International Journal of Man-Machine Studies - Abstracts

International Journal of Man-Machine Studies
Adapting a Consultation System to Critique User Plans.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLanglot, C.P., Shortliffe, E.H.
A Description of Structural Change in a Central Place System: A Speculation Using Q-Analysis.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBeaumont, J.R.
A Lexical Analysis of Keywords in High Level Programming Languages.Engineering and manufacturing industriesEastman, C.M.
A Methodology for Interactive Evaluation of User Reactions to Software Packages: An Empirical Analysis of System Performance, and Run Time.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRushinek, A., Rushinek, S.F., Stutz, J.
A Model for the Interpretation of Verbal Predictions.Engineering and manufacturing industriesZimmer, A.C.
A Module to Estimate Numerical Values of Hidden Variables for Expert Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBrown, J., Findler, N., Lo, R., You, H.
A Multilingual Input-Output Device for Indian Scripts.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKrishnamoorthy, S., Radhakrishnan, T., Atwood, J.
An Adaptive FCV Clustering Algorithm.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGunderson, R.
An Algorithm for an Intelligent Arabic Computer Terminal.Engineering and manufacturing industriesAl-Khalili, A.J.
Analogy and Axiomatics.Engineering and manufacturing industriesStelzer, J.
An Analysis of Expert Thinking.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHawkins, D.
An Experimental Comparison of Tabular and Graphic Data Presentation.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPowers, M., Shneiderman, B., Sanchez, P., Lashley, C.
An Experimental Evaluation of Delimiters in a Command Language Syntax.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSchneider, M.L., Hirsh-Pasek, K., Nudelman, S.
An Experimental Study of Natural Language Programming.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBiermann, A., Ballard, B., Sigmon, A.
An Investigation of the Utility of Flowcharts During Computer Program Debugging.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGilmore, D.J., Smith, H.T.
A Note on the Functional Estimation of Values of Hidden Variables - An Extended Module for Expert Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesFindler, N., Lo, R.
Approximating System Relations From Partial Information.Engineering and manufacturing industriesConant, R.
A Rational Reconstruction of the MYCIN Consultation System.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCendrowska, J., Bramer, M.A.
A Theoretical Basis for the Representation of On-Line Computer Systems to Naive Users.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJagodzinski, A.
A View of Human-Machine Communication and Co-operation.Engineering and manufacturing industriesOberquelle, H., Kupka, I., Maass, S.
Cluster Analysis and Q-Analysis.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMacGill, S.M.
Cognitive Systems Engineering: New Wine in New Bottles.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHollnagel, E., Woods, D.
Composition and Editing of Spoken Letters.Engineering and manufacturing industriesAllen, R.
Deep Versus Compiled Knowledge Approaches to Diagnostic Problem-Solving.Engineering and manufacturing industriesChandrasekaran, B., Mittal, S.
Detour Routs to Usability: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches to Multipurpose Software Design.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWright, P., Bason, G.
Diagnostic Expert Systems Based in a Set Covering Model.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWang, P.Y., Reggia, J.A, Nau, D.S.
Distributed Architecture and Parallel Non-Directional Search for Knowledge-Based Cartographic Feature Extraction Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLambird, B.A., Lavine, D., Kanal, L.N.
Dynamics of Perception: Some New Models.Engineering and manufacturing industriesNowakowska, M.
Epistemological Questions Raised by the Metasystem Paradigm.Engineering and manufacturing industriesvan Gigch, J.P.
Evaluation of Different Modalities of Verbalization in a Sorting Task.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHoc, J., Leplat, J.
Experimental Study of a Two-Dimensional Language vs Fortran for First-Course Programmers.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKlerer, M.
Experiments in Evidence Composition in a Speech Understanding System.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSaitta, L.
Expert Systems: An Alternative Paradigm.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCoombs, M., Alty, J.
Expert Systems and Information Retrieval: An Experiment in the Domain of Biographical Data Management.Engineering and manufacturing industriesZarri, G.P.
Expressive Power of Knowledge Representation Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPawlak, Z., Orlowska, E.
Fuzzy Decision Making with Multiple Objectives and Discrete Membership Functions.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHannan, E.L.
Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Boolean Retrieval Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKraft, D., Buell, D.
Generalized Boolean Methods of Information Retrieval.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRadecki, T.
Graceful Interaction Through the COUSIN Command Interface.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHayes, P.J., Szekely, P.A.
Hierarchical Set Definition by Q-Analysis, Part II. Traffic on the Hierarchical Backcloth.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJohnson, J.
Hierarchical Set Definition by Q-Analysis, Part I. The Hierarchical Backcloth.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJohnson, J.
Holophrasted Displays in an Interactive Environment.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSmith, S.R., Barnard, D.T., MaCleod, I.A.
Human Factors Guidelines in Computer Graphics: A Case Study.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDavis, E.G., Swezey, R.W.
