Journal of Law and Economics - Abstracts

Journal of Law and Economics
An application of core theory to the analysis of ocean shipping markets.LawPirrong, Stephen Craig
An empirical test of the offset hypothesis.(offseting behavior by drivers in the wake of mandatory seat belt laws)(Canada)LawSen, Anindya
Another look at Alcoa: raising rivals' costs does not improve the view.LawLopatka, John E., Godek, Paul E.
Approximate optimality of aboriginal property rights.LawBailey, Martin J.
Are drivers of air-bag-equipped cars more aggressive? A test of the offsetting behavior hypothesis.LawHoffer, George, Millner, Edward, Peterson, Steven
Are fines and prison terms used efficiently? Evidence on federal fraud offenders.LawWaldfogel, Joel
Are vertical restraints pro- or anticompetitive? Lessons from Interstate Circuit.(Interstate Circuit v. United States)LawKleit, Andrew N., Butz, David A.
Automobile air bags in the 1990s: market failure or market efficiency?LawWinston, Clifford, Mannering, Fred
Brand loyalty, entry, and price competition in pharmaceuticals after the 1984 Drug Act.LawGrabowski, Henry G., Vernon, John M.
Compliance with unemployment-insurance job-search regulations.LawBurgess, Paul L.
Confiscation by the ruler: the rise and fall of Jewish lending in the Middle Ages.LawBarzel, Yoram
Consumer reaction to measures of poor quality: evidence from the mutual fund industry.LawIppolito, Richard A.
Contract choice in modern agriculture: cash rent versus cropshare.LawAllen, Douglas, Lueck, Dean
Cooperation in prices and capacities: trade associations in brewing after repeal.(of Prohibition in 1933)LawMcGahan, A.M.
Crime versus justice: is there a trade-off?LawFarmer, Amy, Terrell, Dek
Deregulating property-casualty insurance pricing: the case of workers' compensation.LawBarkume, Anthony J., Ruser, John W.
Designing more efficient markets: lessons from Los Angeles smog control.LawFoster, Vivien, Hahn, Robert W.
Does the right to carry concealed handguns deter countable crimes? Only a count analysis can say.(Guns, Crime, and Safety)(Statistical Data Included)LawPlassmann, Florenz, Tideman, T. Nicolaus
Do some outside directors play a political role?LawAgrawal, Anup, Knoeber, Charles R.
Economics and politics: the case of sugar tariff reform.LawEllison, Sara Fisher, Mullin, Wallace P.
Effects of tort liability and insurance on heavy drinking and drinking and driving.LawSloan, Frank A., Reilly, Bridget A., Schenzler, Christoph
Enforcement costs and the optimal magnitude and probability of fines.LawShavell, Steven, Polinsky, A. Mitchell
Fashion, styling, and the within-season decline in automobile prices.LawGould, Eric, Pashigian, B. Peter, Bowen, Brian
First-mover advantage and the speed of competitive entry, 1887-1986.LawAgarwal, Rajshree, Gort, Michael
Foreclosure of railroad markets: a test of Chicago leverage theory.LawGrimm, Curtis M., Winston, Clifford, Evans, Carol A.
Gradual incorporation of information: pharmaceutical stocks and the evolution of President Clinton's health care reform.LawEllison, Sara Fisher, Mullin, Wallace P.
Guns, crime, and academics: some reflections on the gun control debate.(response to Thomas B. Marvell in this issue, p. 691)(Guns, Crime, and Safety)(Statistical Data Included)LawParker, Jeffrey S.
Identifying the effect of unemployment on crime.LawRaphael, Steven, Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
Land tenure and agricultural productivity on Indian reservations.LawAnderson, Terry L., Lueck, Dean
Law or economics?LawStigler, George J.
Legal fee restrictions, moral hazard, and attorney rents.LawViard, Alan D., Santore, Rudy
Legislative organization of fiscal policy.LawMuris, Timothy J., Crain, W. Mark
Litigation and settlement under the English and American rules: theory and evidence.LawHughes, James W., Snyder, Edward A.
Long-term investing in politicians; or, give early, give often. (political action committees)LawSnyder, James M., Jr.
