Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1997
Accounting for choice set endogeneity in random utility models of recreation demand.Environmental services industryHaab, Timothy C., Hicks, Robert L.
Adjusting to climate change: implications of increased variability and asymmetric adjustment costs for investment in water reserves.Environmental services industryFisher, Anthony C., Rubio, Santiago J.
A model of regulated open access resource use.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryWilen, James E., Homans, Frances R.
A note on environmental federalism: interpreting some contradictory results.Environmental services industryLevinson, Arik
A structural equations approach to modeling consumptive recreation demand.Environmental services industryEnglin, Jeffrey, Shaw, W. Douglas, Lambert, David
Carbon taxes with exemptions in an open economy: a general equilibrium analysis of the German tax initiative.Environmental services industryRutherford, Thomas F., Bohringer, Christoph
Conservative versus mean risk assessments: implications for superfund policies.Environmental services industryViscusi, W. Kip, Hamilton, James T., Dockins, P. Christen
Decentralized and efficient control of transboundary pollution in federal systems.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industrySilva, Emilson C.D.
Designing forest taxes with varying government preferences and budget targets.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryAmacher, Gregory S., Brazee, Richard J.
Distribution of potential gains from international environmental agreements: the case of the greenhouse effect.Environmental services industryEscapa, Marta, Gutierrez, Maria Jose
Does altruism undermine existence value?(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryMcConnell, K.E.
Emissions charge and asymmetric information: consistently a problem?Environmental services industryBulckaen, Fabrizio
Emissions trading with shares and coupons when control over discharges is uncertain.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryMestelman, Stuart, Godby, Robert W., Muller, R. Andrew, Welland, J. Douglas
Environmental auditing in management systems and public policy.Environmental services industryGabel, H. Landis, Sinclair-Desgagne, Bernard
Environmental cleanliness as a public good: welfare and policy implications of nonconvex preferences.Environmental services industryFrancois, Patrick, Anderson, Siwan
Environmental conflicts and the SLAPP. (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)Environmental services industryShogren, Jason F., Hurrley, Terrance M.
EPA effectiveness at reducing the duration of plant-level noncompliance. (Environmental Protection Agency)Environmental services industryNadeau, Louis W.
Estimating stated preferences with rated-pair data: environmental, health, and employment effects of energy programs.Environmental services industryJohnson, F. Reed, Desvousges, William H.
Estimating the social value of geologic map information: a regulatory application.Environmental services industryBrookshire, David S., McKee, Michael, Bernknopf, Richard L., Soller, David R.
Estimation of wastewater treatment objectives through maximum entropy.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryFernandez, Linda
Evaluating the performance of benefit transfer: an empirical inquiry.Environmental services industryKirchoff, Stefanie, Colby, Bonnie G., LaFrance, Jeffrey T.
Exhaustible resource allocation in an overlapping generations economy.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryOlson, Lars J., Knapp, Keith C.
Fishing as a supergame.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryHannesson, Rognvaldur
Fuel economy and motor vehicle emissions.Environmental services industryHarrington, Winston
Hypothetical question modes and real willingness to pay.Environmental services industryFrykblom, Peter
Information as regulation: the effect of community right to know laws on toxic emissions.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryCohen, Mark A., Konar, Shameek
Mitigating tragedy of the commons through cooperation: an experimental evaluation.Environmental services industryMason, Charles F., Phillips, Owen R.
Modeling ecological constraints on tropical forest management: comment. (to highlight the complexity of subject and prove the functionality of procedure discussed by H.J. Albers)Environmental services industryBarrett, Christopher B., Batabyal, Amitrajeet A.
Nash implementation of a proportional solution to international pollution control problems.Environmental services industryEyckmans, Johan
Negotiating an agreement on global warming: a theoretical analysis.Environmental services industryChen, Zhiqi
On optimal capacity expansion for domestic processing of an exhaustible, natural resource.Environmental services industryKumar, Ramesh C.
On the welfare significance of green accounting as taught by parable. (Green NNP)Environmental services industryLofgren, Karl-Gustaf, Weitzman, Martin
Optimal procurement contracts for electricity generation.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryBlair, Benjamin F.
Perceptions versus objective measures of environmental quality in combined revealed and stated preference models of environmental valuation.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryWilliams, Michael (British actor), Swait, Joffre, Adamowicz, Wiktor, Louviere, Jordan, Boxall, Peter
Public technological aid to support compliance to environmental standards.Environmental services industryStranlund, John K.
Referendum models and negative willingness to pay: alternative solutions.Environmental services industryHaab, Timothy C., McConnell, Kenneth E.
Resource depletion and sustainability in small open economies.Environmental services industryHartwick, John M., Vincent, Jeffrey R., Panayotou, Theodore
Respondent experience and contingent valuation of environmental goods.Environmental services industryCameron, Trudy Ann, Englin, Jeffrey
Semi-nonparametric distribution-free dichotomous choice contingent valuation.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryLoomis, John, Creel, Michael
Small pollution markets: tradable permits versus revelation mechanisms.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryAndersson, Fredrik
Stock pollution, child-bearing externalities, and the social discount rate.Environmental services industryHarford, Jon D.
Sulfur dioxide compliance of a regulated utility.Environmental services industryFullerton, Don, Caulkins, Jonathan P., McDermott, Shaun P.
Sustaining open space benefits in the Northeast: an evaluation of the Conservation Reserve Program.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryParks, Peter J., Schorr, James P.
The choice between emission taxes and output taxes under imperfect monitoring.(includes bibliography)Environmental services industryGoulder, Lawrence H., Schmutzler, Armin
The distribution of pollution: community characteristics and exposure to air toxics.Environmental services industrySethi, Rajiv, Brooks, Nancy
The economics of site investigation for groundwater protection: sequential decision making under uncertainty.Environmental services industryForsyth, Margaret
The importance of site-specific information in the design of policies to control pollution.Environmental services industryFleming, R.A., Adams, R.M.
The political economy of pollution taxes in a small open economy.Environmental services industryFredriksson, Per G.
The relationship between the income elasticities of demand and willingness to pay.Environmental services industryCarson, Richard T., Flores, Nicholas E.
The welfare bias from omitting climatic variability in economic studies of global warming.Environmental services industryDalton, Michael G.
Transboundary pollution control in federal systems.Environmental services industryCaplan, Arthur J., Silva, Emilson C.D.
Treatment of 'don't-know' responses in contingent valuation surveys: a random valuation model.Environmental services industryWang, Hua
Trends in natural resource commodity prices: deterministic or stochastic?Environmental services industryAhrens, W. Ashley, Sharma, Vijaya R.
Valuing health effects of air pollution in developing countries: the case of Taiwan.Environmental services industryKrupnick, Alan, Harrington, Winston, Alberini, Anna, Cropper, Maureen, Shaw, Daigee, Jin-Tan Liu, Tsu-Tan Fu
Willingness to pay for quality improvements: should revealed and stated preference data be combined?Environmental services industryWhitehead, John C., Haab, Timothy C., Huang, Ju-Chin
Woodland deforestation by charcoal supply to Dar es Salaam.Environmental services industryHofstad, Ole
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