Information Content of an Evidence.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSmets, P.
Instructional Manipulation of Users' Mental Models for Electronic Calculators.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBayman, P., Mayer, R.E.
Interactive Computer Programs for Fuzzy Linear Programming with Multiple Objectives.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSakawa, M.
Issues in Fuzzy Production Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWhalen, T., Schott, B.
Knowledge Reorganization and Reasoning Style.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRiesbeck, C.K.
Learning Search Strategies through Discrimination.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLangley, P.
Modelling Degrees of Item Interest for a General Database Query System.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRowe, N.C.
Modelling Man-Machine Interface in a Data Base Environment.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSpiegler, I.
Natural Artificial Languages: Low Level Processes.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPerlman, G.
On the Application of Expert Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBasden, A.
On the Application of Rule-Based Techniques to the Design of Advice-Giving Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJackson, P., Lefrere, P.
On the Complexity of Recursion in Problem-Solving.Engineering and manufacturing industriesEr, M.C.
On the Readability of COBOL Manuals.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLemos, R.S.
On the Retino-Cortical Mapping.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWilson, S.
On the Use of Semantic Constraints in Guiding Syntactic Analysis.Engineering and manufacturing industriesOden, G.C.
Opposites and Measures of Extremism in Concepts and Constructs.Engineering and manufacturing industriesYager, R.
Potential Applications of Fuzzy Sets in Civil Engineering.Engineering and manufacturing industriesYao, J., Chameau, J., Alteschaeffl, A., Michael, H.
Precise Past-Fuzzy Future.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGaines, B.
Preserving the Integrity of the Medium: A Method of Measuring Visual and Auditory Comprehension of Electronic Media.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWhite, M.A., Sandberg, B., Behar, E., Mockler, J., Perez, E., Pollack, J., Rosenblad, K.
Programming Problem Representation in Novice and Expert Programmers.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWeiser, M., Shertz, J.
Quantified Propositions in a Linguistic Logic.Engineering and manufacturing industriesYager, R.
Querying Knowledge Base Systems With Linguistic Information Via Knowledge Trees.Engineering and manufacturing industriesYager, R.
Readability Measurements of Palantype Transcription for the Deaf.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDownton, A.C., Baker, R.G., Lewis, S.M., Cooper, P.J.
Reading Text From Visual Display Units (VDUs).Engineering and manufacturing industriesWaern, Y., Rollenhagen, C.
Reasoning and Natural Explanation.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGoguen, J.A., Weiner, J.L., Linde, C.
Reasoning From First Principles in Electronic Troubleshooting.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDavis, R.
Rough Classification.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPawlak, Z.
Steps Toward Graceful Interaction in Spoken and Written Man- Machine Communication.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHayes, P.J., Reddy, D.R.
Strategic Explanations for a Diagnostic Consultation System.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHasling, D.W., Clancey, W.J., Rennels, G.
Task Analysis and User Errors: A Methodology for Assessing Interactions.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDavis, R.
The Application of Human Factors to the Needs of the Novice Computer User.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPaxton, A.L., Turner, E.J.
The Depth-Breath Trade-Off in the Design of Menu-Driven User Interfaces.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKiger, J.I.
The Influence of Rule-Generated Stress on Computer- Synthesized Speech.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMcPeters, D.L., Tharp, A.L.
The QWERTY Keyboard: A Review.Engineering and manufacturing industriesNoyes, J.
The Role of Excursions in Interactive Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDarlington, J., Dzida, W., Herda, S.
The Theory of Model Dimensions Applied to a Computer Solution of a Syllogism.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGlanville, R., Jackson, P.
Tools and Techniques for the Monitoring of Interactive Graphics Dialogues.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHanusa, H.
Towards an Understanding of the Role of Experience in the Evolution from Novice to Expert.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKolodner, J.L.
Towards a Theory of the Comprehension of Computer Programs.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBrooks, R.
Trace Element Distribution in Yeast and Wort Samples: An Application of the FCV Clustering Algorithm.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGunderson, R., Jacobsen, T.
Translation, Rotation and Superposition of Linear Quadtrees.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGargantini, I.
Two Dimensions of Program Complexity.Engineering and manufacturing industriesChaudhary, B., Sahasrabuddhe, H.
Type-Checking in an Untyped Language.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRamsay, A.
User Error or Computer Error? Observations on a Statistics Package.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDavis, R.
Users are Individuals: Individualizing User Models.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRich, E.
Using an Expert System in Merging Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGanascia, J.G.
What We Do Not Know About Man-Machine Systems.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHollnagel, E.
What, Where and Whence: Means for Improving Electronic Data Access.Engineering and manufacturing industriesEngel, F.L., Andriessen, J.J., Schmitz, H.J.
Whither Device Independence in Interactive Graphics?Engineering and manufacturing industriesVan Den Bos, J.
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