George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics - Abstracts

George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics
A GATT-analogue approach to analyzing the consistency of the FCC's foreign participation order with U.S. GATS MFN commitments.(General Agreement on Trade in Services and most-favored nation treatment)LawKu, Ruth
All aboard the Congressional fast track: from trade to beyond.LawCarrier, Michael A.
Antitrust at 35,000 feet: the extraterritorial application of United States and European Community competition law in the air transport sector.LawElliott, G. Porter
Antitrust policy in Ukraine.LawKovacic, William E., Boner, Roger Alan
A public international law critique of the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the Helms-Burton Act (Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996).(International Symposium on the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996)LawMuse, Robert L.
Basle Committee minimum standards: international regulatory response to the failure of BCCI.LawAlford, Duncan E.
Be careful what you wish for: U.S. politics and the future of the national security exception to the GATT.LawShapiro, David T.
Canadian cultural policy and the NAFTA: problems facing the U.S. copyright industries.LawHedley, Hale E.
China: a most favored nation or a most feared nation - the PRC's latest anti-crime campaign and a possible U.S. response.LawStern, Russell H.
Close but no cigar: a comparative analysis of the FDA's attempt to regulate tobacco use.LawO'Neill, Richard W.
Combatting Russian organized crime: Russia's fledgling jury system on trial.LawDeVille, Duncan
Conditions and circumstances of living on death row - violative of individual rights and fundamental freedoms?: divergent trends of judicial review in evaluating the "death row phenomenon."LawYuzon, Florencio J.
Definition of trade in services under the GATS: legal implications.(General Agreement on Trade in Services)LawAbu-Akeel, Aly K.
Does the world need a new international environmental court?(Conference on International Environmental Dispute Resolutions)LawMurphy, Sean D.
Eighteen months to publication: should the United States join Europe and Japan by promptly publishing patent applications?LawRagusa, Paul A.
Environmental justice without borders: the need for an international court of the environment to protect fundamental environmental rights.(Conference on International Environmental Dispute Resolutions)LawMcCallion, Kenneth F., Sharma, H. Rajan
European Union mobile telecommunications policy and the Communications Act of 1934: can Congress avoid a collision on the information superhighway?LawMorse, Robert G.
Financial innovation, domestic regulation and the international marketplace: lessons on meeting globalization's challenge drawn from the international bond market.LawMailander, Christopher J.
Foreign blocking statutes and the GATT: state sovereignty and the enforcement of U.S. economic laws abroad.LawPrice, R. Edward
Foreign debts to the U.S. government: recent rescheduling and forgiveness.LawSanford, Jonathan E.
Foreign investment in the Philippines.LawScalise, David G., De Guzman, Patricia J.
Free trade and the protection of cultural property: the need for an economic incentive to report newly discovered antiquities.LawVillanueva, Robin Hardy
Game theory, signalling, and international legal relations.LawMock, William B.T.
Global securities trading: the question of a watchdog.LawMillspaugh, Peter E.
Helms-Burton invites a closer look at counter-measures.(International Symposium on the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996)LawTramhel, Jeannette M.E.
Hong Kong 1997: can the People's Republic of China be compelled to abide by the Joint Declaration?LawVitrano, Paul
Hungarian legal reform for the private sector.LawGray, Cheryl W., Hanson, Rebecca J., Heller, Michael
Implementing the right to counsel in post-apartheid South Africa.LawMeadows, Sharon
In defense of the child: a jus cogens approach to the capital punishment of juveniles in the United States.LawNguyen, Kha Q.
India's right to reclaim cultural and art treasures from Britain under international law.(Conference on International Environmental Dispute Resolutions)LawHatti, Vivek K.
International insolvencies: an English-American comparison with an analysis of proposed solutions.LawKim, Chin, Smith, Jimmy C.
Is the Uniform Foreign Money-Judgments Recognition Act potentially unconstitutional? If so, should the Texas cure be adopted elsewhere?LawGraving, Richard J., Sylvester, Jon H.
Japan's new trade secret law: we asked for it - now what have we got?LawSvetz, Holly Emrick
Lawyer publicity in the European Union: bans are removed but barriers remain.LawHill, Louise L.
Lessons learned: an evaluation of the past and future of educational finance and administrative reform in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.LawMartin, Michael J.
Life after the voluntary restraint agreements: the future of the U.S. steel industry.LawSeebald, Craig P.
Money laundering, financial fraud, and technology: the perils of an instantaneous economy.LawZagaris, Bruce, MacDonald, Scott B.
NAFTA, foreign investment, and the Mexican banking system. (North American Free Trade Agreement)LawNalda, Carlos M.
Neural networks: here, there, and everywhere - an examination of available intellectual property protection for neural networks in Europe and the United States.LawRao, Dana S.
On common ground: using cultural bias factors to deconstruct Asia-Pacific labor law.LawCurran, Michael R.
