Jane's Airport Review 2001 - Abstracts

Jane's Airport Review 2001
Adopting a green approach: environmental issues form an integral part of runway construction.Business, international 
AENA criticises AEA punctuality report.Business, internationalDavid Ing
A European player.(Petr Materna, director general of the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANSCR))Business, international 
Airlines win UK prize.Business, international 
Airports are a low-risk investment.(report by Credit Suisse First Boston)Business, international 
Alenia reports strong order book.Business, international 
Amsterdam opens Pantares box.Business, international 
Amsterdam Schiphol profit boost.Business, international 
Anti-icing practice remains fluid.(Different practices in Europe and the US question hold over times.)Business, internationalJohn Barker
Australian sale.Business, international 
BAA-led group buys TBI's Australian stakes.Business, international 
BAA removed as US airport manager.Business, international 
BAE bags Extreme line.Business, international 
Barcelona plans new centre.Business, international 
Belgrade bounces back.Business, internationalTim Ripley
Bradshaw bag delivery for Stansted.Business, international 
Brazil plans investment.Business, international 
Bridging the gap for Copenhagen.(Copenhagen Airport)Business, international 
Building bridges in the Far East.Business, international 
Burning up-simulation steps on the gas.Business, international 
Canada installs news system.Business, international 
Capacity rise at Madrid.Business, international 
Capacity takes off: Frankfurt looks at its options for expansion.Business, international 
Caracas to double capacity.Business, internationalManfred Momberger
Change at New York.Business, international 
Chicago unveils massive O'Hare makeover.Business, international 
Chinese contract for high-speed Maglev rail link.Business, internationalKeith Richards
Choosing the STARS of the future.Business, international 
Clean service.Business, international 
Commercial datalink.Business, international 
Competitors join forces in e-business ventures.Business, international 
Control services.Business, international 
Daggers drawn up north.Business, international 
Digital choice in Jamaica.Business, international 
Digital links help India.Business, international 
Display success.Business, international 
Domodedovo inaugurates new terminal.Business, international 
Duty-free fall arrested.(Airports are recovering from the loss of duty-free)Business, international 
East Midlands gets boost from DHL.Business, international 
Easy shopping.Business, international 
Efficient fuel delivery.Business, international 
Egnos plans shape up.Business, international 
EU blueprint.Business, international 
EU Commissioner calls for inter-modal co-ordination to cut congestion.Business, international 
European airports break all records.Business, international 
European scene.Business, international 
Europe sanctions $3b satellite system.Business, international 
Europe's Single Sky beckons.Business, internationalAlan Osborn
Explosive sales.Business, international 
FAA's cup runneth over.(Brief Article)Business, international 
Ferranti deal completed.Business, international 
Finance for the future: the private sector is becoming an integral part of expansion plans.Business, international 
Finding new funds: private investment is behind the region's infrastructure development.Business, international 
Firm foundations from Eagle.Business, international 
France slow but sure.(Brief Article)Business, international 
Frankfurt leads Peru privatisation.Business, international 
German cash control.Business, internationalR. Sowter
Germany looks eastward.(Brief Article)Business, internationalBrian Walters
Getting a head start.Business, international 
Growing weather network.Business, international 
Guangzhou IPO is imminent.Business, international 
Heimann meets demand.Business, international 
High frequency polar route.Business, international 
Hot training skills at Bristol International.Business, international 
Hubs win back traffic.(Brief Article)Business, international 
IATA forecasts new sunrise.Business, international 
Intelligent airport design.Business, international 
International hopes: Kazan's new centre is part of a wider bid for international recognition.Business, international 
International investors acquire Bristol.Business, international 
Investment appeal.Business, international 
Jaipur in the pink.Business, international 
Jamaica nears privatisation.Business, international 
Keeping a low profile.Business, international 
Keeping track of ramp equipment.Business, international 
Korean Architects Collaborative International.Business, international 
Kuwait International to benefit from IT upgrade.Business, international 
Langa in the limelight.Business, international 
LAP signs contract for Jorge Chavez.Business, international 
Larger airports' market share grows.(Brief Article)Business, international 
Late check-in on trial.Business, international 
Lighting up the runway.Business, international 
Lockheed tests radar market.Business, international 
