Advances in Nursing Science - Abstracts

Advances in Nursing Science
A concept analysis of alcoholic denial and cultural accounts.(Diversity in Health Care)Health care industryWing, Donna Marie
A conceptual model for studying parenting behaviors in immigrant populations.(Diversity in Health Care)Health care industryFoss, Gwendolyn F.
Addressing epistemologic and practical issues in multimethod research: a procedure for conceptual triangulation.(Methods of Clinical Inquiry)Health care industryFoster, Roxie
Adolescent mothers four years later: narratives of the self and visions of the future.(Development and Aging)Health care industrySmithBattle, Lee, Leonard, Victoria Wynn
Advancing discourse on health promotion: beyond mainstream thinking.(State of the Art)Health care industryKulbok, Pamela A., Baldwin, Joan H., Cox, Cheryl L., Duffy, Rosemarie
Advancing health policy in nursing education through service learning.(Teaching and Learning)Health care industryCohen, Sally Solomon, Milone-Nuzzo, Paula
Advocacy oral history: a research methodology for social activism in nursing.(Methods of Clinical Inquiry)Health care industryRafael, Adeline R. Falk
A feminist critique on the use of the Internet in nursing research.Health care industryEun-Ok Im, Wonshik Chee
A grounded theory of reimaging. (body image)(Development and Aging)Health care industrySpelic, Stephanie Stockard, Norris, Joan, Kunes-Connell, Mary
A model for describing low-income African American women's participation in breast and cervical cancer early detection and screening.(Diversity in Health Care)Health care industryBaldwin, Dee
A multiparadigm approach to nursing.(State of the Art)Health care industryEngebretson, Joan
"And Gina sews": a tribute to Virginia Henderson, 1898-1996. (nurse)(Nursing Ethics)Health care industryBishop, Anne H., Scudder, John R., Jr.
An ecological view of the rural environment: levels of influence on access to health care.(Environment and Health)Health care industryShreffler, M. Jean
An occupational transmission of HIV: collision of ethical worlds in nursing practice.(Nursing Ethics)Health care industryStevens, Patricia E., Hall, Joanne M.
A nursing critique of US welfare system reform.(Communities and Systems)Health care industryStevens, Patricia E.
A theory of online social support.(Nursing Models of Care)Health care industryLaCoursiere, Sheryl Perreault
Bakhtin, nursing narratives, and dialogical consciousness. (philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin)(Middle-Range Nursing Theory)Health care industryMoore, Katherine N., Bowers, Rick
Benchmarking best practices in Web-based nursing courses.(Teaching and Learning)Health care industryBillings, Diane M., Connors, Helen R., Skiba, Diane J.
Beyond "true" and "false" memories: remembering and recovery in the survival of childhood sexual abuse.(Recovery and Rehabilitation)Health care industryHall, Joanne M., Kondora, Lori L.
Breast cancer survival: a phenomenological inquiry.(Recovery and Rehabilitation)Health care industryThibodeau, Janice, MacRae, Joan
Caregiving and care receiving among a technologically dependent heart failure population.(Communities and Systems)Health care industryScott, Linda D.
Conformity with nature: a theory of Chinese American elders' health promotion and illness prevention processes.(Diversity in Health Care)Health care industryChen, Yeou-Lan Duh
Constructivism: a naturalistic methodolgy for nursing inquiry.(Methods of Clinical Inquiry)Health care industryAppleton, Jane V., King, Lindy
Creating a culturally responsive psychotherapeutic environment for African American youths: a critical analysis.(Environment and Health)Health care industryKendall, Judy
Creating a research base for nursing education: an interpretive review of conventional, critical, feminist, postmodern, and phenomenologic pedagogies.(Teaching and Learning)Health care industryIronside, Pamela M.
Creating health with chronic illness.(Living With Chronic Illness)Health care industryStewart, Moira, McWilliam, Carol L., Brown, Judith Belle, Desai, Kathryn, Coderre, Patricia
Culturally competent scholarship: substance and rigor.(Diversity in Health Care)Health care industryMeleis, Afaf Ibrahim
Cultural relativism and cultural diversity: implications for nursing practice.(State of the Art)Health care industryBaker, Cynthia
Developing a new model for cross-cultural research: synthesizing the health belief model and the theory of reasoned action.Health care industryPoss, Jane E.
