Defense Today 2004 Dave Ahearn - Abstracts

Defense Today 2004 Dave Ahearn
12 carriers needed despite efficiencies-Admiral.(John Stufflebeem)BusinessDave Ahearn
Adm. Giambastiani slams defense industry, mid-level procurement officers.(Edmund Giambastiani)BusinessDave Ahearn
Admiral: Navy needs 55 subs.(Submarine warfare)BusinessDave Ahearn
Admiral sees Congress backing LCS in spending bills.(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessDave Ahearn
Adm. Nathman says perhaps just 40 to 50 LCSs required.BusinessDave Ahearn
Agusta Westland says US101 helo can be all-U.S. built.BusinessDave Ahearn
AIA seeks action against airbus but no trade war.(Aerospace Industries Association)BusinessDave Ahearn
Air force General: Raptors would speed victories.BusinessDave Ahearn
Analyst, key lawmaker say case not made for LCS, DD(X).BusinessDave Ahearn
Analysts question cutting force size to fund weapons.(Military analysts)(Donald Rumsfeld)BusinessDave Ahearn
Analysts warns procurement spending may decelerate.BusinessDave Ahearn
A remembrance: Deficits didn't deter rising Reagan defense outlays.BusinessDave Ahearn
Army isn't weighing V-22 Osprey for new vertical-lift platform: General.BusinessDave Ahearn
Army needs lighter, faster better-netted vehicles: Colonel.BusinessDave Ahearn
Around 500 to 1000 must be cut from JSF: Lockheed.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing 100-tanker plane deal may survive, but no more leasing.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing, after earlier win, readies for new JTRS contest.(Joint Tactical Radio System)BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing, Armour Holdings finances soar on defense contracts.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing doesn't eclipse army oversight of FCS: General.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing facing tough overseas competition on aerial tanker planes.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing gives stock shares to thousands of workers.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing, Lockheed Martin hint profits are soaring.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing MMA aircraft passes Navy review.(Maritime Multi-mission Aircraft)BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing network system: Someday ready for combat?(multi-point networking system)BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing, Northrop Grumman post blistering double-digit profit gains.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing raises dividend; Lockheed, Northrop, Raytheon advance.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing says it was unaware Druyun aided firm on tanker price.(Darleen Druyun)BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing says review found no wrongdoing in its hiring moves.BusinessDave Ahearn
Boeing team poised for global MMA plane orders.BusinessDave Ahearn
Brzezinski: U.S. faces daunting problems in North Korea, Mideast.BusinessDave Ahearn
Bush, Blair say attacks won't drive forces from Iraq.BusinessDave Ahearn
Bush promises to give military ebest equipment' .(George W. Bush)BusinessDave Ahearn
Bush victory doesn't erase fiscal crunch facing defense programs.BusinessDave Ahearn
Bush withdraws controversial nomination of Roche as Army secretary.BusinessDave Ahearn
Bush would cut Pentagon buying less than Kerry: Analysts.BusinessDave Ahearn
C-130J transport is flawed, report says.BusinessDave Ahearn
Canada buys S-92s, cites needs for small ships, logistics asset.BusinessDave Ahearn
Carriers to cost $31.7 billion; V-22 costs are stable; SBIRS high breaches limit.BusinessDave Ahearn
Cebrowski sees new aircraft, movable maritime airfield.(Arthur Cebrowski)BusinessDave Ahearn
China uses American money to fund massive weapons programs.BusinessDave Ahearn
Clark hints crew swaps may reduce need for 375 ships.BusinessDave Ahearn
Clark says fleet size decision may take another year.BusinessDave Ahearn
Clark says fleet size decision may take another year.(Vern Clark)BusinessDave Ahearn
Clark seeks more input in procurement decisions.(Vern Clark, chief of naval operations)BusinessDave Ahearn
Clark sees billions of savings to aid procurement.(Vern Clark: naval chief)BusinessDave Ahearn
CNO sees ways to cut shipbuilding needs.(Chief of Naval Operations: Vern Clark)BusinessDave Ahearn
Coast guard slow in vetting port security strategies: GAO.(General Accounting Office )BusinessDave Ahearn
Congress, administration to seek common ground on export controls.(arms exports)BusinessDave Ahearn
