroline
Innocent action and splendid spectacle: facism and entertainment in Harry Piel's movie Die Welt ohne Maske (1934).Regional focus/area studiesStzrelczyk, Florentine
Junges deutsches Theater in den USA: interview mit Kerstin Specht uber ihre Theaterstucke, 14. Mai 2004, Atlanta, GA.(Interview)Regional focus/area studiesKallin, Britta
Mahler contra Wagner: the philosophical legacy of Romanticism in Gustav Mahler's third and fourth symphonies.Regional focus/area studiesNiekerk, Carl
Marlitt's world: domestic fiction in an age of empire.Regional focus/area studiesKontje, Todd
North-South, East-West: Mapping German identities in cinematic and literary versions of Doris Dorrie's Bin ich schon.Regional focus/area studiesIsaac, Peter M. Mc
Paternity and Bildung in Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre.Regional focus/area studiesKrimmer, Elisabeth
Putting stones in place: Anne Duden and German acts of memory.Regional focus/area studiesMcCarthy, Margaret
Reconceptualizing East German popular literature via the science fiction niche.Regional focus/area studiesFritzsche, Sonja
Rhymes and reasons in the Grimms': Kinder-und Hausmarchen.Regional focus/area studiesRobinson, Orrin W.
Romantic love and the Enlightenment: from gallantry and seduction to authenticity and self-validation .Regional focus/area studiesLandgraf, Edgar
Sibling incest and cultural voyeurism in Gunderode's Udohla and Thomas Mann's Walsungenblut.Regional focus/area studiesEngelstein, Stefani
Speaking of spectacle: another look of Walther's "Lindenlied".(Poem)Regional focus/area studiesPaddlock, Mary M.
The emigrant as witness: W. G. Sebald's Die Ausgewanderten.Regional focus/area studiesGarloff, Katja
The popular culture alibi: Bernhard Schlink's detective novels and the culture of politically correct holocaust literature.Regional focus/area studiesDonahue, William Collins
"Truth is a Women": post-holocaust narrative, postmodernism, and the gender of fascism in Bernhard Schlink's Der Vorleser.Regional focus/area studiesMetz, Joseph
Weh dem, der lugt!: Grillparzer's Januo-faced comedy.Regional focus/area studiesReeve, William C.
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