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Aaron Dworkin 1970.(Biography)Social sciences 
Adam Brody.(American actor)(Biography)Social sciences 
Adam Sandler 1966.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Alicia Keys 1981-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Alison Krauss 1971-: American bluegrass singer and fiddler.(Biography)Social sciences 
Anne Hathaway 1982-: American actress.(Biography)Social sciences 
Antonin Scalia 1936- American justice on the US Supreme Court: Youngest Supreme Court justice in US history.(Biography)Social sciences 
Ashlee Simpson.(singer)(Biography)Social sciences 
Ashley Tisdale 1985-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Barack Obama 1961-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Ben Wallace 1974- American professional basketball player with the Detroit Pistons: Two-time NBA defensive player of the year.(Biography)Social sciences 
Bethany Hamilton 1990-: American amateur surfer and shark-attack survivor.(Biography)Social sciences 
Black Eyed Peas.(Biography)Social sciences 
Brenda Villa 1980.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Carlos Santana 1947.(American guitarist)(Biography)Social sciences 
Carol Bellamy 1942: American lawyer, social activist, politician and former director of UNICEF and the Peace Corps.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Carrie Underwood 1983.(Biography)Social sciences 
Cheyenne Kimball 1990-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Chris Brown 1989.(Biography)Social sciences 
Chris Carraba 1975-: American singer and songwriter acclaimed front man for the band Dashboard Confessional.(Biography)Social sciences 
Cornelia Funke 1958.(German writer)(Biography)Social sciences 
Cory Booker 1969-: American political leader Mayor of Newark, New Jersey.(Biography)Social sciences 
Curt Schilling 1966.(American professional baseball pitcher )(Biography)Social sciences 
Dakota Fanning 1994.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Dale Chihuly 1941- American glass artist, creator of such series of works as 'Baskets', 'Sea Forms', 'Venetians', 'Floats', and 'Chandliers'.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Danica Patrick 1982.(Biography)Social sciences 
Donald Trump 1946-: American real estate developer and business leader.(Biography)Social sciences 
Drake Bell 1986-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Eve 1979- American rap artist and actress: Star of the hit TV show 'Eve'.(Eve Jihan Jeffers)(Biography)Social sciences 
Freddie Highmore 1992.(Biography)Social sciences 
Gloria Rodriguez 1948-: American educator and activist.(Biography)Social sciences 
Green Day.(Biography)Social sciences 
Greta Binford 1965-: American biologist and arachnologist pioneering researcher in spider venom.(Biography)Social sciences 
Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez 1971-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Jack Black 1969- American actor and musician star of Shallow Hal and School of Rock: Member of the Spoof Rock Duo Tenacious D.(Biography)Social sciences 
James Forman (Retrospective) 1928-2005: American civil rights activist.(Biography)Social sciences 
Jamie Oliver 1975.(Biography)Social sciences 
Jennie Finch 1980- American softball player: Gold medal-winning pitcher for team USA at the 2004 Summer Olympics.(Biography)Social sciences 
Jennifer Hudson 1981-: American singer and actress winner of the 2007 best supporting actress Academy Award for Dreamgirls.(Biography)Social sciences 
J.K. Rowling 1965-: British children's writer author of the award-winning Harry Potter novels.(Biography)Social sciences 
Johnny Depp 1963-: American actor.(Biography)Social sciences 
Jonas brothers: Kevin Jonas 1987-, Joseph Jonas 1989-, Nick Jonas1992-; American Rock Band.(Biography)Social sciences 
Jon Stewart 1962.(Biography)Social sciences 
Jorge Ramos 1958.(Biography)Social sciences 
Joss Stone 1987.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
June Foray 1917-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Karen Mitchell-Raptakis 1956- American greeting card entrepreneur: Creator of the 'It's a Sista Thing!' line of greeting cards.(Biography)Social sciences 
Karen P. Tandy 1953-: American former administrator of the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) first woman to lead the U.S. battle against illegal drugs.(Biography)Social sciences 
Kate Spade 1962.(Biography)Social sciences 
Keira Knightley 1985.(Biography)Social sciences 
Kirsten Bell 1980.(American actress)(Biography)Social sciences 
Lil' Romeo 1989.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Maria Sharapova 1987.(tennis player)(Biography)Social sciences 
Masi Oka 1974-: Japanese-American actor and special effects artist, creator of special visual effects for movies, and star of the hit TV show "Heroes".(Biography)Social sciences 
Michael Sessions 1987.(Biography)Social sciences 
Miri Ben-Ari 1972? - Israeli-born American violinist and composer known as the Hip-Hop violinist.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Morgan Pressel 1988-: American professional golfer; youngest woman ever to win a major golf championship.(Biography)Social sciences 
Neda DeMayo 1960.(Biography)Social sciences 
Pope John Paul II 1920-2005.(Biography)Social sciences 
Priest Holmes 1973-: American professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs.(Biography)Social sciences 
Queen Noor 1951- American-born Queen of Jordan: Author of the international best-seller 'Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life'.Social sciences 
Rachel McAdams 1976.(Biography)Social sciences 
Rob Thomas 1965-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Roger Federer 1981-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Rosa Parks 1913-2005.(Biography)Social sciences 
Russell Honore 1947.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Russell Simmons 1957.(Biography)Social sciences 
Sarah Blaffer Hrdy 1946.(Biography)Social sciences 
Scott Niedermayer 1973-: Canadian hockey player with the Anaheim Ducks All-Star defenseman and 2007 Conn Smythe Trophy Winner.(Biography)Social sciences 
Sergey Brin, Larry Page.(Google Inc.)(Biography)Social sciences 
Shaun Alexander 1977.(Biography)Social sciences 
Skip Palenik 1947-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Sofia Mulanovich 1983.(Biography)Social sciences 
Soledad O'Brien 1966-.(Biography)Social sciences 
Steve Nash 1974.(Biography)Social sciencesAbbey, Cherie D.
Taylor Crabtree 1990-.(Biography)Social sciences 
T.D. Jakes 1957-American minister, author, broadcaster, and community advocate: Pastor of the Potter's House and CEO of The Potter's House Ministries.(Thomas Dexter Jakes)(Biography)Social sciences 
Tim Howard 1979.(Biography)Social sciences 
Toby Keith 1961- American country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist: Two-time winner of the Entertainer of the Year Award from the Academy of Country Music.(Biography)Social sciences 
Vanessa Hudgens 1988-: American actress and singer star of Disney's High School Musical.(Biography)Social sciences 
Violet Palmer 1964.(American professional basketball referee)(Biography)Social sciences 
Wally Funk: American aviation pioneer: Member of the historic 'Mercury 13' group of female astronaut candidates.(Mary Wallace Funk)(Biography)Social sciences 
Wamgari Maathai 1940.(Kenyan environmentalist)(Biography)Social sciences 
Will Ferrell 1967.(Biography)Social sciences 
Zach Hunter 1991-: American anti-slavery activist founder of Loose Change to Loosen chains and author of Be the Change.(Biography)Social sciences 
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