Health Education - Abstracts

Health Education
A call to action on two fronts: better objectives and better strategies.HealthJulian de Meyrick
Adolescent physical self-perceptions, sport/exercise and lifestyle physical activity.HealthGilson, N.D., Cooke, C.B., Mahoney, C.A.
Adolescents' view on smoking, quitting and health education.HealthVries, Hein de, Dijk, Froukje, Nooijer, Jascha de, Heinrich, Evelien
A qualitative review of Walsall Arts into Health Partnership.(process analysis of the health programme)HealthDooris, Mark
Art in the community for potentially vulnerable mental health groups.HealthArgyle, Elaine, Bolton, Gillie
A systematic review of social marketing effectiveness.HealthMcDermott, Laura, Stead, Martine, Gordon, Ross, Angus, Kathryn
Awareness of message source and its association with the impacts of sun protection campaigns in Australia.HealthThomas, Margaret, Bauman, Adrian E., Smith, Ben J., McKenzie, Jeanie
Childhood obesity prevention and physical activity in schools.HealthDavidson, Fiona
Church leaders' opinions about tobacco prevention.(olunteers and ministers of faith based organizations)(initiative for youth)HealthCarver, Vivien, Reinert, Bonita, Range, Lillian
Cigarette smoking and anti-smoking counselling: dilemmas of Chinese physicians.HealthLi, Han Z.
Community tobacco use prevention coalitions: director and staff opinions.HealthCampbell, Catherine, Carver, Vivien, Reinert, Bonita, Range, Lillian M., Hollimon, Matthew T.
Contrasts between didactic and Deweyan approaches to health education.(philosopher John Deweyan)HealthBrouse, Corey H., Basch, Charles E., Kubara, Michael
Culture and dental health among African immigrant school-aged children in the United States.HealthObeng, Cecilia S.
Dance-based exercise and Tai-Chi and their benefits for people with arthritis: a review.(evaluation of two art forms)HealthMarks, Ray
Delivering health education: the contribution of social and emotional learning.HealthWeare, Katherine
Development of a school-based intervention to promote fruit and vegetable consumption: exploring perceptions among 4-to-12-year old children and their parents.HealthReinaerts, Evelien, de Nooijer, Jascha, van de Kar, Anglique, de Vries, Nanne
Drugs education: sitting still on the Circle Line a.(drug education programme in England)(young people's drug related behavior)HealthJoyce, Ruth
Evaluating school-based health services to inform future practice: lessons from "teen talk" at Kidbrooke School in Greenwich.HealthAggleton, Peter, Chase, Elaine, Goodrich, Rosalind, Simon, Antonia, Holtermann, Sally
Evaluation of a certification process for community nurses involved in sex and relationship education.HealthAggleton, Peter, Chalmers, Helen, Tyrer, Paul
Evaluation of interventions to prevent gender-based violence among young female apprentices in Ibadan, Nigeria.HealthFawole, Olufunmilayo I., Ajuwon, Ademola J., Osungbade, Kayode O.
Evidence-based behavior change in curriculum for the ambulatory clerkship: the double helix.HealthMcIntosh, Scott, Williams, Geoffrey C., Tripler, Scott, Markakis, Kathryn M., Ossip-Klein, Deborah, Grady-Weliky, Tana
Exploring parents' responses to their child's deliberate self-harm.HealthKumar, S., Clarke, G., Raphael, H.
Formative evaluation in health education: an exploratory study of the usefulness of the cognitive response method.HealthByrd-Bredbenner, Carol, Schwartz, Jaime
Gathering and communicating information about school bullying: overcoming 'secrets and lies.'HealthFrey, Karin S.
Guest editorial.(influene of art in promoting health)HealthClift, Stephen
Health at work in small and medium sized enterprises: issues and engagement.HealthGriffin, Barbara L., Hall, Nicky, Watson, Nigel
Health education online: Issues arising from the development and roll-out of a pilot distance education programme for NHS staff.(National Health Service)HealthWilliams, Peter, Gunter, Barrie, Nicholas, David
"Health for all": an attainable goal or an idealistic dream?HealthMarks, Ray
Health promotion and complementary medicine: the extent and future of professional collaboration and integration.HealthHill, Faith
Health-related effects of creative and expressive writing.HealthLowe, Geoff
How effective are street youth peer educators?: Lessons learned from an HIV/AIDS prevention programme in urban Uganda.HealthMitchell, Kirstin, Nyakake, Monica, Oling, Juliet
How is your walking group running?HealthWalsh, Anthony, Kremers, Stef, Kwak, Lydia, Brug, Hans
Identifying Russian and Finnish adolescents' problem behaviours.HealthVartiainen, Erkki, Puska, Pekka, Tossavainen, Kerttu, Kemppainen, Ulla, Jokela, Veikko, Pantelejev, Vladimir, Uhanov, Mihail
Implementation and evaluation of the modified feeling great program for oncology children.(making them mentally strong and increasing quality of life)HealthMcCaffrey, C. Nadeane
Improving the quality of school health evaluations.HealthLeger, Lawrence St.