Congress returns to face multiple defense issues.BusinessDave Ahearn
Congress returns to face myriad defense procurement issues.BusinessDave Ahearn
Contractors hire hundreds of senior officials: Report.BusinessDave Ahearn
Contractors still have a shot at up to $20 billion radio work.(Joint Tactical Radio System)BusinessDave Ahearn
Cross-decking, other moves permit more missions with same ships.BusinessDave Ahearn
DD (X) price may soar; alternative cutter work possible.BusinessDave Ahearn
Defense industry globalization advancing, but with limits.BusinessDave Ahearn
Defense review may help decide which programs thrive: analysts.BusinessDave Ahearn
Defense secretary challenges move to centralize intel operations.(Donald Rumsfeld)BusinessDave Ahearn
Despite McCain, analysts see F/A-22, tankers surviving.BusinessDave Ahearn
Destroyer production gap could hurt industry.BusinessDave Ahearn
DOD Comptroller Zakheim steps down; Bush names replacement.BusinessDave Ahearn
DOD, contractors must bolster R&D in United States.(United States. Department Of Defence)BusinessDave Ahearn
DoD delays Marine One selection.(Department of Defense)(presidential transport helicopter)BusinessDave Ahearn
EADS assumes an American image as tanker buy looms.(European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.)BusinessDave Ahearn
EADS sees China as key supplier, customer.(European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V. )BusinessDave Ahearn
Electromagnetic pulse threatens United States, Navy ships.BusinessDave Ahearn
Embraer gained state/local aid for ACS facilities.(Aerial Common Sensor)BusinessDave Ahearn
England, Clark, Hagee see critical need for JSF STOVL.(Joint Strike Fighter)(Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing)BusinessDave Ahearn
England says littoral combat ships needed for missions.BusinessDave Ahearn
England says Osprey design problems solved, but bell-Boeing must cut price.(Gordon England )BusinessDave Ahearn
England sees JSF, Osprey, LCS, DD(X) surviving criticism.(joint strike fighter)BusinessDave Ahearn
Experts press for space-based ballistic missile shield.BusinessDave Ahearn
F/A-22 Raptor needed to counter advanced planes in China: Analyst.BusinessDave Ahearn
Fiscal 2006 Navy shipbuilding pace would yield a 120-vessel fleet.BusinessDave Ahearn
Franks counsels vigilance on Iranian nuclear threat.(Tommy Frank)BusinessDave Ahearn
Further cuts may loom in Navy shipbuilding request. .(reduction in subsidies)BusinessDave Ahearn
GAO faults DOD on protecting bases.(Government Accountability Office)(Department of Defense )BusinessDave Ahearn
GAO finds major problems possible in crew swapping.(Government Accountability Office)BusinessDave Ahearn
GAO says offsets may harm U.S. suppliers, contractors.(General Accounting Office )BusinessDave Ahearn
GAO urges slowdown in Global Hawk buys; DOD refuses.(Government Accountability Office)(united states. department of defense)BusinessDave Ahearn
GD, UTC see profits soar in third quarter.(General Dynamics Corporation and United Technologies Corporation)BusinessDave Ahearn
General Dynamics LCS may ace speed, helo landing, sea state tests.(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessDave Ahearn
General Dynamics, Lockheed warned to keep LCS costs down.(Littoral Combat Ship )BusinessDave Ahearn
General Dynamics profits jump 21.7 percent in first quarter.BusinessDave Ahearn
General dynamics slashes price on ACS proposal.(Aerial Common Sensor )BusinessDave Ahearn
General opposes leasing any more ships made overseas.BusinessDave Ahearn
General satisfied with stryker MGS, 'Happy' with Boeing FCS role.(Mobile gun system)BusinessDave Ahearn
Generals cite need for new Aerial ISR and C4 assets.BusinessDave Ahearn
Gen. Jones urges European increase in defense spending.BusinessDave Ahearn
Group urges canceling F/A-22, DD(X) Virginia Class subs.BusinessDave Ahearn
Hagee sees need for huge ship-based tilt-rotor or blimp.BusinessDave Ahearn
Hagee urges building DD(X), LCS, LHD, JSF, Osprey.BusinessDave Ahearn
HDW sees rapid sales of super-silent fuel cell submarine.(Howaldswerke-Deutshe Werft)BusinessDave Ahearn
House panel curbs foreign ship leases, aids Boeing tanker lease.(Committee on Armed Services)BusinessDave Ahearn
Hunter proposes $20 billion supplemental defense budget.BusinessDave Ahearn
Hybrid-technology power moves from cars to ships.BusinessDave Ahearn
India recognizing need for ballistic missile defense: Perle.BusinessDave Ahearn
