Health Marketing Quarterly - Abstracts

Health Marketing Quarterly
A comparison of hospice gatekeepers: do they have the necessary information to refer?Health care industryBebko, Charlene Pleger
A gap analysis of HMO service quality.(health maintenance organization)Health care industryFerguson, Jeffery M., Higgins, Lexis F.
A gap analysis of HMO service quality.(health maintenance organization)Health care industryHiggins, Lexis F., Ferguson, Jeffrey M.
A gift for Mom: an ob/gyn public relations project - a case study.Health care industryRitchey, David
A hybrid approach for managing a medical record facility information system.Health care industryBarr, Peter B., Dave, Dinesh S., May, Douglas B.
A multivariate analysis of long-term care nursing services.Health care industrySegal, Madhav N.
An applied master's degree curriculum for health services administrators in the 1990's.Health care industryBates, George E., Jr., Walston, Sydney C.
A perspective for understanding moral commitment: the physician's case.Health care industryBonnici, Joseph L.
Applying mail response enhancement techniques to health care surveys: a cost-benefit approach.Health care industryFinlay, Jim, Thistlethwaite, Paul C.
A proposed health model: a step before model confirmation.Health care industryGauff, Joseph F., Jr.
Assessing the feasibility of risk contracted HMOs for the elderly: applying the marketing concept. (health maintenance organizations) (Marketing Applications to Select Health Services)Health care industryBingham, Frank G., Jr., Quigley, Charles J., Jr., Checko, Mary Beth
Assessing the quality of health care: a consumerist approach.Health care industrySoliman, Ahmed A.
A strategic approach to service quality: a field study in a rural health care setting.Health care industryYasin, Mahmoud M., Green, Ronald F.
A Ten Year Update on the Marketing Life Cycle for Hospital Information Technologies.Health care industrySobol, Marion G., Woods, Jason A.
Benefit segmentation of the fitness market.Health care industryBrown, Joseph D.
Booming business, minimal marketing: the child care industry. (Marketing Applications to Select Health Services) (Industry Overview)Health care industryBarnes, Nora Ganim, Adamczyk, Damiane
Children's immunizations: the gap between parents and providers.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryDarden, Paul M., Mack, Rhonda W.
Cigarettes and health: historical controversies and constraints. (part 1)Health care industryLesch, William C., Middendorf-Brand, Michelle
Cigarettes and health: historical controversies and constraints. (part 2)Health care industryLesch, William C., Middendorf-Brand, Michelle
Congregate care facility selection: a conjoint approach.Health care industryYavas, Ugur, Shemwell, Donald J.
Containing health care costs: the effects of an infant wellness program.Health care industryElliott, Clifford, Varon, Todd
Current trends and challenges in marketing an executive candidate.Health care industryZajas, Jay, Cates, Harold R.
Dimensions of Patient Empowerment: Implications for Professional Services Marketing.Health care industryOuschan, Robyn, Sweeney, Jillian C., Johnson, Lester W.
Employee wellness program marketing: an organizational theory perspective.Health care industryCampbell, David P.
Enhancing operational efficiency in a health care organization.Health care industryAlavi, Jafar, Yasin, Mahmoud M., Yavas, Ugur
Factors Influencing Employee Health Plan Choice in the Corporate Setting.Health care industryRisker, D. Christopher
Geographic aggregation of health data: a comparison of alternatives for 1990 and beyond. (Generic Marketing Tools and Concepts)Health care industryHumphrey, Alan B., Lewis, Robert F.
Have health care professionals adopted the marketing concept?Health care industryHampton, Gerald M.
History and process of the Medicare reimbursement programs.Health care industryRayburn, J. Michael
HMO versus private care medical systems: a study to determine the aging consumers' satisfaction with medical care under these two systems. (Health Maintenance Organization)Health care industryLeventhal, Richard C.
How consumers evaluate health care quality: part I.Health care industryMoore, Stephen T., Bopp, Kenneth D.
Key steps in the strategic analysis of a dental practice.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryBoardman, Anthony E., Vining, Aidan R., Armstrong, James L.
Managed care positives and negatives for health care marketing.Health care industryCooper, Philip D.
Managed care: the danger of replacing the doctor-patient relationship with contractual obligations.Health care industryWeinberg, David L., Goldman, Robert L.
Market Factors That Influence Medicare Recipients' Choice of Health Plan.Health care industryScherban, Dwight M., Nightingale, Charles H.
Marketing guidelines for providers of mental health and chemical dependency services - responding to changes in the packaging and purchase of behavioral health benefits. (Marketing Applications to Select Health Services)Health care industryOss, Monica E.
Marketing mental health: a case study of the INTERACT mental health newsletter.Health care industryRappoport, Paul S.
Marketing quality in nursing facilities.Health care industryChaiken, Michael A.
Market signaling for physicians.Health care industryHerbig, Paul, Milewicz, John
Maximizing satisfaction and managing dissatisfaction in mental health and human services: a model for administrative practice.Health care industryMoore, Stephen T.
Message content of alcohol moderation TV commercials: impact of corporate versus nonprofit sponsorship.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryLavack, Anne M.
Message Framing and Credibility: Application in Dental Services.Health care industryArora, Raj
Nursing home selection: replication, decision recency and strategic implications.Health care industryVan Auken, Stuart
Perceptions of the community on the pricing of community mental health services.Health care industryOgden, J.R., Ogden, Denise T.
Perceptions of young adults as to the future of health care in the 21st Century.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryTootelian, Dennis H., Gaedeke, Ralph M.
Physician employment experiences in health maintenance organizations: analysis of an urban HMO.Health care industryMcBride, William, Rearick, David
Promotional Model: A New Direction for the National Programme on Immunization (NPI) and Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) in Nigeria.Health care industryEkerete, P.P.
Retail health marketing: evaluating consumers' choice for healthier foods.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryNayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.
Stop the hospital: I want to get off.Health care industryFreed, David, H.
Strategic marketing for charitable organizations.Health care industryBarnes, Nora Ganim, Fitzgibbons, Debra A.
Tackling no-show behavior: a market-driven approach.Health care industryJavalgi, Rajshekhar G., Garuda, Sanjay R., Talluri, Vijay S.
The components of satisfaction with outpatient pharmacy services.Health care industryLang, James R., Fullerton, Sam D.
The effect of consumer perceptions on generic OTC usage among the elderly. (over-the-counter drugs)Health care industryPelton, Lou E., Lumpkin, James R., Strutton, H. David
The influence of older consumers' information search activities on their use of health care innovations.Health care industryPelton, Lou E., Strutton, H. David
The instrumental role of product information: a study of warning labels for non-prescription drugs.Health care industryFerguson, Jeffery M., Discenza, Richard
The potential for marketing in the clinical services area.Health care industrySanchez, Peter M.
The Potential Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on American Dental Licensure: A European Community Model.Health care industryPaul, David P. III
The Potential of Hospital Website Marketing.Health care industrySanchez, Peter M.
The role of healthcare marketing: in the aftermath of the anti-referral movement.Health care industryTrombetta, William, Woodard-Burke, Nancy
The use of marketing strategy by pharmacists.Health care industryFranzak, Frank J.
Understanding the Effects of Nurses, Patients' Hospital rooms, and Patients' Perception of Control on the Perceived Quality of a Hospital.Health care industryGotlieb, Jerry B.
Why are older patients and less educated patients less satisfied with health care quality?Health care industryJohn, Joby
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