Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1999
A comparison of welfare estimates from four models for linking seasonal recreational trips to multinomial logit models of site choice.Environmental services industryParsons, George R., Jakus, Paul M., Tomasi, Ted
A derivation of the marginal abatement cost curve.Environmental services industryMcKitrick, Ross
A dual approach to modeling corner solutions in recreation demand.(Abstract)Environmental services industryPhaneuf, Daniel J.
An economic analysis of household waste management.Environmental services industryFraser, Iain, Choe, Chongwoo
Bioeconomics of spatial exploitation in a patchy environment.(renewable resource exploitation model that integrates intertemporal dynamics and spatial movement)Environmental services industryWilen, James E., Sanchirico, James N.
Endogenous monitoring and enforcement of a transferable emissions permit system.Environmental services industryDhanda, Kanwalroop Kathy, Stranlund, John K.
Environmental policy and competitiveness: the Porter hypothesis and the composition of capital.Environmental services industryZeeuw, Aart de, Xepapadeas, Anastasios
EPA's voluntary 33/50 Program: impac on toxic releases and economic performance of firms.Environmental services industryKhanna, Madhu, Damon, Lisa A.
Equilibrium prices in a vertically coordinated fishery.Environmental services industryWeninger, Quinn
Estimating the cost of leisure time for recreation demand models.Environmental services industryFeather, Peter, Shaw, W. Douglass
Estimating willingness to pay and resource tradeoffs with different payment mechanisms: an evaluation of a funding guarantee for watershed management.Environmental services industryJohnston, Robert J., Swallow, Stephen K., Weaver, Thomas F.
Externalities, market power, and resource extraction.Environmental services industryDatta, Manjira, Mirman, Leonard J.
Flow control and rent capture in solid waste management.Environmental services industryTawil, Natalie
Government management of village commons: comparing two forest policies.Environmental services industryLigon, Ethan, Narain, Urvashi
Heterogeneity, irreversible production choices, and efficiency in emission permit markets.Environmental services industryBrookshire, David S., Ben-David, Shaul, McKee, Michael, Burness, Stuart, Schmidt, Christian
Information and the divergence between willingness to accept and willingness to pay.Environmental services industryKolstad, Charles D., Guzman, Rolando M.
Markets and regulatory hold-up problems.(compliance to environmental regulations)Environmental services industryGlazer, Amihai, Gersbach, Hans
Optimal forest rotation with in situ preferences.Environmental services industryTahvonen, Olli
Pollution monitoring: optimal design of inspection - an economic analysis of the use of satellite information to deter oil pollution.Environmental services industryFlorens, Jean-Pierre, Foucher, Caroline
Pollution permits and sustainable growth in a Schumpeterian model.Environmental services industryGrimaud, Andre
Pricing biodiversity.Environmental services industryPollak, Robert A., White, Denis, Montgomery, Claire A., Freemark, Kathryn
Risk and its consequences.Environmental services industryShogren, Jason F., Crocker, Thomas D.
Some further implications of incorporating the warm glow of giving into welfare measures: a comment on the use of donation mechanisms by Champ et al.(response to P.A. Champ, R.C. Bishop, T.C. Brown and D.W. McCollum, Journal of Environmental Economic and Management, vol. 33, p. 151, 1997)Environmental services industryChilton, Susan M., Hutchinson, W. George
Specification tests for mixed demand systems with an emphasis on combining contingent valuation and revealed data.Environmental services industryCunha-e-Sa, Maria A., Ducla-Soares, Maria M.
Stochastic pollution, permits, and merger incentives.Environmental services industryRoosen, Jutta, Hennessy, David A.
Strict liability as a deterrent in toxic waste management: empirical evidence from accident and spill data.Environmental services industryAlberini, Anna, Austin, David H.
The impact of environmental constraints on productivity improvement in integrated paper plants.Environmental services industryBoyd, Gale A., McClelland, John D.
The optimal allocation of conservation funds.(conservation program design)Environmental services industryWu, JunJie, Boggess, William G.
The relative efficiency of voluntary vs mandatory environmental regulations.Environmental services industryBabcock, Bruce A., Wu, JunJie
Tradable allowances in a restructuring electric industry.Environmental services industryTschirhart, John, Wen, Shiow-Ying
Trade and environment: an empirical analysis of the technology effect in the steel industry.Environmental services industryReppelin-Hill, Valerie
What drives deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon? Evidence from satellite and socioeconomic data.Environmental services industryPfaff, Alexander S.P.
When can carbon abatement policies increase welfare? The fundamental role of distorted factor markets.Environmental services industryGoulder, Lawrence H., Parry, Ian W.H., Williams, Robertson C., III
Winners and losers in a world with global warming: noncooperation, altruism, and social welfare.Environmental services industryCaplan, Arthur J., Silva, Emilson C.D., Ellis, Christopher J.
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