In marine one battle, Lockheed invades Sikorsky's home turf.BusinessDave Ahearn
Iran, with weak forces, seen seeking nuclear capability.BusinessDave Ahearn
Iran, with weak forces, seen seeking nuclear capability.BusinessDave Ahearn
Iraq win hinges on non-military factors: experts.BusinessDave Ahearn
Key lawmaker flails F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program..BusinessDave Ahearn
Lawmaker presses for fast purchase of cargo security systems.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lawmaker says Army underfunded; GAO hits FCS program.(General Accounting Office)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lawmaker says leasing Boeing tankers would save money.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lawmakers pressed for time, mull Boeing tanker deal fate.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lawmakers say meager Navy ship funds will savage contractors.BusinessDave Ahearn
LCS cost ceiling slashed; '06 destroyer funding seen.(Littoral Combat Ship )BusinessDave Ahearn
LCS might accommodate several mission modules at once.(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessDave Ahearn
LCS to play major role as unmanned vehicles tackle mined waters.(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lieberman flails Democrats who criticize Bush on Iraqi war.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lieberman sees fighter planes cut, not canceled; seeks more ships.(Joseph Lieberman)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockhead Martin ACS expected to be low cost, on schedule.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed charges Boeing might have gained favored treatment.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed cuts price on Titan takeover; escape clause set.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed details its plans for an innovative Littoral Combat Ship.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed, fingers crossed, breaks the ground for marine one facility.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed future bright despite Titan loss: Analysts.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed juggles figures on U.S. content of helicopter.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed leaders says Navy money pinch bolsters LCS case.(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed loses court case, must pay $66 million.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed Martin builds support for embattled F/A-22.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed Martin details LCS speed, antenna, low cost and risk.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed Martin LCS does well in critical design review.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed Martin opens another round in Marine One fight.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed Martin says GE chosen for Air Force helicopter bid.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed Martin/team US101 naming more suppliers.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed Martin/Team US101 naming more suppliers.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed may boost US101 power, company says .(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed, Northrop could speed deepwater construction output.(Coast Guard)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed not currently poised to bid for tanker program.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed opposes solicitation for its stock shares.(TRC Capital Corp)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed plan will solve joint strike fighter weight problem.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed profits soar on Pentagon business.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed says F/A-22 raptor production on track; IOT&E goes well.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed seeks $5 billion Joint Common Missile prize.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed sees bright future in Navy, Coast Guard programs.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed team US101 announces GE helo engine tests.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed weighs outlook for Raptor, Titan takeover.BusinessDave Ahearn
Lockheed wins up to $8 billion aerial common sensor contract.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Loy says DHS unit should coordinate cargo safety R and D.(research and development )BusinessDave Ahearn
