Family Economics Review - Abstracts

Family Economics Review
An overview of home-based work: results from a regional research project.Food/cooking/nutritionLino, Mark, Furry, Marilyn M.
Changes in income, 1984-89.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Characteristics of self-employed women.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Current regional research project. (W-176. Housing and Locational Decisions of the Maturing Population: Opportunities for the Western Region)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Expenditures for food away from home.Food/cooking/nutritionDinkins, Julia M., Edlow, M. Dianna
Family finances.Food/cooking/nutritionKennickell, A., Shack-Marquez, J.
Fat and cholesterol awareness.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Fruit and vegetable consumption.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gifts for home purchase.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Health care trends.Food/cooking/nutritionSchwenk, Nancy E.
Household use of financial services.Food/cooking/nutritionElliehausen, G.E., Wolken, J.D.
Income and expenditures of older widowed, divorced, and never-married women who live alone.Food/cooking/nutritionSchwenk, F.N.
Income and spending patterns for single-mother families.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Nonmetro and metro children.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Pension benefits.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Recent legislation affecting families. (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1991; Federal Supplemental Compensation Act of 1991; Civil Rights Act of 1991)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Recent legislation affecting families. (public laws)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Saving and demographics: some international comparisons.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Training to qualify for jobs and improve skills.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Trends in entertainment.Food/cooking/nutritionSchwenk, Nancy E.
U.S. real income and wage trends.Food/cooking/nutrition 
U.S. workers receive a wide range of employee benefits.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Young husband-wife households with children.Food/cooking/nutritionLino, Mark, Ray, Geraldine
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