Dilemmas of Caring in a Corporate Context: A Critique of Nursing Case Management.Health care industryPadgett, Stephen M.
Dirty hands: the underside of marketplace health care. (patient advocacy in nursing)(Nursing Ethics)Health care industryMohr, Wanda K., Mahon, Margaret M.
Disavowal of the behaviorist paradigm in nursing education: what makes it so difficult to unseat?(Teaching and Learning)Health care industryRomyn, Donna M.
Doctoral women as passionate scholars: an exploratory inquiry of passionate dissertation scholarship.(Teaching and Learning)Health care industryHeinrich, Kathleen T.
Empathetic maturity: theory of moral point of view inclinical relations.(Nursing Models of Care)Health care industryOlsen, Douglas P.
Empowerment as a process of evolving consciousness: a model of empowered caring.(Nursing Models of Care)Health care industryFalk-Rafael, Adeline R.
Environmental paradigms: moving toward an ecocentric perspective.(Environment and Health)Health care industryKleffel, Dorothy
Ethics in the neonatal intensive care unit: parental perceptions at four years postdischarge.(Nursing Ethics)Health care industryEllenchild, Winifred J., Spielman, Margaret L.
Expanding the praxis debate: contributions to clinical inquiry.(Methods of Clinical Inquiry)Health care industryKendall, Judy, Lutz, Kristin F., Jones, Kim Dupree
Experiencing the whole.(State of the Art)Health care industryNewman, Margaret A.
Explicating middle-range theory through methodological diversity.(Middle-Range Nursing Theory)Health care industryIrvin, Barbara L., Acton, Gayle J., Jensen, Betty A., Hopkins, Barbara A., Miller, Earline Westphal
From theory to practice: community health nursing in a public health neighborhood team.(Communities and Systems)Health care industryWestbrook, Linda O., Schultz, Phyllis R.
Functional performance in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a qualitative analysis.(Living With Chronic Illness)Health care industryLeidy, Nancy Kline, Haase, Joan E.
Geography of childhood sexual abuse: women's narratives of their childhood environments.(Environment and Health)Health care industryHall, Joanne M.
Health promotion: an essential component of rehabilitation for persons with chronic disabling conditions.(Recovery and Rehabilitation)Health care industryStuifbergen, Alexa K., Rogers, Sharon
Implications of nursing taxonomies for middle-range theory development.(Middle-Range Nursing Theory)Health care industryBlegen, Mary A., Tripp-Reimer, Toni
Individuation and varieties of well-being experience among older women.(Development and Aging)Health care industryRuffing-Rahal, MaryAnn
Life support decisions for children: what do parents value? (using life support on seriously ill children)(Nursing Ethics)Health care industryKirschbaum, Mark Stephen
Living with chronic illness.(Living With Chronic Illness)(Editorial)Health care industryChinn, Peggy L.
Meaningfulness as an epistemologic concept for explicating the researcher's constitutive part in phenomenologic research.Health care industryDrew, Nancy
Measuring problem behaviors in dementia: developing a methodological approach.(State of the Art)Health care industryBuckwalter, Kathleen, Burgio, Louis D., Davis, Linda Lindsey
Menopause on the Internet: building knowledge and community on-line.(State of the Art)Health care industryMacPherson, Kathleen I.
Methodology for social accountability: multiple methods and feminist, poststructural, psychoanalytical discourse analysis.(studying violence against women)Health care industryPhillips, Debby A.
Narrative Pedagogy: Heideggerian hermeneutical analyses of lived experiences of students, teachers, and clinicians.(Teaching and Learning)Health care industryDiekelmann, Nancy
Nursing in a technological world: searching for healing communities.(Communities and Systems)Health care industryMarck, Patricia
Nursing participation in health care reform efforts of 1993 to 1994: advocating for the national community.(Communities and Systems)Health care industryRubotzky, Alicebelle Maxson
Older women's lives through time.(Development and Aging)Health care industryHeidrich, Susan M.
