Modern Asian Studies 2001 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 2001
American-British aircraft competition in South China, 1926-1936.Regional focus/area studiesXu, Guangqiu
Ankalu's errant wife: sex, marriage and industry in contemporary Chhattisgarh.Regional focus/area studiesParry, Jonathan P.
A picture of health: the dilemma of gender and status in the iconography of empire, India c. 1805.Regional focus/area studiesChancellor, Nigel
Bad language: the role of English, Persian and other esoteric tongues in the dismissal of Sir Edward Colebrook as Resident of Delhi in 1829.Regional focus/area studiesPrior, Katherine, Brennan, Lance, Haines, Robin
Bad sushi or bad merchant? The 'dead fish poisoning incident' of 1852.Regional focus/area studiesShimoda, Hiraku
Bad sushi or bad merchant? The 'dead fish poisoning incident' of 1852.Regional focus/area studiesHiraku Shimoda
Colonialism, indigenous elites and the transformation of cities in the non-western world: Ahmedaban (western India), 1890-1947.Regional focus/area studiesRaychaudhuri, Siddhartha
Contesting state and civil society: Southeast Asian trajectories.Regional focus/area studiesHedmen, Eva-Lotta E.
Courting legitimacy or delegitimizing custom? Sexuality, Sambandham, and marriage reform in late nineteenth-century Malabar.Regional focus/area studiesKodoth, Praveena
Courts of law and styles of self in eighteenth-century Madras: from hybrid to colonial self.Regional focus/area studiesMines, Mattison
Demystifying the 'ideal progressive': resistance through mimicked modernity in princely Baroda, 1900-1913.Regional focus/area studiesBhagavan, Manu
Die for the boycott and nation: martydom and the 1905 anti-American movement in China.Regional focus/area studiesWong, Sin-Kiong
Die for the boycott and Nation: martyrdom and the 1905 anti-American movement in China.Regional focus/area studiesSin-Kiong Wong
Enlightenment and unity: language reformism in late Qing China.Regional focus/area studiesCheng, W.K.
Framed, blamed and renamed: the recasting of Islamic jurisprudence in colonial south Asia.Regional focus/area studiesKugle, Scott Alan
Home science and the nationalization of domesticity in colonial India.Regional focus/area studiesHancock, Mary
'Mamul' and modernity in a South Indian temple.Regional focus/area studiesGood, Anthony
Marriage by abduction in twentieth century China.Regional focus/area studiesMcLaren, Anne E.
Marriage, honor, agency, and trials by ordeal: women's gender roles in Candimangal.(Bengali verse narrative worshipping the goddess Candi)Regional focus/area studiesCurley, David L.
Masyarakat Adat, difference, and the limits of recognition in Indonesia's forest zone.Regional focus/area studiesLi, Tania Murray
Nationalist extremism in early Showa Japan: Inoue Nissho and the 'Blood Pledge Corps Incident', 1932.Regional focus/area studiesLarge, Stephen S.
Nationalist extremism in early Showa Japan: Inoue Nissho and the 'Blood-Pledge Corps Incident,' 1932.Regional focus/area studiesLarge, Stephen S.
Opponents of appeasement: Western-educated Chinese diplomats and intellectuals and Sino-Japanese relations, 1932-37.Regional focus/area studiesCraft, Stephen G.
Opposition to the entry of the foreign press in India, 1991-1995: the hidden agenda.Regional focus/area studiesSonwalkar, Prasun
Orality, literacy and memorization: priestly education in contemporary South India.Regional focus/area studiesFuller, C.J.
Overseas Chinese merchants and multiple nationality: a means for reducing commerical risk (1895-1935).Regional focus/area studiesLin, Man-Houng
The anticlimax of an ill-starred Sino-American encounter.Regional focus/area studiesGuo, Xixiao
The effect of government policy and institutions on Chinese overseas acculturation: the case of Malaysia.(Statistical Data Included)Regional focus/area studiesFreedman, Amy L.
The erotics of moonlight and other connotations in modern Hindu literature.Regional focus/area studies 
The second 'women's war' and the emergence of democratic government in Manipur.Regional focus/area studiesParratt, Saroj N. Arambam, Parratt, John
The technology of sanitation in colonial Delhi.Regional focus/area studiesPrashad, Vijay
The way of efficiency: Ueno Yoichi and scientific management in twentieth-century Japan.Regional focus/area studiesTsutsui, William M.
Trouble on the frontier: Dutch-Brooke relations and Iban rebellion in the West Borneo borderlands (1841-1886).Regional focus/area studiesWadley, Reed L.
Who was Mr. Democracy? The May fourth discourse of populist democracy and the radicalization of Chinese intellectuals (1915-1922).Regional focus/area studiesGu, Edward X.
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