Technovation 1997 - Abstracts

Technovation 1997
An examination of the literature relating to issues affecting the human variable in just-in-time environments.High technology industrySohal, Amrik S., Power, Damien J
Are venture capitalists firefighters? A study of the influence and impact of venture capital firms.High technology industryFredriksen, Oystein, Olofsson, Christer, Wahlbin, Clas
Automation in the workplace: an Australasian perspective. (includes bibliography)High technology industryOrr, Stuart C.
Campus companies and the emerging techno-academic paradigm: the Irish experience.High technology industryKinsella, Ray
Channels of R&D spillovers: an empirical investigation of Swiss firms. (Research and Development)High technology industryHarabi, Najib
Commercialisation of university technology: a case in robotics. (includes bibliography)High technology industryMacBryde, Jillian
Consumer judgement of the quality of informal sector products lessons for innovative microentrepreneurs. (includes bibliography)High technology industryKabecha, Wanjau wa
Engineering economy studies on the production of non-alcoholic beverages from some tropical crops.High technology industryIlori, M.O., Irefin, I.A., Adeniyi, A.A.
Essentials of international and joint R&D projects. (research and development)High technology industryGunasekaran, A.
Fostering technical entrepreneurship in research communities: granting scholarships to would-be entrepeneurs.High technology industryReitan, Bjornar
Implementing the new product development process.High technology industryBessant, John, Francis, David
Informal networking.High technology industryPyka, Andreas
Innovativeness of Polish enterprises in the initial period of system transformation.High technology industryBaruk, Jerzy
Insights into the nature of technology diffusion and implementation: the perspective of sociotechnical alignment.High technology industryMolina, Alfonso H.
Integrating continuous improvement and innovation into a corporate culture: a case study.High technology industryIrani, Zahir, Sharp, John M.
Integrating the costs of a manufacturing IT/IS infrastructure into the investment decision-making process.(information technology, information systems)High technology industryIrani, Zahir, Ezingeard, Jean-Noel, Grieve, R.J.
International patenting and national technological specialization. (includes bibliography)High technology industryPaci, Raffaele, Sassu, Antonio
Intersector technology cooperation: hard myths, soft facts.High technology industryGeisler, Eliezer
Inventions and patents at universities: the case of Chalmers Univesity of Technology.High technology industryWallmark, J. Torkel
Linking technological innovations to strategic needs.High technology industryWestbrook, Roy, Hill, Terence J.
Management control of biomedical research and pharmaceutical innovation.High technology industryBouter, Lex M., Omta, Onno, van Engelen, Jo M.L.
Managing a microsatellite development programme within the university environment. (includes bibliography)High technology industrySchoonwinkel, Arnold, Milne, Garth W.
Manufacturing extension centers and private consultants: collaboration or competition?High technology industryOldsman, Eric S.
Manufacturing reorganisation at Varian Australia: a case study on value-added management.High technology industrySohal, Amrik S.
Measuring and optimizing the input technical effectiveness and efficiency of production processes by means of the linear programming method.High technology industryBarbiroli, Giancarlo, Donini, Benito Romeo
New venture scholarship versus practice: when entrepreneurship academics try the real thing as applied research.(evaluating effectiveness of scholastic entrepreneurship knowledge in management decision making)High technology industryVesper, Karl, McMullan, Ed
Organisational change: kinetic theory and organisational resonance. (includes bibliography)High technology industryHall, David J.
Pilot your organization using cash flow planning with frequent feedback.High technology industryOttosson, Stig
Preliminary results from a market analysis of the two-stroke combustion engine industry.High technology industryAhmed, W., Wahla, N., Tither, D., Whitaker, D.
Principle of manufacturing: a proposed new concept.High technology industryKobayashi, Akira
Process reengineering in the public sector: learning some private sector lessons.High technology industryHalachmi, Arie, Bovaird, Tony
Quality policies and value creation strategies in Italian manufacturing industry.High technology industryNegri, Lionello, Galli, Massimiliano
R&D complexity in UK subsidiaries of manufacturing multinational corporations. (research and development, United Kingdom) (includes bibliography)High technology industryTaggart, James H.
Science parks and university - industry interaction: geographical proximity between the agents as a driving force.High technology industryVedovello, Conceicao
Strategic career development for R&D professionals: lessons from field research.(research and development) (includes bibliography)High technology industryDebackere, Koen, Buyens, Dirk, Vandenbossche, Tine
Technological capability assessment as an input for strategic planning: case studies at Electricite de France and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.High technology industryPanda, H., Ramanathan, K.
Technology decision making in organisations.High technology industryIlori, M.O., Irefin, I.A.
Technology, manufacturing performance and business performance amongst Australian manufacturers.High technology industrySchroder, R.M., Beaumont, N.B.
Technology origins of foreign-owned firms in Ohio.(includes bibliography)High technology industryErdilek, Asim, Wolf, Milton A.
Technology policy between 'diversity' and 'one best practice' - a comparison of Korean and German production schemes for new production technologies.High technology industryChung, Sunyang, Lay, Gunter
Technology support and financing system for development and commercialisation - perspectives in India.High technology industrySikka, Pawan
Telecommunication rates and territorial aggregations.High technology industryCampisi, Domenico, Tesauro, Carlo
The discipline of management technology, based on considerations related to technology.High technology industryDrejer, Anders
The emerging role of lean infrastructures in technology transfer: the case of the Innovation Plaza project.High technology industryAzzone, Giovanni, Maccarrone, Paolo
The relative contributions of foreign technology and domestic inputs to innovation in Chinese manufacturing industries.High technology industryXielin Liu, White, R. Steven
The role of external technical support in the innovation performance of scientific instruments firms: empirical evidence from New York State.High technology industryMacPherson, Alan D.
The role of the private sector in the promotion of young entrepreneurship in Nigeria.High technology industryNwoye, May Ifeoma
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