Journal of Medical Ethics - Abstracts

Journal of Medical Ethics
Advance directives.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionHope, Tony
Aftercare for participants in clinical research: ethical considerations in an asthma drug trial.Philosophy and religionHarth, S.C., Thong, Y.H.
Aging, research and families.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionHope, Tony
An 'ethics-gap' in writing about bioethics: a quantitative comparison of the medical and the surgical literature.Philosophy and religionPaola, Frederick, Barten, Sharon S.
Are attitudes towards bioethics entering a new era?Philosophy and religionLenoir, Noelle
Artificial hydration and alimentation at the end of life: a reply to Craig.(response to Gillian Craig, Journal of Medical Ethics, vol. 20, p. 139, 1994)Philosophy and religionAshby, Michael, Stoffell, Brian
Assessment of physician-assisted death by members of the public prosecution in the Netherlands.Philosophy and religionMaas, Paul J. van der, Wal, Gerrit van der, Cuperus-Bosma, Jacqueline M., Looman, Caspar W.N.
Becoming none but tradesmen: lies, deception and psychotic patients.Philosophy and religionRyan, Christopher James, Moore, Greg de, Patfield, Martyn
Brain transplantation, personal identity and medical ethics.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
Chinese Confucian culture and the medical ethical tradition.Philosophy and religionGuo Zhaojiang
Clinical ethics committees - pros and cons.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
Commentary 1: the right to refuse treatment. (response to Susan Lowe in this issue, p.154)Philosophy and religionTripp, John H.
Commentary 2: thesis correct: argument unconvincing. (medical futility)(response to Susan Lowe in this issue, p.154)Philosophy and religionDunstan, G.R.
Commentary 3: a response to Lowe. (response to Susan L. Lowe in this issue, p. 154)Philosophy and religionKennedy, Ian
Commerce and medical ethics.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
Conditions required for a law on active voluntary euthanasia: a survey of nurses' opinions in the Australian Capital Territory.Philosophy and religionJorm, Anthony F., Kitchener, Betty
Coping with obligations towards patient and society: an empirical study of attitudes and practice among Norwegian physicians.Philosophy and religionArnesen, Trude, Fredriksen, Stole
Corporate tyranny.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionBlack, Douglas
Covert surveillance by doctors for life-threatening Munchausen's syndrome by proxy.Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
Do case studies mislead about the nature of reality?Philosophy and religionParker, Mike, Pattison, Stephen, Dickenson, Donna, Heller, Tom
Doctors and nurses once more - an alternative to May.(response to T. May, Journal of Medical Ethics, vol. 19, p. 223, 1993)Philosophy and religionNash, Patrick
Doctors should not try to ban boxing - but boxing's own ethics suggests reform.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
Doing harm: living organ donors, clinical research and 'The Tenth Man'.Philosophy and religionElliott, Carl
Do studies of the nature of cases mislead about the reality of cases? A response to Pattison et al.(response to Stephen Pattison, Donna Dickenson, Michael Parker and Tom Heller, this issue)Philosophy and religionHiggs, Roger
Double jeopardy and the use of QALYs in health care allocation.(Quality Adjusted Life-Year)Philosophy and religionSinger, Peter (Judge), McKie, John, Kuhse, Helga, Richardson, Jeff
Double jeopardy and the veil of ignorance - a reply.(response to article by Peter Singer, John McKie, Helga Kuhse and Jeff Richardson, this issue, p. 144)Philosophy and religionHarris, John
End-of-life decisions and the law.Philosophy and religionMcLean, Sheila
Ethics and law for medical students: the core curriculum.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionHope, Tony
Ethics-committee authorization in Germany.(law on clinical trials)Philosophy and religionGraf, Hans-Peter, Cole, Dennis
Ethics without abstraction: squaring the circle.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionCallahan, Daniel
Eugenics, contraception, abortion and ethics.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
Evidence based medicine and ethics.Philosophy and religionHope, Tony
Guidelines for the multi-agency management of patients suspected or at risk of suffering from life-threatening abuse resulting in cyanotic-apnoeic episodes.(Symposium on Covert Video Surveillance)Philosophy and religionSamuels, Martin P., Southall, David P.
How physician executives and clinicians perceive ethical issues in Saudi Arabian hospitals.Philosophy and religionSaeed, Khalid Saad Bin
Human gene therapy and slippery slope arguments.Philosophy and religionMcGleenan, Tony
Imagination, literature, medical ethics and medical practice.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
Imperialism, research ethics and global health. (response to M. Angell, New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 337, p. 847, 1997)Philosophy and religionBenatar, Solomon R.
Join the club: a modest proposal to increase availability of donor organs.Philosophy and religionJarvis, Rupert
Markets and ethics.Philosophy and religionMelia, Kath M.
Medical and scientific uses of human tissue.Philosophy and religionO'Neill, Onora
Medical ethics, teaching and the new genetics.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionWilliamson, Bob
Medicalised erections on demand?(use of Viagra to treat impotence)(Editorial)Philosophy and religionBlack, Douglas
Medical research needs lay involvement.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionHope, Tony
Medical research needs lay involvement.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionHope, Tony
Metaphysics and medical ethics.(response to Frank J. Leavitt, Journal of Medical Ethics vol. 18, p. 206, 1992)Philosophy and religionParkin, Chris
Need - is a consensus possible? (allocating medical care)(Editorial)Philosophy and religionCulyer, Anthony
Not just autonomy - the principles of American biomedical ethics. (critique of Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress' 'Principles of Biomedical Ethics')Philosophy and religionHolm, Soren
On giving preference to prior volunteers when allocating organs for transplantation. (comment on article by Rupert Jarvis in this issue, p. 199)(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Raanan
On withholding nutrition and hydration in the terminally ill: has palliative medicine gone too far? A reply.(response to Gillian Craig, Journal of Medical Ethics, vol. 20, p. 139, 1994)Philosophy and religionEllershaw, J.E., Saunders, C.M., Dunlop, R.J., Baines, M.J., Sykes, N.