Original meanings and the Film dispute: the drafting history, textual evolution, and application of the non-violation nullification or impairment remedy.(World Trade Organization decision on Japanese film imports)LawLester, Simon N., Durling, James P.
Patent enforcement difficulties in Japan: are there any satisfactory solutions for the United States?LawRevelos, William C.
Patent protection and technology transfer in the developing world: the Thailand experience.LawKwon, Howard A.
Precision-guided munitions demonstrated their pinpoint accuracy in Desert Storm; but is a country obligated to use precision technology to minimize collateral civilian injury and damage?LawInfeld, Danielle L.
Preventing terrorist fundraising in the United States.LawPatton, William
Reconsidering the maritime laws of finds and salvage: a free market alternative.LawHawkins, Jance R.
Re-examining the role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding Title VII's foreign laws defense.LawSandra, Miller
Reforming French corporate governance: a return to the two-tiered board?LawAste, Lauren J.
Reform within the social-market economy: an analysis of current labor market reforms in Germany and predicted market repercussions on the role of trade unions.LawSeewald, John R., Jr.
Regulation of the international trade of endangered species by the World Trade Organization.(Conference on International Environmental Dispute Resolutions)LawGranadillo, Elizabeth
Rethinking antidumping law.LawBhala, Raj
Searching for "bubbles of capitalism": application of the U.S. antidumping and countervailing duty laws to reforming nonmarket economies.LawHolmer, Alan F., Bello, Judith H., Preiss, Jeremy O.
Standing for protection of collective rights in the European communities.(Conference on International Environmental Dispute Resolutions)LawPeck, Alison
The 1993 revision of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits.LawBuckley, Ross P.
The Boeing-McDonnell Duglas merger: competition law, parochialism, and the need for a globalized antitrust system.LawLuz, Kathleen
The controversy over Title III of the Helms-Burton Act: who is breaking international law - the United States, or the states that have made themselves co-conspirators with Cuba in its unlawful confiscations?(International Symposium on the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996)LawClagett, Brice M.
The FCC's call-back order: proper respect for international comity?LawSilber, Seth C.
The future of state unitary taxation of foreign-owned U.S. subsidiaries after Barclays Bank PLC v. Franchise Tax Board.(Case Note)LawSullivan, Terry
The Geneva Steel Co. decision raises concerns in Geneva: why the 1916 Antidumping Act violates the WTO Antidumping Agreement.(nonpredatory price discrimination; World Trade Organization)LawKeppler, Dianne M.
The Global Environment Facility: a new development in international law and organization.LawSilard, Stephen A.
The institutional and normative significance of the European Union's Acquired Rights Directive.LawHenderson, Joshua M.
The international human rights of the child: do they protect the female child?LawBackstrom, Kirsten M.
The internationalization of the war on drugs and its potential for successfully addressing drug trafficking and related crimes in South Africa.LawShereda, Joseph P.
The labor side agreement under the NAFTA: analysis of its failure to include strong enforcement provisions and recommendations for future labor agreements negotiated with developing countries.LawPomeroy, Laura Okin
The rush for state shares in the "Klondyke" of wild east capitalism: loans-for-shares transactions in Russia.LawLieberman, Ira W., Veimetra, Rogi
The sinking of the United States electronics industry within Japanese patent pools.LawTaylor, David S.
The United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment: the Bush Administration's stance on torture.LawMagee, Peder van W.
The United States's failure to establish a high-level nuclear waste storage facility is threatening its ability to effectively support nuclear nonproliferation.LawBusby, Robert
The vexatiousness of a vexation rule: international comity and antisuit injunctions.LawSwanson, Steven R.
Threats of foreign group boycotts of American industry made in response to U.S. government trade policy: illegal anticompetitive activity or protected lobbying under the Noerr-Pennington doctrine?LawWaxman, Michael Peter
Trademarks and gray market goods: why U.S. trademark holders should be held strictly liable for defective gray market imports.LawAlberts, Sam J.
"Trust but verify": verification in the joint implementation regime.(voluntary agreements between nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions)LawLlobet, Gabriela
United States ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.LawHalberstam, Malvina
United States v. Nippon Paper Co.: criminal application of the Sherman Act abroad.(antitrust law)LawBishop, Michael
U.S. taxation of international athletes: a reexamination of the Artiste and Athlete Article in tax treaties.LawEvans, Stephanie C.
What major league baseball can learn from its international counterparts: building a model collective bargaining agreement for major league baseball.LawGreenwood, Jon S.
What Major League Baseball can learn from its international counterparts: building a model collective-bargaining agreement for Major League Baseball. (comparison with Japanese and English sports league labor contracts)LawGreenwood, Jon S.
When unimportant is interesting: the negligible import exception to cumulation in antidumping and countervailing duty investigations.LawGoldberg, M. Roy
Why do you think it's yours? An exposition of the jurisprudence underlying the debate between cultural nationalism and cultural internationalism.LawSljivic, Ana
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