London sustains growth: Gatwick claims a ground-breaking sustainable development strategy.Business, international 
Low maintenance.Business, international 
Making tracks.Business, international 
Malaysia chases customers and financial help.Business, international 
Manchester buys to expand.Business, international 
Melbourne bridges the gap.Business, international 
Mobile airfield lighting.Business, international 
Mode S wins site aceptance.Business, international 
More controllers needed.Business, international 
More passengers by Europe's airlines.Business, international 
More pulling power.Business, international 
More records at San Francisco.Business, international 
Moving south.Business, international 
Multiple seating.Business, international 
Munich consolidates its hub status.Business, international 
New baggage handling in Toronto.Business, international 
New displays win favour.Business, internationalNathan Day
New environmental guidance manual.Business, internationalSally Gethin
New Goa airport is a priority.Business, international 
New handling alliance.Business, international 
New heights for ground sensors.Business, international 
New high-volume ticket printer.Business, international 
New name for PSDI.Business, international 
New tug under test.Business, international 
Nigeria to privatise airports.Business, international 
Northrop buys Litton Denro.Business, international 
OGS now in Menzies table.Business, international 
Online x-ray system.Business, international 
On the rails.(Heathrow Express and Gatwick Express' Airport Express)(Rail access is the key to Europe's future airport development)Business, international 
Optimism in future freight market.Business, international 
Ownership change.Business, international 
Paul Green.Business, international 
Pemacart.Business, international 
PFC to pay for Antigua growth.Business, international 
Port Authority agrees record budget.Business, international 
Powerful simulation.Business, international 
Prince open Bilbao terminal.Business, internationalDavid Ing
Push-back options increase.Business, international 
Rail competition in the south.(Brief Article)Business, international 
Remote management tools from Brazil.Business, international 
RFID speeds boarding at Zurich.Business, international 
Runway safety back on track.Business, international 
Russia halts traffic slide.(Modest growth puts Russian aviation on the road to recovery)(State Service of Civil Aviation )Business, internationalPaul Duffy
Safe cargo transfer.Business, international 
Samoan airport study gets World Bank funding.Business, international 
Schiphol picks co-ordinators for IPO.Business, international 
Securicor targets world market.Business, international 
Self service in Korea.Business, international 
Shorter flight times to Asia.Business, international 
Shortlist for Newcastle partnership.Business, international 
Single Sky provokes swift response.Business, international 
Sita reports positive start to 2001.Business, international 
Situational awareness.Business, international 
Situation display.Business, international 
SmartAirport finds a new home on the net.Business, international 
Smart lighting project.Business, international 
Smart solution for San Francisco.Business, international 
Soft management tools.Business, international 
Spain lights up.Business, international 
Spanish site for Andorra airport.Business, international 
Special delivery to China.Business, international 
Staying on the vapour trail.Business, international 
Striking at an increasing rate.(Keeping birds off airports is an expensive business.)Business, international 
Strong growth at Spanish airports.Business, international 
Sustained passenger growth in 2000.Business, international 
Taiwan cargo.Business, international 
Taiwan rebuilds.Business, international 
Taking a military approach to training.Business, international 
Tallinn plans for threefold traffic rise.Business, internationalErneveer, Mart; Mardo, Tinu
Telescopic first for Asia.Business, international 
Temperature control.Business, international 
Terma expands global business.Business, international 
Testing times for South Korea.Business, international 
Thales spreads its wings.Business, international 
Three new airports for France.Business, internationalOlivier Constant
Tools to cut ramp costs.Business, international 
Travel without tickers.Business, international 
Tribasa bails out of ASUR.Business, international 
True identity.Business, international 
Turning on the spot.Business, international 
UK airports move into the lounge territory.Business, internationalSally Gethin
VDL MOde 2 is operational in the USA.Business, international 
Vehicle protection.Business, international 
Very affordable avionics.(Brief Article)Business, internationalWes Carleton
Voice communication integrates radio and phone.Business, international 
WAAS still in demand.(Brief Article)Business, internationalWes Carleton
Wider security.Business, international 
Wire free terminals.Business, international 
Wireless ramp improves productivity.Business, international 
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