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Human Organization
Advancing Applied Anthropology: Victims of Globalization: Is Economics the Instrument Needed to Provide Them a Share of the Wealth?Social sciencesHackenberg, Robert A.
Anthropologists, development, and situated truth.Social sciencesAutumn, Suzanne
Are artesanal cooperatives in Guatemala unraveling?Social sciencesOlson, Jan M.
A role for anthropology in sustainable development in Costa Rica.(2000 Malinowski Award Lecture)Social sciencesBozzoli, Maria Eugenia
Asylum, violence, and the limits of advocacy.Social sciencesMahmood, Cynthia Keppley
Benevolent altruism or ordinary reciprocity? A response to Austin's view of the Mindanao hinterland. (response to article by Timothy Austin, Human Organization, vol. 54, no. 1, pp. 10-19)(includes response and rejoinder)Social sciencesParedes, Oona, Nadeau, Kathy, Suminguit, Vel J.
British anthropology in policy and practice: a review of current work.Social sciencesWright, Susan, Shore, Cris
Can conservation and development be coupled among pastoral people? An examination of the Maasai of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.Social sciencesMcCabe, J. Terrence, Perkin, Scott, Schofield, Claire
Catch the tiger by the tail: some notes on method.(scientific research)Social sciencesBontoyan, Erla, Flora, Gabriela, Nazarea, Virginia D., Rhoades, Robert E.
Clashes of common sense: on the previous child care experience of teenage mothers-to-be.Social sciencesGeronimus, Arline T.
Commentary. (cultural anthropology program of the National Science Foundation)Social sciencesMastriani, Margaret, Plattner, Stuart
Commentary on "Cultural conservation of medicinal plant use in the Ozarks."(response to article by Justin Nolan and Michael Robbins, Human Organization, vol. 58, p. 67, 1999)Social sciencesJones, Timothy W.
Comment on "Defining Indicators Which Make Sense to Local People: Intra-Cultural Variation in Perceptions of Natural Resources" (Virginia Nazarea et al., Human Organization 57:159-170).Social sciencesBarsh, Russel Lawrence, Marlor, Chantelle, Duhaylungsod, Levita A.
Community formation in frontier Mexico: accepting and rejecting new migrants.Social sciencesHaenn, Nora
Creating a global community of practicing anthropologists.(Commentaries)Social sciencesBaba, Marietta L.
Cultural conservation of medicinal plant use in the Ozarks.Social sciencesNolan, Justin M., Robbins, Michael C.
Defining culturally relevant indicators: what are we waiting for?(response to Chantelle Marlor et al., in this issue, p.216)Social sciencesNazarea, Virginia, Rhoades, Robert, Bontoyan, Erla, Flora, Gabriela
Effects on academic culture of shifts from oral to written traditions: the case of university accreditation.Social sciencesWiedman, Dennis
Ethical issues for North American anthropologists conducting research in Mexico: the national dimension. (response to article by Robert V. Kemper and Anya P. Royce in Human Organization, vol. 56, no. 4, p. 479, 1997)(Commentaries)Social sciencesPi-Sunyer, Oriol
Ethical issues for social anthropologists: a North American perspective on long-term research in Mexico.Social sciencesKemper, Robert V., Royce, Anya P.
Ethical standards for medical anthropologists consulting in ethnomedicine.Social sciencesAnderson, Robert (American businessman and engineer)
Ethnic identification and nationalist movements.Social sciencesNagi, Saad Z.
Ethnobotany and ethnicity in the Ozarks: a reply to Jones.(Timothy W. Jones, in this issue, p. 136)Social sciencesNolan, Justin M., Robbins, Michael C.
Ethnocentric about ethnoscience: further comments on Nazarea et al.(Virginia D. Nazarea)Social sciencesBarsh, Russel Lawrence, Marlor, Chantelle, Duhaylungsod, Levita A.
Evaluating the response of Swazi traditional leaders to development workshops.Social sciencesGreen, Edward C.
Finding a footing on the moral high ground: connections, interventions, and ethical implications. (response to article by authors Oriol Pi-Sunyer and Joel Halpern in this issue)Social sciencesKemper, Robert V., Royce, Anya P.
Fuelwood consumption and deforestation in the Philippines: a rejoinder. (response to an article by Terrence G. Bensel and David M. Kummer, in this issue, p. 498)Social sciencesWallace, Ben J.
Fuelwood consumption and deforestation in the Philippines. (response to Ben J. Wallace, Human Organization, v. 54, p. 182, 1995)Social sciencesBensel, Terrence G., Kummer, David M.
Globalization and anthropology: expanding the options.Social sciencesCleveland, David A.
Globalization: touchstone policy concepts or sucked orange?(Advancing Applied Anthropology)Social sciencesHackenberg, Robert A.