Major funding jump urged for port, maritime tech procurement.BusinessDave Ahearn
McCain warns against rushing to acquire tankers.(John McCain)BusinessDave Ahearn
Military brass cite need for ships, reporters, JSFs, tankers.BusinessDave Ahearn
Military contractors cheat on taxes, GAO reports.(General Accounting Office )BusinessDave Ahearn
Military raps Lockheed for misleading subcontractors.(Lockheed Martin Corp)BusinessDave Ahearn
NATO contract to EADS, Northrop draws Raytheon protest.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy Brass: CG(X), Global Hawk or Predator, needed.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy cost limits favor Lockheed Martin on LCS contract.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy electronic program won't yield bonanza for contractors.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy favors extra DD(X), not old DDG.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy may lose as services compete for funds: Analysts.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy needs enough ships, but capability is key.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy selects Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics for LCS contracts.(Littoral Combat Ship)BusinessDave Ahearn, Nathan Hodge
Navy-supplied items for contractors open to theft: GAO.BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy to need two submarines yearly, CRS says.(Congressional Research Service )BusinessDave Ahearn
Navy to save money with new contract awards system.BusinessDave Ahearn
New defense standards body OK on anti-trust, EU: contractors.(Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium)BusinessDave Ahearn
New group aims to highlight feats, problems of Iraq vets.BusinessDave Ahearn
New procedures set for V-22 Ospreys after component failure.BusinessDave Ahearn
New procurement guidelines might favor lower-cost systems.(military equipment)BusinessDave Ahearn
New study urges killing F/A-22 raptor program.BusinessDave Ahearn
New technologies aim to thwart enemy attacks, save lives.BusinessDave Ahearn
New technology absorbs carbon dioxide to save sailors' lives.BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop Grumman defends $30 million Global Hawk cost.BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop Grumman leader.BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop Grumman poised for three-year design work on DD(X).BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop Grumman profit gain eclipses rivals; Raytheon sees loss.BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop Grumman seeks subcontractors for CVN 78 aircraft carrier.BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop Grumman splits stock, sees double-digit profit gain in e05.BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop Newport News leadership changes amidst criticism.BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop profits jump 31 percent, edging out competition.(Northrop Grumman Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop signs BAE Systems for ACS contract proposal.(Aerial Common Sensor)BusinessDave Ahearn
Northrop touts platforms for billions in contracts.BusinessDave Ahearn
ONR laser power jumps 10-fold; further 10-fold leaps seen.(Office Naval Research)BusinessDave Ahearn
Osprey cost declining; new shipboard tests near.(defense programs)BusinessDave Ahearn
Osprey to begin tests of software, hardware to curb yawing.BusinessDave Ahearn
Overseas contractors should be allowed to compete: analysts.BusinessDave Ahearn
Program officer 'cautiously optimistic' on JSF weight fix.(Joint Strike Fighter)BusinessDave Ahearn
Proposal would defer tax bite on Navy shipbuilders.BusinessDave Ahearn
Proposal would defer tax bite on Navy shipbuilders.BusinessDave Ahearn
Rand study opposes hasty moves on intel director, center.BusinessDave Ahearn
Raptor approaches key points in program.(Lockheed Martin Corp.'s F/A-22 Raptor )BusinessDave Ahearn
Raytheon posts hefty profit; Boeing tops major firms in results.(Raytheon Aircraft Co.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Raytheon to raise dividends, buy back stock.BusinessDave Ahearn
Rep. Hunter hints military should retain control of intel assets.(Ducan Hunter)BusinessDave Ahearn
Rep. Hunter says Defense offset deals harm U.S.(Duncan Hunter)BusinessDave Ahearn
Report: 44 percent of defense contracts not competitive.BusinessDave Ahearn
Report: DHS needs revamping, fund shifts.(Department of Homeland Security)BusinessDave Ahearn
