Metropolitan Home 1997 - Abstracts

Metropolitan Home 1997
A Charleston celebration: a renowned Southern chef shares his traditional holiday feast. (John Taylor)(includes recipes)Home furnishings industryTaylor, John (English pop musician)
A dream with a sense of order. (architect-designed home)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
A family work in progress: in Santa Monica, architect Thom Mayne makes head room for his growing family. (renovated home in California)Home furnishings industryCrawford, Grey, Betksy, Aaron
A little piece of Italy, a lot of light. (rural home)Home furnishings industryGomez, Edward M.
All in a row house: now renovated, this historic home meets all the needs of a growing family. (Baltimore, Maryland, townhouse)(Special Contest Issue: Winners!)Home furnishings industryHiggins, Lisa
All in the family. (business of designers Charles and Ray Eames)Home furnishings industryHirst, Arlene
All the comforts of modern: a substantial makeover in Connecticut turns the traditional modern.(home renovation)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
An American place: this subtle and well-bred Texas ranch reinvents what's neutral.(interior decoration)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryThompson, Helen
An artful Princeton: still genteel, this century-old Colonial sees the modern light. (renovated 1904 house in Princeton, NJ)Home furnishings industryWaldron, William, Cunningham, Michael
An eye on light house keeping; enamored of the old New England lighthouses, a family builds its home to look like one.Home furnishings industryCunningham, Michael
A pacific piazza: living over the store. (architect Dan Friedlander's home and office)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
Aqua floribunda: tiny water gardens make big waves, bringing the beauty of aquatic plants to any outdoor setting. (includes directions for making a water garden)Home furnishings industryWhiteside, Katherine
Borrowed space. (furniture designer Daniel Mack)Home furnishings industryMack, Daniel
Buy design(er).(budget service offered by interior designer Jeffrey Bilhuber)Home furnishings industryBrooks, Susan
Coastal resurgence: a rambling postwar modern ranch in Los Angeles gets a '90s lease on life.(home renovation)Home furnishings industryBook, Jeff
Color: go for the bold. (brightly colored paint in interior decoration)(Special Contest Issue: Winners!)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industry 
Condominimal: this standard-issue town house was butted before its paint was dry.(renovation project)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryDeCaro, Frank
Country classic circa 1997. (architect-designed home)Home furnishings industryNiles, Bo
Desert blooms: Richard Gluckman's design for the new Georgia O'Keefe Museum offers another reason to visit the Southwest mecca. (Santa Fe, New Mexico)Home furnishings industryThompson, Helen
Flea west, flea east. (items found at flea markets)Home furnishings industryGoewey, Jacqueline, Lasky, Jane
Fresh off the farm.(dessert recipes)Home furnishings industryFletcher, Janet
Garden fresh: a Hudson Valley vegetable garden achieves beauty by flaunting tradition.Home furnishings industryWhiteside, Katherine
Garden of forget-me-nots.(Editorial)Home furnishings industryWarner, Donna
Gardens: how they do grow! (use of ornaments, furniture and other items to command attention in gardens)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industry 
Getting it light: a designer's kitchen plays with space, color and the definition of a window.Home furnishings industryWilloughby, John
Giving shelter.(tenants help design public housing in Chester, Pennsylvania)Home furnishings industryHellman, Peter
Grains and greens. (includes recipes)Home furnishings industryWolfert, Paula
Green peace: a Miami house finds colorful calm in intense tropical tones.(interior decoration; includes tips about decorating with green)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryO'Keeffe, Linda
Guiding light: new materials, open spaces. (Manhattan loft)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryCunningham, Michael
Have a hearth: Met Home commissioned a high-tech kitchen that's a practical beauty.Home furnishings industryIsrael, Wendy S.
Her golden eye: Betsey Johnson offers fearless testimony that less is not necessarily more.(interior decoration; includes tips about decorating with yellow)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryCunningham, Michael
High/low: the white table. (comparison of high- and low-priced brunch place settings)Home furnishings industrySuqi, Rima A.
