Journal of Divorce & Remarriage - Abstracts

Journal of Divorce & Remarriage
A comparison of the self-concepts of adolescents from intact, maternal custodial, and paternal custodial families.Family and marriageStuder, Jeannine
Adolescents from divorced and intact families.Family and marriageYando, Regina, Gonzalez, Ketty P., Lasko, David, Bendell, Debra, Field, Tiffany M., Harding, Jeffrey
A longitudinal study of the effects of social support on the psychological adjustment of divorced mothers.Family and marriageHughes, Robert, Jr., Good, Elaine S., Candell, Kristin
A longitudinal study of the problems and concerns of urban divorced men.Family and marriageHutchinson, Roger L., Mitchell-Flynn, Carol
An examination of ever-divorced women who attempted a marital reconciliation before becoming divorced.Family and marriageWineberg, Howard
Anti-marriage attitudes and motivations to marry amongst adolescents with divorced parents.Family and marriageTasker, Fiona L.
A prospective study of behavioral disturbance in children who subsequently experience parental divorce: a research note.Family and marriageJenkins, J.M., Smith, M.A.
A therapeutic model to enhance children's adjustment to divorce: a case example.Family and marriageButler, Beth O., Mellon, Michael W., Stroh, Suzanne E., Stern, H. Patrick
Attachment and divorce: a therapeutic view.Family and marriageTodorski, Jane
Attitudes toward marriage and divorce held by young adults.Family and marriageLandis-Kleine, Cathy, Foley, Linda A., Nall, Loretta, Padgett, Patricia, Walters-Palmer, Leslie
Communication-family characteristics: a comparison between stepfamilies (formed after death or divorce) and biological families.(Special Issue: Understanding Stepfamilies: Their Structure and Dynamics)Family and marriageGrinwald, Shoshana
Computer intervention for adolescent children of divorce.Family and marriageBarker, Joyce, Brinkman, Linda, Deardorff, Meredyth
Correlates of self-esteem among college offspring from divorced families: a study of gender-based differences.Family and marriageShook, Nancy J., Jurich, Joan
Differences between high school students from intact and divorced families.Family and marriageMuransky, Jean M., DeMarie-Dreblow, Darlene
Differences in the marriage role expectations of college students from intact and divorced families.Family and marriageMarlar, Joseph A., Jacobs, Keith W.
Divorce and the child with cystic fibrosis: the therapeutic and legal implications.Family and marriageBarbero, Giulio J.
Divorce and women's spirituality.Family and marriageNathanson, Irene G.
Factors influencing the health behaviors of divorced women with children.Family and marriageDuffy, Mary E.
Familial conflict and attitudes toward marriage: a psychological wholeness perspective.Family and marriageStone, Melanie K., Hutchinson, Roger L.
Family climate, family structure and self-esteem in college females: the physical- vs. psychological wholeness divorce debate revisited.Family and marriageClifford, Terry, Clark, Roger
Family structure and interpersonal relationship quality in young adults.Family and marriageRobinson, Linda C., Garthoeffner, Jane L., Henry, Carolyn S.
Favorable outcomes in children after parental divorce.Family and marriageGately, David, Schwebel, Andrew I.
Former spouse interaction: normative guidelines and actual behavior.Family and marriageAydintug, Candan Duran
Grandchildren's perceptions of grandparental support in divorced and intact families.Family and marriageHenry, Carolyn S., Cogswell, Carolyn
Implications of divorce on reasons for living in older adolescents.Family and marriageEllis, Jon B., Russell, C. Denise
Inner-city, poor children of divorce: negative divorce-related events, problematic beliefs and adjustment problems.Family and marriageSandler, Irwin N., Ramirez, Rafael, Wolchik, Sharlene A., Fisher, Jennifer L., Organista, Pamela Balls, Brown, Carl
Intimate relationships: college students from divorced and intact families.Family and marriageGabardi, Lisa, Rosen, Lee A.
Marital dissolution as a stressor: some evidence on psychological, physical, and behavioral changes in the pre-separation period.Family and marriageMastekaasa, Arne
Marital dissolution as a stressor: some evidence on psychological, physical, and behavioral changes in the pre-separation period.(Divorce and Remarriage: International Studies)Family and marriageMastekaasa, Arne
Marital separation: causes, coping, and consequences.Family and marriageKincaid, Stephen B., Caldwell, Robert A.
Order amidst disorder: marital transitions of young adults.Family and marriageRyan, Suzanne, Stephen, Elizabeth Hervey, Gregori, Reinaldo Granja
Parental divorce and the moral development of adolescents.Family and marriageKogos, Jeniffer L., Snarey, John
Predictors of general well-being among female single parent college students.Family and marriageColbry, Sheila Lynds
Psychological adjustment of college students from families of divorce.Family and marriageHarlow, Lisa, Weiner, Jennifer, Adams, Jerome, Grebstein, Lawrence
Psychosocial adjustments during the first year of single parenthood: a comparison of Mexican-American and Anglo women.Family and marriageWagner, Roland M.
Relationships between divorce and college students' development of identity and intimacy.Family and marriageNelson, Eileen, Allison, Jamie, Sundre, Donna
Religious homogamy and marital duration among those who file for divorce in California, 1966-1971.Family and marriageManeker, Jerry S., Rankin, Robert P.
Risk, resistance, and self-esteem: a longitudinal study of elementary school-aged children from mother custody and two-parent families.Family and marriageNelson, Geoffrey
Selected aspects of parenting and children's social competence post-separation: the moderating effects of child's sex, age, and family economic hardship.Family and marriageBuehler, Cheryl, Legg, Bobbie H.
Social support: the provider's perspective.Family and marriageDuffy, Mary E.
Spouse preferences of never-married, divorced, and cohabiting Americans.Family and marriageNock, Steven L.
Successful single-parent families.Family and marriageMorrison, Nancy C.
Support networks and adjustment among 6 to 11 year-olds from maritally-disrupted and intact families.Family and marriageDrapeau, Sylvie, Bouchard, Camil
The "counseled-deciding-self" in separation and custody: an analysis of narrative.Family and marriageUsherwood, Anne, Hermansson, Gary
The effect of mid-life divorce on late adolescent and young adult children.Family and marriageSchinke, Steven P., Swartzman-Schatman, Beth
The effect of war on marriage, divorce and birth rates.Family and marriageLester, David
The effects of childhood family structure and perceptions of parents' marital happiness on familial aspirations.Family and marriageWilletts-Bloom, Marion C., Nock, Steven L.
The effects of guilt on divorce adjustment.Family and marriageWalters-Chapman, Steven F., Price, Sharon J., Serovich, Julianne M.
The impact of parental divorce on college adjustment.Family and marriageGrant, Laura S., Smith, Thomas A., Sinclair, Jamie J., Salts, Connie J.
The long-term effects of parental divorce on family relationships and the effects on adult children's self-concept.Family and marriageHoldnack, James A.
The psychological best interests of the child.Family and marriageMiller, Glenn
The reaction of friends and family to divorce.Family and marriageHuddleston, Richard J., Hawkings, Lucille
Trajectory of influence of parental divorce on children's heterosexual relationships.Family and marriageLee, Mo-yee
Understanding children's divorce adjustment from an ecological perspective.Family and marriageWolchik, Sharlene A., Braver, Sanford L., Lengua, Liliana J.
What a difference a measure makes: parental-separation effect on school grades, not academic achievement.Family and marriageSmith, Thomas Ewin
Young adults' marital and family attitudes: the role of recent parental divorce, and family and parental conflict.Family and marriageCooney, Teresa M., Kozuch, Patricia
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