Power and caring: a dialectic in nursing.(Nursing Ethics)Health care industryRafael, Adeline R. Falk
Predictors of ambulatory blood pressure: identification of high-risk adolescents.(Development and Aging)Health care industryChan, Wenyaw, Mueller, William H., Meininger, Janet C., Liehr, Patricia, Chandler, P. Sim
Psychiatric nursing: epistemological contradictions.(State of the Art)Health care industryHorsfall, Jan
Psychological well-being of Cambodian women in resettlement.(Recovery and Rehabilitation)Health care industryCatolico, Olivia
Respect for human dignity: a central phenomenon to philosophically unite nursing theory and practice through consilience of knowledge.(Nursing Models of Care)Health care industryJacobs, Barbara Bennett
Responding to threats to integrity of self.(Recovery and Rehabilitation)Health care industryMorse, Janice M.
Secondary analysis of qualitative data.(Methods of Clinical Inquiry)Health care industrySzabo, Vivian, Strang, Vicki R.
Sources of stigma associated with women with HIV.(Diversity in Health Care)Health care industryBunting, Sheila M.
Specter of the crone: the experience of vertebral fracture.(Living With Chronic Illness)Health care industryPaier, Geraldine S.
Struggling to gain meaning: living with the uncertainty of breast cancer.(Living With Chronic Illness)Health care industryNelson, Jenenne P.
Summary oral reflective analysis: a method for interview data analysis in feminist qualitative research.Health care industryThompson, Susan M., Barrett, Penelope A.
Technology, deskilling, and nurses: the impact of the technologically changing environment.(Environment and Health)Health care industryRinard, Ruth G.
Telecommunication interventions for caregivers of elders with dementia.(Development and Aging)Health care industryWright, Lore K., Bennet, Gerald, Gramling, Lou
Testing an uncertainty model for women with multiple sclerosis.(Living With Chronic Illness)Health care industryCrigger, Nancy Jones
The culture of female circumcision. (Diversity in Health Care)Health care industryMorris, Rita
The emergence of the person-environment interaction in a descriptive study of vigor in heart failure.(Environment and Health)Health care industryFontana, Joyce A.
The ethics of compliance: a dialectic. (client-nurse relationship)(Nursing Ethics)Health care industryHess, Joanne Dukes
The facilitator in participatory action research: les raisons d'etre.(Methods of Clinical Inquiry)Health care industrySoltis-Jarrett, Victoria
The middle-range theory of unpleasant symptoms: an update.(Middle-Range Nursing Theory)Health care industryLenz, Elizabeth R., Suppe, Frederick, Pugh, Linda C., Milligan, Renee A., Gift, Audrey
Theoretical development of nursing interventions for sudden cardiac arrest survivors using social cognitive theory.(Nursing Models of Care)Health care industryDougherty, Cynthia M., Johnson-Crowley, Nia R., Lewis, Frances Marcus, Thompson, Elaine A.
The perception and judgment of senior baccalaureate student nurses in clinical decision making.(Middle-Range Nursing Theory)Health care industryBrooks, Ella M., Thomas, Sandra
The psychiatric model: a critical analysis of its undermining effects on nursing in chronic mental illness.(Living With Chronic Illness)Health care industryHall, Beverly A.
The responsive use of self in community health nursing practice.(Methods of Clinical Inquiry)Health care industrySmithBattle, Lee, Drake, Mary Ann, Diekemper, Margaret
The role of nursing in the rehabilitation of acute stroke patients: toward a unified theoretical perspective.(Recovery and Rehabilitation)Health care industryKirkevold, Marit
They took the time ... they started to care: stories of African-American nursing students in intercultural caring groups.(Teaching and Learning)Health care industryKosowski, Margaret M., Grams, Kathryn M., Taylor, Gloria J., Wilson, Carol B.
Toward a middle-range theory of resilience.(Middle-Range Nursing Theory)Health care industryPolk, Laura V.
Toward a praxis theory of suffering.(Nursing Models of Care)Health care industryMorse, Janice M.
Unitary appreciative inquiry.(searching for new research methodologies)Health care industryCowling, W. Richard
Use of theory to guide nurses in the design of health messages for children.(Development and Aging)Health care industryWhitener, Louise M., Cox, Karen R., Maglich, Susan A.
Watson's philosophy, science, and theory of human caring as a conceptual framework for guiding community health nursing practice.(Communities and Systems)Health care industryRafael, Adeline R. Falk
Ways of knowing about health: an aboriginal perspective.(Middle-Range Nursing Theory)Health care industryTurton, Cheryl L. Reynolds
Womanspirit: a journey into healing through art in breast cancer.(Living With Chronic Illness)Health care industryPredeger, Elizabeth
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