Holiday pantry: to make this year's festivities a breeze, stockpile these tasty and unusual supplies from America's best small food producers.(Buyers Guide)Home furnishings industryEngel, Allison
Home office heros. (attractive home office furnishings)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industry 
In a master's garden; Allen Haskell doesn't just sell plants; he lives in his nursery and makes it his teaching tool for gardeners.(Special Contest Issue: Winners!)Home furnishings industryWhiteside, Katherine
In my backyard: how a flea-market maven sold off a quarter-century's worth of collectibles in order to start a streamlined new life in California.Home furnishings industryMaynard, Joyce
Island flavor. (Hawaiian cuisine)Home furnishings industryLassell, Michael
It's Greek to us: this Northwest retreat invokes classical architecture amid unspoiled nature.Home furnishings industryBook, Jeff
It takes a co-op. (co-operative housing)Home furnishings industryHellman, Peter
Live-in design. (innovative community designs)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryFlanagan, Barbara
Loft and found: when a couple came back home, they turned this old warehouse into a modern Southern belle. (Carole and Patrick Malloy, Carrollton, Georgia)(Special Contest Issue: Winners!)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryHirst, Arlene
Maestro Mendini: for over 30 years, the Italian designer has been a maverick; but today Milan's guru is a global tastemaker. (Italian architect and designer Alessandro Mendini)Home furnishings industryFlanagan, Barbara
Making bold with natural materials. (new uses for familiar materials)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Making the grand and graceful gesture. (architect-designed modern Yankee 'farmhouse')(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryWilloughby, John
Metro. (new city attractions)Home furnishings industry 
Metro. (various city attractions)Home furnishings industry 
Milan on Main Street: modern design from the chic showroom's of Milan's trend-setting furniture fair has finally found a home in America's heartland.(1997 Milan International Furniture Fair)Home furnishings industryHirst, Arlene
Minimalist meets the public. (minimal building designs)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryBetsky, Aaron
Modern color update; the house enlarges a taste for quietly controlled rooms with a splash of glamorous color.(Special Contest Issue: Winners!)Home furnishings industry 
Moody blues: color is the surprise in this minimal apartment.(interior decoration; includes tips about decorating with blue)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryLassell, Michael
Playing all the angles in a big orange kitchen. (architect-designed kitchen renovation)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industry 
Refinement of things past: in Dallas, a creative pair of second owners finds beauty in economy.(home renovation)Home furnishings industryThompson, Helen
Renovating Frank Lloyd (W)right. (architect-designed house in Phoenix, AZ)Home furnishings industryStreet-Porter, Tim, Bernstein, Fred A.
Shades of green: a small West Coast garden becomes as diverse as a miniature forest with its deep layers of green-on-green.Home furnishings industryHeeger, Susan
Simply irresistible. (recipes for coffee desserts)(includes related articles)Home furnishings industryHirigoyen, Gerald
Small potatoes: specialty spuds, like Purple Peruvian and Yellow Finn, bring a fresh taste to that warm-weather favorite - potato salad.(recipes)Home furnishings industryShaw, Diana
Smart food: capital dining in the District of Columbia.(Rupperts restaurant in Washington, D.C.; includes recipes)Home furnishings industryNalley, Richard
Summer grazing: when the weather turns hot and sultry, do as the Europeans do: prepare a selection of small savory dishes and make a meal of them. (includes recipes)Home furnishings industryLoomis, Susan Herrmann
Summer picnics and barbecue. (includes outdoor cooking tips, descriptions of gas grills and other outdoor products, and recipes)(Special Advertising Section)Home furnishings industry 
Taste over trend. (includes recipes)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryFerretti, Fred
The art of eating simply. (people who have popularized natural foods)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryRosch, Leah
The art of kitchen craft: a modern kitchen preserves its cottage roots.(kitchen renovation)Home furnishings industryGoewey, Jacqueline
The arts of living: the Cooper-Hewitt Museum is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a joyful look at the design of our lives.Home furnishings industryLassell, Michael
The discreet and simple charms of the basic essentials. (architect-designed house)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryThompson, Helen
The endless summer beach house: north of San Francisco, designer Stephen Brady created a world that's modern and traditional.Home furnishings industryMorgan, Susan
The four-square garden: a Connecticut garden of simple means and sumptuous scenes.Home furnishings industryLogan, William Bryant
The narrow-minded garden.(garden design)Home furnishings industryKessler, Brad
The new American garden: easy grows it. (landscape architect-designed garden)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryTrinca, Rosita
The new classics: collectibles for the future. (furniture likely to become collectors' items in the 21st century)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryHirst, Arlene
The new museum: theme park or cathedral? The design of two outstanding new museums underscores the conflicting directions facing major cultural centers today. (includes brief descriptions of the best designed museums of the 1990s)Home furnishings industryBetsky, Aaron
The price is light.(architect David Biagi designs $45,000 house in Kentucky)Home furnishings industryCerio, Gregory
The spice route: New York chef Matthew Kenney uses whole-roasted, freshly gound spices to pump up the flavor in even the most ordinary food.(includes recipes)Home furnishings industryMoskin, Julia
Tigerman's tale.(architect Stanley Tigerman)(Interview)Home furnishings industryBetsky, Aaron
To wit: the art of living. (decoration of Victorian home in Berkeley, California)(Special Contest Issue: Winners!)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryLassell, Michael
Twin towers south: when these two men wanted family summer homes, they built adjoining high-rise cottages. (architects Chuck Dietsche and Dan Costa)(Special Contest Issue: Winners!)Home furnishings industryGomez, Edward M.
We've got to have heart. (cooperative design projects help others)(Special Issue: Design 100)Home furnishings industryThompson, Helen
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