Journal for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society - Abstracts

Journal for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society
Accentuate the negative: Two contributions to a non-normative Oedipal theory.Social sciencesLuepnitz, Deborah Anna
A psychoanalytic approach to education: "problem" children and Bick's idea of skin formation.Social sciencesArchangelo, Ana
"Blood at the root": lynching, memory, and Freudian group psychology.Social sciencesLightweis-Goff, Jennie
Cinematic symptoms of masculinity in transition: Memory, history and mythology in contemporary film.Social sciencesBainbridge, Caroline, Yates, Candida
Containing anxieties in institutions or creating anxiety in institutions: a critique of the Menzies Lyth hypothesis.Social sciencesChernomas, Robert
Desire, the social unconscious, and shame.Social sciencesFrommer, Martin Stephen
Discussion of Sue Grand's maternal surveillance: disrupting the rhetoric of ward.Social sciencesLayton, Lynne
Editors' introduction of commentaries on state regulation of psychoanalysis.Social sciencesClarke, Simon, Layton, Lynne
Embodiments and disembodiments: The relation of body modifications to two psychoanalytic treatments.Social sciencesNamir, Sheila
Encounters at checkpoints: a longitudinal study of a group of Israeli and a group of Palestinian children.Social sciencesApfel, Roberta J., Simon, Bennett
Englishness, the country, and psychoanalysis.Social sciencesAverill, Kenelm
Exigency and going astray.(Freudian theory)Social sciencesLaplanche, Jean
Freud and the prophetic.Social sciencesVegso, Roland
(I can't get no) enjoyment: Lacanian theory and the analysis of nationalism.Social sciencesStavrakakis, Yannis, Chrysoloras, Nikos
Ideological fantasy (PG-13): Lessons for film studies.Social sciencesConley, Tom, Ingham, John M.
Interpreting (with) Freud.Social sciencesLaplanche, Jean
Intolerance and the intolerable: The case of racism.Social sciencesHinshelwood, R.D.
Lacan for cinema today: The uncanny pouvoir de la verite.Social sciencesVighi, Fabio
Laplanche's reconstruction of Freud's other-centered subject: The enigmatic signifier and its political uses.Social sciencesWyatt, Jean
Life and death and something in between: reviewing recent horror cinema.Social sciencesMichel, Frann
Maternal surveillance: disrupting the rhetoric of war.Social sciencesGrand, Sue
Melancholic MOMA: Groundswell's missing histories.(Museum of Modern Art)Social sciencesMalcom, Carolyn
Men, anal sex and desire: Who wants what?Social sciencesGuss, Jeffrey R.
On the poverty of theory.(Brief article)Social sciencesBird, John
Organizational change and the analytic third: Locating and attending to unconscious organizational psychodynamics.Social sciencesDiamond, Michael A.
Orwell, Winnicott, and Lacan: Notes of a psychoanalyst from project H.O.M.E..(Donald Winnicott, Jacques Lacan)Social sciencesLuepnitz, Deborah
Out of bounds: Demanding recognition for a queer identity.Social sciencesRiddle, Bethany
Pro-space activism and narcissistic phantasy.Social sciencesOrmrod, James S.
Psychoanalysis and community.Social sciencesClarke, Simon, Hahn, Herbert, Hoggett, Paul, Sideris, Tina
Psychoanalysis and community poetry workshops.Social sciencesHarris, Judith
Psychoanalysis and Cuba: An interview with Maureen Katz.(Interview)Social sciencesHaaken, Jan
Psychoanalysis and interraciality: asking different questions.(Viewpoint essay)Social sciencesStopford, Annie
Psychoanalysis and racism: a response to R.D. Hinshelwood's intolerance and the intolerable: the case of racism.Social sciencesBird, John
Psychoanalysis and State Regulation: A conference report on the international conference organized by the College of Psychoanalysts - UK.(Conference notes)Social sciencesChina, Jacques
Psychoanalysis and war.(Brief article)Social sciencesAltman, Neil
Psychoanalysis, the American Psychological Association, and the involvement of psychologists at Guantanamo Bay.Social sciencesSummers, Frank
Psychologization: Psychoanalysis (double) political appointment with history--The Accoyer Amendment revisited.Social sciencesDe Vos, Jan
Reflections on psychoanalysis & non-normative desire: An introduction.Social sciencesDebiak, Dennis, Pytluk, Scott
Reparation and reparations: towards a social psychoanalysis.Social sciencesGalatzer-Levy, Benjamin
Some notes on hate in teaching.Social sciencesMatthews, Sara
Tentative utopias.Social sciencesThompson, Stacy
The absolute state of mind in society and the individual.Social sciencesFiglio, Karl
The culture of psychoanalysis in the United States: The use of state and federal government to advance psychoanalysis.Social sciencesWagner, Laurel Bass
The inconsolable organization: Toward a theory of organizational and cultural change.Social sciencesStein, Howard F.
The lay and the law: Legislating the "impossible profession".Social sciencesNierenberg, Ona
The perils of belonging and cosmopolitan optimism: an affective reading of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.Social sciencesGeorgis, Dina
The perversion of The Silence of The Lambs and The Dilemma of The Searchers: On psychoanalytic "reading".Social sciencesRushton, Richard
The relationship between the unconscious and consciousness - A comparison of psychoanalysis and historical materialism.Social sciencesZepf, Siegfried
The state of psychotherapy and the place of psychoanalysis.Social sciencesParker, Ian
Translator's introduction.(Jean Laplanche's 'Interpreting (with) Freud' and 'Exigency and Going Astray')Social sciencesRay, Nicholas
Two bodies in the room: An intersubjective view of female objectification.Social sciencesBaker-Pitts, Catherine
Videogame cybersubjects, the ethics of violence and addiction: A psychoanalytic approach.Social sciencesJagodzinski, Jan
What's so funny? Video ethnography and drag performance.Social sciencesHaaken, Jan
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