Market power and cartel formation: theory and an empirical test.LawFilson, Darren, Keen, Edward, Fruits, Eric, Borcherding, Thomas
Nonprofit hospital mergers and the exercise of market power.LawLynk, William J.
Patenting in the shadow of competitors.LawLerner, Josh
Privately produced general deterrence.(response to John R. Lott, Jr. and David B. Mustard, Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 26, p. 1, 1997)(Guns, Crime, and Safety)(Statistical Data Included)LawBenson, Bruce L., Mast, Brent D.
Property rights, genetic resources, and biotechnological change.LawSedjo, Roger A.
Racial, ethnic, and gender disparities in sentencing: evidence from the U.S. federal courts.LawMustard, David B.
Rates of time preference and consumer valuations of automobile safety and fuel efficiency.LawViscusi, W. Kip, Dreyfus, Mark E.
Realized benefits from switching drugs. (to nonprescription status)LawTemin, Peter
Refusing to cooperate with competitors: a theory of boycotts.LawBrennan, Timothy J.
Reversion taxes, contingent benefits, and the decline in pension funding.LawIppolito, Richard A.
Rewards versus intellectual property rights.LawShavell, Steven, van Ypersele, Tanguy
Right-to-carry concealed weapon laws and homicide in large U.S. counties: the effect on weapon types, victim characteristics, and victim-offender relationships.(response to John R. Lott, Jr. and David B. Mustard, Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 26, p. 1, 1997)(Guns, Crime, and Safety)(Statistical Data Included)LawOlson, David E., Maltz, Michael D.
Safe-storage guns laws: accidental deaths, suicides, and crime.(Guns, Crime, and Safety)(Statistical Data Included)LawLott, John R., Jr., Whitley, John E.
Shareholder liability regimes, principal-agent relationships, and banking industry performance.LawEvans, Lewis T., Quigley, Neil C.
Testing for the effects of concealed weapons laws: specification errors and robustness.(response to John R. Lott, Jr. and David B. Mustard, Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 26, p. 1, 1997)(Guns, Crime, and Safety)(Statistical Data Included)LawMoody, Carlisle E.
The choice of organizational form in gasoline retalinling and the cost of laws that limit that choice.LawCarlton, Dennis W., Blass, Asher A.
The effectiveness of the insider-trading sanctions.LawSeyhun, H. Nejat
The effect of wholesale market deregulation on shareholder wealth in the electric power industry.LawD'Souza, Julia, Besanko, David, Thiagarajan, S. Ramu
The impact of banning juvenile gun possession.(Guns, Crime, and Safety)(Statistical Data Included)LawMarvell, Thomas B.
The impact of gun laws on police deaths.LawMustard, David B.
The impact of race on policing and arrests.LawLevitt, Steven D., Donohue, John J., III
The incentive effects of no-fault automobile insurance.LawCummins, J. David, Phillips, Richard D., Weiss, Mary A.
The law and large-block trades. (of common stock)LawBarclay, Michael J., Holderness, Clifford G.
The local reponse to tax limitation measures: do local governments manipulate voters to increase revenues?LawFiglio, David N., O'Sullivan, Arthur
The market for lawyers.LawRosen, Sherwin
The pace of progress at Suprefund sites: policy goals and interest group influence.LawSigman, Hilary
The politics of infrastructure.LawCrain, W. Mark, Oakley, Lisa K.
The role of firm-specific capital in vertical mergers.LawWeiss, Avi
The rule of first possession and the design of the law.LawLueck, Dean
The self-regulation of commodity exchanges: the case of market manipulation.LawPirrong, Stephen Craig
The Voting Rights Act, district elections, and the success of black candidates in municipal elections.LawMehay, Stephen L., Sass, Tim R.
Tilting the table? The use of preliminary injunctions.LawLerner, Josh, Landjouw, Jean O.
Violence, guns, and drugs: a cross-country analysis.(Statistical Data Included)LawMiron, Jeffrey A.
What makes people think like economists? Evidence on economic congnition from the "Survey of Americans and Economists on the Economy".LawCaplan, Bryan
Why are some products branded and others not?LawPng, I.P.L., Reitman, David
Workers' compensation rate regulation: how price controls increase costs.LawHarrington, Scott E., Danzon, Patricia M.
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