Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2000
Allocation of CO2 emissions permits: A general equilibrium analysis of policy instruments.Environmental services industryJensen, Jesper, Rasmussen, Tobias N.
A note on ITQs and optimal investment.Environmental services industryHannesson, Rognvaldur
Climate change and forest sinks: factors affecting the costs of carbon sequestration.Environmental services industryNewell, Richard G., Stavins, Robert N.
Corruption, pollution, and the Kuznets environment curve.Environmental services industryLopez, Ramon, Mitra,Siddhartha
Discussion of Morey and Waldman's 'Measurement Error in Recreation Demand Models'.Environmental services industryTrain, Kenneth, McFadden, Daniel
Do residential water demand side management policies measure up? An analysis of eight California water agencies.Environmental services industryRenwick, Mary E., Green, Richard D.
Energy and depletable resources: economics and policy, 1973-1998.Environmental services industryKolstad, Charles D.
Environmentally sensitive productivity analysis of the Canadian pulp and paper industry, 1959-1994: an input distance function approach.Environmental services industryHailu, Atakelty, Veeman, Terrence S.
Environmental regulation as a barrier to the formation of small manufacturing establishments: A longitudinal examination.Environmental services industryDean, Thomas J., Brown, Robert L., Stango, Victor
Evidence of the effects of water quality on residential land prices.Environmental services industryLeggett, Christopher G., Bockstael. Nancy E.
Harmonization and optimal environmental policy in a federal system with asymmetric information.Environmental services industryUlph, Alistair
Has economic research answered the needs of environmental policy?Environmental services industryCropper, Maureen L.
Initial and continuing compliance and the trade-off between monitoring and control cost.Environmental services industryHarford, Jon D.
In response to the publication of the 25th Anniversary Issue of JEEM in honor of its first three editors.(Journal of Environmental Economics and Management)(Letter to the Editor)Environmental services industryKneese, Allen V.
JEEM and non-market valuation: 1974-1998.(Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, non-marketed economic resources)Environmental services industrySmith, V. Kerry
Land reform policies, the sources of violent conflict, and implications for deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.Environmental services industryAlston, Lee J., Libecap, Gary D., Mueller, Bernardo
Managing a multiple-use resource: the case of feral pig management in California rangeland.Environmental services industryZivin, Joshua, Hueth, Brent M., Zilberman, David
Mass tourism and the demand for protected natural areas.(case study using Mallorca, Spain, as an example)Environmental services industryRiera Font, Antonio
Nonparametric bounds on welfare measures: a new tool for nonmarket valuation.Environmental services industryCrooker, John, Kling, Catherine
North-South investment flows and optimal environmental policies.(environmental aspects of foreign investment)Environmental services industryBeladi, Hamid, Chau, Nancy H., Khan M. Ali
Optimal CO2 abatement in the presence of induced technological change.Environmental services industryGoulder, Lawrence H., Mathai, Koshy
Optimal control of acid rain in a federation with decentralized leadership and information.Environmental services industrySilva, Emilson C.D., Nagase, Yoko
Property prices and urban forest amenities.(data for Finland)Environmental services industryTyrvainen, Liisa, Miettinen, Antii
Random coefficient models for state preference surveys.Environmental services industryLayton, David F.
Reflections upon 25 years of the 'Journal of Environmental Economics and Management:' introduction.Environmental services industryBrookshire, David S., Scrogin, David O.
Regulatory rule-making with legal challenges.Environmental services industryGarvie, Devon A., Lipman, Barton L.
Renewable resource economists and policy: what differences have we made?Environmental services industryWilen, James E.
Renewable resources and economic sustainability: A dynamic analysis with heterogeneous.Environmental services industryLi, Chuan-Zhong
Tax deductions, environmental policy and the 'double dividend' hypothesis.Environmental services industryParry, Ian W.H., Bento, Antonio M.
The economics of pollution permit banking in the context of Title IV of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.(polluting emissions from the US electricity industry)Environmental services industrySchennach, Susanne M.
The effects of environmental regulations on foreign direct investment.Environmental services industryList, John A., Co. Catherine Y.
The impact of economics on environmental policy.Environmental services industryHahn, Robert W.
Trends in natural resource economics in JEEM 1974-1997: breakpoint and nonparametric analysis.(Journal of Environmental Economics and Management)Environmental services industryWard, Michael, Fisher, Anthony
What improves environmental compliance? Evidence from Mexican industry.Environmental services industryDasgupta, Susmita, Hettige, Hemamala, Wheeler, David
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