Shape 2001 - Abstracts

Shape 2001
3 summer health bummers solved.Women's issues/gender studiesLisa Lombardi
4 no-cook dinners (really!).(includes recipes)(quick, nutritious meals)Women's issues/gender studiesVictoria Abbott Riccardi
5 women reunions makeovers.Women's issues/gender studiesBeth Janes, Amy Goldhammer
Are you a cyberchondriac?(care when making diagnoses on the Internet)Women's issues/gender studiesElaine Glusac
Are you alone or lonely?(health aspects of loneliness)Women's issues/gender studiesAlice Kelly
Are you getting enough ... ?(sleep, exercise, food)Women's issues/gender studiesAnnie Murphy Paul, Anthony Elgort
A whole new me.(weight loss leads to improved self-esteem)Women's issues/gender studiesDanielle Lynch
Bare facts about hair removal.Women's issues/gender studiesMary Rose Almasi
Before you go out in the sun... .Women's issues/gender studiesValerie Latona
Bust the myths that keep you fat.(misconceptions of diet)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy M.S. Clark R.D.
Does stress hurt fertility?(includes related article)(benefit of relaxation techniques for conceiving a baby)Women's issues/gender studiesAlice Lesch Kelly
Does your diet make the grade?(healthy eating habits)Women's issues/gender studiesSally Kuzemchak
Eggs for dinner.(includes recipes)(includes related article)(quick, low-fat meals)Women's issues/gender studiesRobin Vitetta-Miller
Fast-food backlash.(enjoying food)Women's issues/gender studiesWendy Bounds
Fitting in fitness.(finding time to exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesJackie Pinho
Following doctor's orders.(for personal fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesDawn Basham
Get fit 24/7.(time for fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesGail O'Connor
Get the ultimate body.(physical exercise plan)Women's issues/gender studiesTracy Teare
Get visible results fast!(weight-training)Women's issues/gender studiesMichele Kort, Dominick Guillemot
Gravy goes on a diet.(includes recipes)(includes related article)(low-fat cookery)Women's issues/gender studiesRobin Vitetta-Miller
Have it your way.(healthy eating at fast food restaurants)Women's issues/gender studiesRichard Cordova
Helping hands.(care of the hands)Women's issues/gender studiesJames Allen, Leesa Suzman
How 5 women got fit (and how you can too).Women's issues/gender studiesLauren Picker, James Allen
How America is making you fat.(includes related article)Women's issues/gender studiesCourtney Rubin, Mary Ellen Strote
How to be a happy black sheep.(celebrating independence)Women's issues/gender studiesJeannie Kim
Is it PMS or something else?(a different psychiatric disorder)Women's issues/gender studiesKelly James-Enger
Is your stressful life hurting your health?Women's issues/gender studiesChristina Frank
It starts at home.(using environmentally friendly garden sprays)Women's issues/gender studiesMichael Tennesen
Light up your smile.(with healthy teeth)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Monson
Living fitness.Women's issues/gender studiesSally Wadyka
Looking for a little adventure?(activity holidays)Women's issues/gender studiesGail O'Connor
Lose weight the Zen way.(using feng shui)Women's issues/gender studiesMonica Gullon
Losing weight: it's as easy as 1-2-3.(includes recipes)(healthy eating plan of chef Rozanne Gold)Women's issues/gender studiesVictoria Abbott Riccardi
Lower-body boost.(exercises)Women's issues/gender studies 
Meatloaf makeover.(includes recipe)(low-fat cookery)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Fox
Natural skin remedies.Women's issues/gender studiesMartha Schinder
No-fry zone.(includes recipes)(weight loss cookery)Women's issues/gender studies 
O Canada, glorious and cheap.(includes related article)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Gottesman
One arm at a time.(exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesStacey Whitman
Pampered soles.(foot care)Women's issues/gender studiesDana Hudepohl
Pursue your passions.(benefits of hobbies on women's health)Women's issues/gender studiesAnnie Murphy Paul
School of the wild.(adventures for women, river rafting)Women's issues/gender studiesMaureen Healy
Setting new priorities.(for healthy living)Women's issues/gender studiesKrista Degraffenreid
Seven ways to save your health.Women's issues/gender studiesMatt Murphy
Shape's best low-fat recipes.Women's issues/gender studiesMonica Gullon
Shoe review.(fitness footwear)(Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesTracy Teare
Soup and a sandwich.(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Fox
'Stop the plane!'.(ways to overcome fear of flying)Women's issues/gender studiesKaren Bannan
Summer skin 101.(preparing skin for summer)Women's issues/gender studiesValerie Latona
Sunscreen all-stars.(includes related articles)(personal beauty products)Women's issues/gender studiesBeth Janes
Superfoods -or superfrauds?(functional foods)Women's issues/gender studiesJenna McCarthy
Taking your life into your hands.(difficult personal choices)Women's issues/gender studiesJeannie Kim
The missing fitness link.(includes related article)(sleep)Women's issues/gender studiesSusan Schulz
The real simple diet.(diet for weight loss)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Somer, Tara Sgroi
The secret of their success.(the case of four women following Shape programs)Women's issues/gender studiesTajinder Reyatt
The wheel world.(health benefits of roller blading)Women's issues/gender studiesKathy Sena
Triple-duty beauty.(three-in-one makeup products)Women's issues/gender studiesColleen Moriarty
Up your confidence quotient.Women's issues/gender studiesCaroline Burke
Waiting to exhale.(travel to Moab, UT)Women's issues/gender studiesStacey Whitman
What's the rush?(includes related article)(health aspects of impatience)Women's issues/gender studiesAlice Lesch Kelly
Working through a personal crisis.(handling personal life at work)Women's issues/gender studiesLisa Lombardi
Yoga glow: 5 secrets to outer radiance.(includes related article)(personal beauty)Women's issues/gender studiesAbbie Kozolchyk
Yoga kicked my butt.Women's issues/gender studiesStacy H. Small
Young, fit... with breast cancer.Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Monson
Your body by the numbers.(assess body fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesJenna McCarthy
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