In pursuit of pleasure: health education as a means of facilitating the "health journey" of young people.HealthWhitehead, Dean
Intention to implement a smoking cessation intervention in Dutch general practice.HealthVries, Hein de, Mudde, Aart N., Hoving, Ciska
Is it easy as young people claim for them to buy cigarettes?: Comparing the results of realistic test purchases with those from trading standards test purchase.HealthAveyard, Paul, Johnson, Carol, Croghan, Emma
Just how far can healthy schools go?(National Healthy Schools Programme)HealthNoble, Colin, Robson, Claire
Just say "no" to drug testing in schools.(drug use in young adults - evidences from schools)HealthMcWhirter, Jenny
"Let's talk about drugs": pilot study of a community-level drug prevention intervention based on motivational interviewing principles .HealthStrang, John, Newbery, Natasha, McCambridge, Jim
Linking education and mental health - a European priority .HealthWeare, Katherine
Mental health promotion through supported further education: the value of Antonovsky's salutogenic model of health.HealthMorrison, Ian, Clift, Stephen M.
New NICE and public health.(National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - public health guidance development activity)HealthKelly, Michael P.
Nurses' perceived training needs in child protection issues.HealthCrisp, Beth R., Lister, Pam Green
Nutrition students enhance school health education.(Healthy People 2010)HealthCotugna, Nancy, Vickery, Connie E.
Patient-driven computers in primary care: their use and feasibility.HealthWodak, Alex, Mattick, Richard P., Doran, Christopher M., Shakeshaft, Anthony, Fawcett, Julia, Richmond, Robyn, Harris, Mark F.
Post-16 students' perceptions to health and healthy eating in Welsh secondary schools.HealthThomas, Malcolm
Prevention work with children disaffected from school: findings from the evaluation of two innovative community-based projects.HealthGray, Paul
Promoting the health and wellbeing of young Black men using community-based drama.HealthKemp, Martin
Researching the benefits of arts in health.(health promotion through different art methods)HealthMacnaughton, Jane, White, Mike, Stacy, Rosie
Results from an exploratory study of sun protection practice: implications for the design of health promotion messages .HealthEadie, Douglas, MacAskill, Susan
School-based health education strategies for the improvement of body image and prevention of eating problems: an overview of safe and successful interventions.HealthOEDea, Jennifer A.
Sex and relationships education in schools: the views and experiences of young people.HealthSelwyn, Neil, Powell, Eryl
Sexual behaviours and reproductive health knowledge among in-school young people with disabilities in Ibadan, Nigeria.HealthOlaleye, Adeniyi O., Anoemuah, Olayinka A., Ladipo, Oladapo A., Delano, Grace E., Idowu, Grace F.
Systematic review of the role of external contributors in school substance use education.HealthWhite, David G., Buckley, Emily J.
Teaching social behaviour in schools - what can governments do?HealthAllen, Graham
Teenage sexual health needs: asking the consumers.(perception on sexually transmitted disease - trends; sex education)HealthLester, Carolyn, Allan, Alexandra
Ten promises to Terry: towards a social marketing manifesto.HealthHastings, Gerard
The application of household expenditure data in the development of anti-smoking campaigns.HealthMeyrick, Julian de, Yusuf, Farhat
"The Bug Investigators": assessment of a school teaching resource to improve hygiene and prudent use of antibiotics.HealthMcNulty, Cliodna A.M., Bowen, Jo, Gelb, David, Charlett, Andre
The impact of an educational intervention on breastfeeding.HealthCosta, Monica M., Diniz-Santos, Daniel R., Santana, Jose S., Silva, Luciana R.
The impact of group teaching on the acquisition of key skills to teach personal, social and health education.HealthJones, Sian, Thomas, Malcolm
The impact of health communication on health-related decision making: a review of evidence.HealthVahabi, Mandana
The impact of participation in the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge on adolescent resiliency and health behaviours .HealthNutbeam, Don, Grunstein, Rose
The knowledge of staff in day nurseries about some basic measures which promote child health.HealthCavalcante, Suzy S, Melo, Maria Clotildes Nunes de, Carneiro, Nadya Bustani, Silva, Luciana Rodrigues
The relationship between college class and cigarette smoking.HealthLeppel, Karen
The utility of a board game for dengue haemorrhagic fever health education.HealthLennon, Jeffrey L., Coombs, David W.
Tobacco prevention with Mississippi elementary teachers and students.HealthCarver, Vivien, Reinert, Bonita, Range, Lillian M.
Toothbrushing at school: effects on toothbrushing behaviour, cognitions and habit strength .HealthWind, Marianne, Kremers, Stef, Thijs, Carel, Brug, Johannes
Trachoma and health education in primary schools in Tanzania: a pointer to community action.HealthKatala, Sidney, Lansdow, Richard, Issae, Wahab, Mwaisumo, Rose
Training patients to ask information verifying questions in medical interviews.(medical information)HealthLi, Han Z., Lundgren, Juanita
Understanding the food related experiences and beliefs of a specific group of low-income men in the UK.HealthDaborn, Cathy, Dibsall, Louise, Lambert, Nigel
Understanding the social context of school health promotion program implementation.(community-based diabetes prevention program)HealthCargo, Margaret, Salsberg, Jon, Delormier, Treena, Desrosiers, Serge, Macaulay, Ann C.
Using art in pre-registration nurse education.HealthRobinson, Sally
Using social identity to explore the link between a decline in adolescent smoking and an increase in mobile phone use.HealthCassidy, Simon
What schoolchildren should be taught about medicines: combined opinions of children and teachers.HealthHameen-Anttila, Katri, Juvonen, Mirja, Ahonen, Riita, Bush, Patricia J., Airaksinen, Marja
Where do Chinese adolescents obtain knowledge of sex? Implications for sex education in China.HealthLiying Zhang, Shah, Iqbal H.
"You could see it on their faces?a?" The importance of provoking smiles in schools.(maintaining children's well being)HealthBarnes, Jonathan
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