The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy - Abstracts

The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
A conservative response to Simon's revision of structural family therapy. (article of George M. Simon in this issue, p. 17)Family and marriageWetchler, Joseph L.
A family therapy internship in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting: trainees' and supervisor's reflections.Family and marriageSpeice, Jenny, Gawinski, Barbara A., Edwards, Todd M.
A personal retrospective of the family therapy field: then and now.Family and marriageFramo, James L.
A question of perspective.(response to salvador Minuchin, in this issue, p. 397)(practice of family therapy)Family and marriageTomm, Karl
Carl Whitaker: in memoriam.Family and marriageConnell, Gary M.
Commentary.Family and marriageHoffman, Lynn, Montalvo, Braulio
Commentary on "An Alternative to Managed Care.".(response to article by authors Stephen Bittner, Ed Bialek, Susan Nathiel, John Ringwald and Maria Tupper in this issue, p. 99)Family and marriageDoherty, William J.
Computer software review. (Software Review)(Evaluation)Family and marriageSmith, Craig W.
Designing constructive therapies in community mental health: poetics and micropolitics in and beyond the consulting room.Family and marriagePakman, Marcelo
Divorce transitions: identifying risk and promoting resilience for children and their parental relationships.Family and marriageBarnes, Gill Gorell
Family adjustment following disclosure of homosexuality by a member: themes discerned in narrative accounts.Family and marriageBeeler, Jeff, DiProva, Vicky
From rigid borderlines to fertile borderlands: reconfiguring family therapy.(comment on the article of Lynn Hoffman, in this issue, p. 145)Family and marriageFalicov, Celia J.
Further validation of the relational ethics scale.Family and marriageHargrave, Terry D., Bomba, Anne K.
Gender equality and the psychology of men: comment on "The politics of gender in family therapy.".Family and marriageLevant, Ronald F.
In search of the lost family: a footnote to Minuchin's essay.(response to Salvador Minuchin, in this issue, p. 397)Family and marriageSluzki, Carlos E.
Just in love. (response to Henry Grunebaum in this issue, p. 295)Family and marriagePittman, Frank
Let it flow: Carl Whitaker's philosophy of becoming.(Obituary)Family and marriageAndolfi, Maurizio, DiNicolo, Vincenzo
Marital therapy: qualities of couples who fare better or worse in treatment.(Statistical Data Included)Family and marriageHampson, Robert B., Prince, Catherine C., Beavers, W. Robert
Marriage and family consultation with ranch and farm families: an empirical family case study.(Statistical Data Included)Family and marriageZimmerman, Toni S., Fetsch, Robert J.
Morality and multiplicity: perspectives on the treatment of violence in intimate life.Family and marriageGoldner, Virginia
Narrative therapy expands and contracts family therapy's horizons.Family and marriageSchwartz, Richard C.
Not just talk, maybe some risk: the therapeutic potentials and pitfalls of computer-mediated conversation.(comment on the article of John Miller and Kenneth Gergen, in this issue, p. 177)Family and marriageLebow, Jay
Recruiting the next generation of marriage and family therapists through undergraduate internships.Family and marriageProuty, Anne M., Johnson, Scott, Protinsky, Howard O., Jr.
Reducing vulnerability to ethics code violations: an at-risk test for marriage and family therapists.Family and marriageBrock, Gregory W.
Reimagining family therapy: reflections on Minuchin's invisible family.(response to article by Salvador Minuchin, Jrnl of Marital and Family Therapy, vol 24, no 4, Oct 1998)Family and marriageAnderson, Harlene
Response to "Are trustworthiness and fairness enough? Contextual family therapy and the good family. (response to Blaine J. Fowers and Andrew Wenger in this issue, p. 153)Family and marriageBoszormenyi-Nagy, Ivan
Response to "just in love." (response to Frank Pittman in this issue, p. 309)Family and marriageGrunebaum, Henry
Retelling, reimagining, and re-searching: a continuing conversation.(response to article by Harlene Anderson in this issue, p. 1)(family therapy)Family and marriageMinuchin, Salvador
Setting aside the model in family therapy.Family and marriageHoffman, Lynn
Siblings revisited: old conflicts and new opportunities in later life.Family and marriageSchulman, Gerda L.
Tellings and retellings.(response to Salvador Minuchin, in this issue, p. 397)(practice of family therapy)Family and marriageCombs, Gene, Freedman, Jill
The "consulting-your-consultants interview": a final narrative conversation with graduating family therapy masters' students.Family and marriageKeiley, Margaret K., Piercy, Fred P.
The resilience of the field of famiily therapy.(Editorial)Family and marriageWalsh, Froma
Toward progress research: closing the gap between family therapy practic and research.Family and marriagePinsof, William M., Wynne, Lyman C.
Violence or discipline? Working with multicultural court-ordered clients.Family and marriageWaldman, Fanny
Where is the family in narrative family therapy?Family and marriageMinuchin, Salvador
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