Report faults Stryker vehicles as not meeting Army needs.BusinessDave Ahearn
Report is critical of V-22 Osprey.(Project On Government Oversight )BusinessDave Ahearn
Roche defends Raptor, JSF, says decision near on STOVL plane.(Short Take Off and Landing)(James Roche)BusinessDave Ahearn
Rumsfeld resists increasing overall troop strength.BusinessDave Ahearn
Rumsfeld says terrorists might use roadside bombs in United States.(Donald Rumsfeld)BusinessDave Ahearn
Sambur seeks new tankers as 30 old tankers grounded.BusinessDave Ahearn
Sambur warns contractors not to low-ball air force bids.BusinessDave Ahearn
SecNav says weapons budget share shrank.(Gordon England)BusinessDave Ahearn
Senators assail Stryker overweight problems.(Committee on Armed Services)BusinessDave Ahearn
Senior officers see UAVs over-hyped, urge caution in acquisition.BusinessDave Ahearn
Sen. Warner concerned Navy may not build enough ships.BusinessDave Ahearn
Shipbuilders' investment plans hindered by Navy uncertainty.BusinessDave Ahearn
Shipbuilders mount lobbying effort with newly elected lawmakers.(American Shipbuilding Association )BusinessDave Ahearn
Shipbuilding firms to battle overseas competitors in Congress.BusinessDave Ahearn
Ship crew shrinks by 577 sailors on CVN 21, more to be cut.BusinessDave Ahearn
Ship crew swaps work, but may be rough on personnel.BusinessDave Ahearn
Sikorsky Aircraft says Black Hawk deliveries to resume in a week.BusinessDave Ahearn
Sikorsky defenders stress experience, pedigree.BusinessDave Ahearn
Sikorsky defends its Marine One helo against Lockheed skepticism.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Sikorsky says it has Marine One supplier in 41 states.(Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
Sikorsky VH-92 presidential helicopter smooth, quiet.BusinessDave Ahearn
Silorsky rebuts Lockheed on Marine One fight.(Silorsky Aircraft Corp.)(Lockheed Martin)BusinessDave Ahearn
Small contractors gain key advice from military, big firms.BusinessDave Ahearn
South Australia lures defense contractors with incentives.BusinessDave Ahearn
South Australia lures defense contractors with incentives.(shipbuilding output)BusinessDave Ahearn
Submarine industry now presses to build two subs a year.(submarine construction)BusinessDave Ahearn
Tenet: terrorists planning 'spectacular' attack on United States.BusinessDave Ahearn
Thales, Boeing, QinetiQ team on UAV for MOD.(unmanned aerial vehicle)(U.K. Ministry of Defence)BusinessDave Ahearn
Tight times force navy to cut money for ships.BusinessDave Ahearn
To fund ships, a fighter aircraft must go: Weldon.BusinessDave Ahearn
TSA acquisition suffers multiple flaws, GAO says.(General Accounting Office and Transportation Security Administration)BusinessDave Ahearn
Two-step move aims to boost JSF engine power, Young says.BusinessDave Ahearn
U.K., U.S. defense weapons programs may be cut or killed.BusinessDave Ahearn
Uncertainty on ships hampers contractors and Congress.BusinessDave Ahearn
United Technologies sees upbeat financial outlook.(United Technologies Corp.)BusinessDave Ahearn
US needs expensive upgrade to biometric border ID system.(identification systems )BusinessDave Ahearn
U.S. working on new nuclear bomb, faster nukes testing ability.BusinessDave Ahearn
V-22 Osprey glitch fixed, critics unconvinced.BusinessDave Ahearn
V-22 Osprey pilots to receive cross-training in planes, helicopters.BusinessDave Ahearn
V-22 Osprey surpasses 2,000 flight test hours.BusinessDave Ahearn
Warren Buffet avoids defense industry stocks.BusinessDave Ahearn
Weldon says Navy funding for four ships 'unacceptable'.BusinessDave Ahearn
Whether Bush or Kerrry wins, defense programs face cuts.(George W. Bush and John F. Kerry)BusinessDave Ahearn
Why $71.8 billion F/A-22 raptor aircraft isn't needed: Analyst.BusinessDave Ahearn
Wolfowitz asked if tanker lease should continue.BusinessDave Ahearn
Wolfowitz says aerial tanker deal must be rebid .BusinessDave Ahearn
Wolfowitz seeks technology for bio-defense systems.BusinessDave Ahearn
Wolfowitz warns war on terrorism may last longer than Cold War.BusinessDave Ahearn
Wynne warns contractors to curb UAV costs.(Michael Wynne)(unmanned aerial vehicles)BusinessDave Ahearn
Wynne weighs overlaps of F/A-18, JSF carrier versions.BusinessDave Ahearn
Young seeks ways to buy fewer ships, boats, and aircraft.BusinessDave Ahearn
Young sees possible link between Marine One, Air Force choppers.BusinessDave Ahearn
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