Paid organ donation - the Grey Basket concept.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionDaar, A.S.
Palliative care - a euthanasia-free zone?Philosophy and religionFarsides, Bobbie
Persistent vegetative state, withdrawal of artificial nutrition and hydration, and the patient's "best interests." (response to article by Andrea Fenwick in this issue, p. 86)(Editorial)Philosophy and religionGillon, Rannan
Procuring gametes for research and therapy.Philosophy and religionEvans, Donald
Prolonging life and allowing death: infants.Philosophy and religionCampbell, A.G.M., McHaffie, H.E.
Rationality and the refusal of medical treatment: a critique of the recent approach of the English courts.Philosophy and religionStauch, Marc
Rational non-interventional paternalism: why doctors ought to make judgments of what is best for their patients.Philosophy and religionSavulescu, Julian
Relationships between various attitudes towards self-determination in health care with special reference to an advance directive.Philosophy and religionEisemann, Martin, Richter, Jorg
Reply to Dr Evans re covert video surveillance. (response to article by Donald Evan in this issue, p. 29)Philosophy and religionSamuels, Martin P., Southall, David P.
Research on the human genome and patentability - the ethical consequences.Philosophy and religionPompidou, Alain
Responsibility to or for in the physician-patient relationship?Philosophy and religionMcMillan, Richard C.
Selecting subjects for participation in clinical research: one sphere of justice.Philosophy and religionWeijer, Charles
Slippery slopes in flat countries - a response.(response to Henk Jochemsen and John Keown, this issue)(Dutch approach to euthanasia)Philosophy and religionDelden, Johannes J.M. van
Smokers, virgins, equity and health care costs.(Julian Le Grand on the responsibility of smokers)Philosophy and religionMcLachlan, Hugh V.
Some ethical issues surrounding covert video surveillance - a response.(to D. Evans, Journal of Medical Ethics, vol. 21, p. 9, 1995)Philosophy and religionSamuels, Martin P., Southall, David P.
Straw men with broken legs: a response to Per Sundstrom.(from the Journal of Medical Ethics, vol. 21, p. 35, 1995)Philosophy and religionSinger, Peter (Judge)
Tackling the drug problem - what can doctors do?(Editorial)Philosophy and religionRobson, Philip
Teaching clinical ethics as a professional skill: bridging the gap between knowledge about ethics and its use in clinical practice.Philosophy and religionMyser, Catherine, Kerridge, Ian H., Mitchell, Kenneth R.
Teaching ethics in psychiatry: a one-day workshop for clinical students.Philosophy and religionMiller, Paul D., Green, Ben, Routh, Christina P.
Teaching ethics to medical students.Philosophy and religionWeatherall, D.J.
Teaching medical ethics and law within medical education: a model for the UK core curriculum.Philosophy and religion 
The annual reports of Local Research Ethics Committees.(United Kingdom)Philosophy and religionMarshall, Tim, Foster, Claire Gilbert, Moodie, Peter
The basis and limits of physician authority: a reply to critics.(response to articles by Louise de Raeve and Patrick Nash, Journal of Medical Ethics, vol. 19, p. 228, 1993 and vol. 21, p. 82, 1995 respectively)Philosophy and religionMay, Thomas
The compensation of patients injured in clinical trials.Philosophy and religionBarton, John M., Macmillan, Maureen S., Sawyer, Lindsay
The elimination of morality.(Anne Maclean on bioethics)Philosophy and religionHarris, John
The ethics of complementary medicine.Philosophy and religionErnst, Edzard
The ethics of surrogacy: women's reproductive labour.Philosophy and religionNiekerk, Anton van, Zyl, Liezl van
The proof of the vegetable: a commentary on medical futility.(persistent vegetative state in medical ethics)Philosophy and religionBorthwick, Chris
The rights of children to health care.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionAppleyard, James
The rights of children to health care.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionAppleyard, James
'These sorts of people don't do very well': race and allocation of health care resources.Philosophy and religionKerridge, Ian H., Mitchell, Kenneth R., Lowe, Michael
The use of deception in nursing.Philosophy and religionTeasdale, Kevin, Kent, Gerry
Treating anorexics without consent: some reservations.(Editorial)Philosophy and religionDraper, Heather
Values education: a new direction for medical education.Philosophy and religionGrundstein-Amado, Rivka
Voluntary euthanasia under control? Further empirical evidence from the Netherlands.Philosophy and religionJochemsen, Henk, Keown, John
What can medical ethics learn from history? (euthanasia and Nazi ideology)(Editorial)Philosophy and religionBoyd, Kenneth
Whose life is it anyway? A study in respect for autonomy.Philosophy and religionNorden, Margaret
Xenotransplantation. (assessment of the viability of animal to human organ transplantation)Philosophy and religionDownie, Robin
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