Human Health and Environmental Impacts from Pfiesteria: A Science-Based Rebuttal to Griffith (1999).(response to David Griffith, Human Organization, vol. 58, p. 119, 1999)Social sciencesRublee, Parke A., Mallin, Michael A., Lewitus, Alan J., Shumway, Sandra E.
Hunger and food security among older adults in a rural community.Social sciencesQuandt, Sara A., Rao, Pamela
Immigrants, migration, and worker turnover at the Hog Pride Pork packing plant.Social sciencesGrey, Mark A.
Informed consent and ethical exemptions. (includes replies)Social sciencesHerrera, C.D., Wax, Murray L., Fluehr-Lobban, Carolyn
Joe Hill in cyberspace: steps toward creating "one big union."(Advancing Applied Anthropology)Social sciencesHackenberg, Robert A.
Love thy neighbor: sociability and instrumentality among Israeli neighbors.Social sciencesBirenbaum-Carmeli, Daphna
Medical anthropology and the redefining of human nature. (Anthropologist M. Margaret Clark's speech at the Society of Applied Anthropology's 52nd annual meeting in Memphis, Tennessee) (Malinowski Award Lecture) (Transcript)Social sciencesClark, M. Margaret
Methodological and management issues in applied interdisciplinary AIDS research in developing countries.Social sciencesStreefland, Pieter H.
Mississippi shrimpers' unions again: facts, figures, and misrepresentations. (response to Stephen J. Thomas, G. David Johnson and Catherine A. Riordan in Human Organization, vol. 54, p. 143, 1995)Social sciencesDurrenberger, E. Paul
Multiculturalism and political correctness: the challenge of applied anthropology in curricular politics. (Commentary)Social sciencesGreenbaum, Susan D.
Navajo uranium workers and the effects of occupational illnesses: a case study.Social sciencesDawson, Susan E.
Of loans and results: elements for a chronicle of evaluation at the World Bank.(Commentaries)Social sciencesBare, Jean-Francois
Placing risk in context.(response to articles in this issue by JoAnn M. Burkholder and Howard B. Glasgow, Jr., p. 443; Alan J. Lewitus et al., p. 455; and David Oldach, p. 459)Social sciencesGriffith, David
Power, rhetoric, and partnership: primary health care and pie in the sky.Social sciencesSmith, Ann, Durrenberger, E. Paul, Thompson, Delamie, Hallom, Terry
Preventing AIDS in communities of color: anthropology and social prevention.Social sciencesSinger, Merrill, Weeks, Margaret R.
Professional responsibility to the communities in which they work and live.Social sciencesCox, Harold
Rapid assessment procedures: a review and critique. (response to James Beebe, vol. 54, p. 42)Social sciencesJerome, Norge W., Fawcett, Stephen B., Harris, Kari Jo
Regarding Pfiesteria.(response to David Griffith, Human Organization, vol. 58, p. 119, 1999)Social sciencesOldach, David
Response to "Ethical Issues for Social Anthropologists: A North American Perspective on Long-Term Research in Mexico." (response to article by Robert V. Kemper and Anya P. Royce in Human Organization, vol. 56, no. 4, p. 479, 1997)Social sciencesHalpern, Joel M.
Revealing, widening, deepening? A review of the existing and potential contribution of anthropological approaches to "third-sector" research.Social sciencesLewis, David
Science Ethics and its Role in Early Suppression of the Pfiesteria Issue.(response to David Griffith, Human Organization, vol. 58, p. 119, 1999)Social sciencesGlasgow, Howard B., Jr., Burkholder, Joann M.
Sikeston: an ethnographic study of a town and its youth. (Sikeston, Missouri) (Peter K. New Award)Social sciencesHessler, Peter
Social factors and selective technology adoption: the case of integrated pest management.Social sciencesRidgley, Anne-Marie, Brush, Stephen B.
Sol tax and tribal sovereignty.Social sciencesLurie, Nancy Oestreich
Strategies and game plans.(means of advancing applied anthropology)Social sciencesHackenberg, Robert A.
The ethnographer vs. the folk expert: pitfalls of contract ethnography. (Commentary)Social sciencesBell, Cool Papa, Jankowiak, William R.
The influences of government policies and academic theories on the practice of applied anthropology in the United States: some personal observations.Social sciencesParedes, J. Anthony
The terminological shift from "Afro-American" to "African-American": is the field of Afro-American anthropology being redefined? (Commentary)Social sciencesHouk, James
The untouchables of Svinia.(Slovakia)Social sciencesScheffel, David Z.
The veiled crew: an exploratory study of wives' reported and desired contributions to coastal fisheries enterprises in Northern Norway and Nova Scotia.Social sciencesDavis, Anthony, Thiessen,Victor, Jentoft, Svein
Translating legal rights into management practice: overcoming barriers to the exercise of co-management.Social sciencesPinkerton, Evelyn W.
You can do something! Forming policy from applied projects, then and now.(Malinowski Award Lecture)Social sciencesHackenberg, Robert A., Hackenberg, Beverly H.
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