Topics in Health Records Management - Abstracts

Topics in Health Records Management
A Decentralized Approach to Word Processing in a Hospital Setting.Health care industryMoehring, M.J., Proctor, M.
Adoption and the Right to Inspect Medical Records.Health care industryRoach, W.H., Mollet, C.J.
A Labor Productivity Monitoring System in the Medical Record Department.Health care industryKelm, J.M., Nelson, A.T., Schramm, W.R.
An Introduction to Word Processing.Health care industryCheney, P.H.
An Overview of Records Management.Health care industryWells, P.
Assessing the Hospital Manager: A Tool for Self-Improvement.Health care industryLomac, J., Mahoney, J.
Assessment Tools for Evaluating Human Potential.Health care industryWatson, M.
Competency Issues for the 1980s.Health care industryFinnegan, R.
Coping with Word Processing Equipment Vendor Selection.Health care industryRuprecht, M.M.
Enhancing Word Processing Productivity with an Optical Character Reader.Health care industryChampion, S.R.
Ergonomics: The People Factor.Health care industryMasencup, B.
Establishing Objective Performance Standards.Health care industryOlson, T.R.
Forms Management.Health care industryAmatayakul, M.
Implementing Productivity Improvements.Health care industryVan Kuran, L., Lisbin, S.J.
Inservice Training as a Tool in Managing the Changing Environment in the Medical Record Department.Health care industryDaniels, L.M.
Legal Review.Health care industryRoach, W.H.Jr., Nieland, R.G.
Legal Review: Proposed Uniform Health Care Information Act and More on Discoverability of Peer Review Committee Records.Health care industryRoach, W.H. Jr.
Management: Right-Brain Vision for Left-Brain Systems.Health care industryVenerable, G.
Manage or Be Managed.Health care industryHardy, C.J.
Managing a Computerized Medical Record Information System Conversion.Health care industryStewart, S.P.
Managing A Filing System Conversion.Health care industryBlaine, M., Homan, C.
Measuring Productivity in Medical Records Departments.Health care industryBarnes, T.W.III
Medical Record Department Productivity Standards: A Case Study.Health care industryTerlep, M., Poli, P.
Medical Record Work Standards: Some Practical Aspects.Health care industryMurphy, C.L.
Micrographics: An Overview.Health care industryFruchtenicht, A.M.
Money Talks.Health care industrySiegel, G.
Monitoring System and Realistic Work Standards: Keys to Improving Transcription Productivity.Health care industryKahl, K., Casey, D.
Outside Transcription Services: A Cost-Effective Alternate to In-House Word Processing.Health care industryDemster, G.
Personnel Management and the Law.Health care industryJacobson, F.
Perspectives on Medical Records.Health care industryClos, D.G., McGowan, M., Baier, H.
Planning and Organizing the Medical Health Record Department.Health care industryMcCaffrey, K.
Professional Growth: Accent on Potential.Health care industryHettel, S.M.
Projecting a Professional Self-Image.Health care industrySommer, B.L.
Quality Circles in the Hospital Setting.Health care industryOrlikoff, J.E.
Quality Control Circles as a Management Tool.Health care industrySiegel, G.J.
Records Management Audit.Health care industryOsborn, C.E.
Records Management Control System: Central Files.Health care industryPace, F.J., Zupances, W.E.
Records Management: Purpose and Direction.Health care industryHays, B.C.
Release of and Access to Minor's Medical Records.Health care industryRoach, W.H., Kurde, K.
State Investigations of Disabled or Impaired Physicians and the Right to Inspect Medical Records.Health care industryRoach, W.H., Mollet, C.J.
The Budget as a Management Tool.Health care industryDaniels, L.M.
The Decision-Making Process for Developing an In-House Microimagery Center.Health care industryGreenberg, S.P.
The Incantations of Affirmative Action.Health care industryWyatt, F.
The Medical Record Manager as a Supervisor.Health care industryMcConnell, C.R.
The Medical Record Practitioner - Roles, Images and influence.Health care industryAnderson, S.
The Quality Practitioner.Health care industryEllis, L.
The Role of the Health Record Administrator: A Hospital Administrator's Point of View.Health care industryMiller, G.
The Word Processing Evaluation Process.Health care industryTegen, A.V.
THRM Forum.Health care industryWeilerstein, J., Cranshaw, L., Gaudet, L., Molloy, S., Johnson, P.J., Rimer, S.
Toward Better Control: A Medical Record Department Management Reporting System.Health care industryGardner, K., De Voldre, B., Di Dario, B.
Word Processing for the Medical Record Department and Beyond.Health care industrySalazar, R.
Word Processing: Productivity Measurement.Health care industryVlazny, J.
Workload and Staffing in the Medical Records Department at Church Hospital.Health care industryGenovese, D., Vaughan, R.G.
Written Communication as an Important Management Skill.Health care industryPeters, M.L.
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