Advances in Wound Care: The Journal for Prevention and Healing - Abstracts

Advances in Wound Care: The Journal for Prevention and Healing
1996-1997 wound care resource guide. (Supplement)Health care industry 
31-P NMR spectroscopic analysis of wound healing: the effect of hydrocolloid therapy. (phosphorus-31)Health care industryEnnis, William J., Meneses, Patricio
A 4-year outcome-based retrospective study of wound healing and limb salvage in patients with chronic wounds.Health care industryFylling, Carelyn P., Glover, John L., Weingarten, Michael S., Buchbinder, Dale S., Poucher, Russell L., Deitrick, George A.
A century of defining ulcer characteristics.(Editorial)Health care industryMargolis, David J., Maklebust, JoAnn
A comparative, randomized, controlled study to determine safety and efficacy of preventive pressure ulcer systems: preliminary analysis.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryAronovitch, Sharon A.
A comparison of two pressure-relieving devices on the prevention of heel pressure ulcers.Health care industryPieper, Barbara, Tymec, Althea Conn, Vollman, Kathleen
An alternative method for reducing plantar pressures in neuropathic ulcers.Health care industryMyerly, Sharon M., Stavosky, James W.
Analysis of the measurement of four wound variables in elderly patients with pressure ulcers.Health care industrySchubert, Vivianne, Zander, Merja
A pressure ulcer toolbox for facilitating hospital-wide quality.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryStimler, Charles
Biomedical impedance as a discriminator of pressure ulcer risk.Health care industryWagner, David R., Jeter, Katherine F., Tintle, Tess, Martin, Margaret S., Long, James M., III
Calculating the risk: reflections on the Norton Scale.Health care industryNorton, Doreen
Changes in occipital capillary perfusion pressures during coronary artery bypass graft surgery.Health care industrySteinmetz, Jacalyn A., Langemo, Diane K.
Changes in sacral transcutaneous oxygen tension in the evaluation of different mattresses in the prevention of pressure ulcers.Health care industryAbraham, Pierre, Colin, Denis, Loyant, Remi, Saumet, Jean-Louis
Clinical research opportunities in long-term care. (Commentary)(Special Focus Issue: Diabetic Wounds)(Editorial)Health care industrySalcido, Richard
Commentaries on venous leg ulcers diagnostic and treatment draft guideline.Health care industryStotts, Nancy A., Kloth, Luther C., Sieggreen, Mary Y., Cohen, I. Kelman, Harding, Keith G.
Comparison of 90-degree and 30-degree laterally inclined positions in the prevention of pressure ulcers using transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide pressures.Health care industryAbraham, Pierre, Colin, Denis, Saumet, Jean-Louis, Preault, Laurence, Bregeon, C.
Consensus Development Conference on Diabetic Foot Wound Care.Health care industry 
Correcting Myths about Skin and Wound Care Under IPS.Health care industryShaum, Kathy
Debridement: choices and challenges.(The 11th Annual Clinical Symposium on Wound Management)Health care industrySieggreen, Mary Y., Maklebust, JoAnn
Diabetic Foot Infections: Evaluation and Management.Health care industryFrykberg, Robert G.
Diabetic foot ulcers: a point prevalence survey.Health care industry 
Diabetic foot wounds: pathogenesis and management.(The 11th Annual Clinical Symposium on Wound Management)Health care industryLevin, Marvin
Evaluating research: what it means to you.(Editorial)Health care industryMaklebust, JoAnn
Factors affecting the predictive validity of the Braden Scale.Health care industryCapobianco, Marianne L., McDonald, Deborah Dillon
History of the American Academy of Wound Management.Health care industryEvans, Chet
Increased energy needs in patients with quadriplegia and pressure ulcers.Health care industrySpungen, Ann M., Bauman, William A., Liu, Mon Hsia, Fink, Lisa, Losada, Mariela
Intraoperatively acquired pressure ulcer prevalence: a national study.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryAronovitch, Sharon A.
Laser-Doppler imaging assessment of skin hyperemia as an indicator of trauma after adhesive strip removal.Health care industryMayrovitz, Harvey N., Carta, Susan G.
Legal and practical impact of clinical practice guidelines on nursing and medical practice.Health care industryMurphy, Rebekah N.
Leg ulcers in patients with sickle cell disease.Health care industryKerstein, Morris D., Chung, Christina, Cackovic, Michael
LITERATURE SEARCH.(wound care bibliography)Health care industryOlson, Bette
Looking to the future of diabetic wound care.(Special Focus Issue: Diabetic Wounds)(Editorial)Health care industryArmstrong, David G.
Malnutrition in patients with pressure ulcers: morbidity, mortality, and clinically practical assessments.Health care industryMargolis, David J., Strauss, Eric A.
Management of the acute burn wound: an overview.(The 11th Annual Clinical Symposium on Wound Management)Health care industryStaley, Marlys, Richard, Reg
Measuring prevalence and incidence of pressure ulcers.Health care industryFrantz, Rita A.
New product news.(medical supplies)Health care industryHess, Cathy Thomas
NEW PRODUCT NEWS.(wound and injury care)Health care industryHess, Cathy Thomas
New Product Report 1999.Health care industry 
Nutritional aspects of wound healing.Health care industryFlanigan, Kristen H.
Nutritutional supplements in the treatment of pressure ulcers: practical perspectives.Health care industryHimes, Dawn
OIG report questions some support surface use. (Office of Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services)Health care industryKurlander, Stuart S.
OR-acquired pressure ulcers in vascular surgery patients.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industrySieggreen, Mary
Peer-identified expert nurses' approaches to risk assessment for pressure ulcers.Health care industryMitchell, Pamela, Buhrer, Richard
Preliminary results of a randomized, controlled study of a pressure ulcer prevention system.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryDunlop, Vince
Pressure and blood flow linkages and impacts on pressure ulcer development.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryMayrovitz, Harvey N.
Pressure Ulcer Research: Pressure Ulcer Treatment: A Monograph from the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.Health care industryFrantz, Rita A., Cuddigan, Janet
Pressure ulcer risk assessment scales - the missing link.Health care industryOlshansky, Kenneth
Pressure ulcer risk factors in the operating room.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryRamsay, James
Pressure ulcer status and post-discharge health care resource utilization among older adults with activity limitations.Health care industryAllman, Richard M., Damiano, Anne M., Strauss, Michael J.
Promotion of wound healing with electrical stimulation.Health care industryKloth, Luther C., McCulloch, Joseph M.
Prophylactic Foot Surgery in the Diabetic Patient.Health care industryCatanzariti, Alan R
Prospective study of the incidence of OR-induced pressure ulcers in elderly patients undergoing lengthy surgical procedures.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryRodeheaver, George T., Ratliff, Catherine R.
Recurrence of initial pressure ulcer in persons with spinal cord injuries.Health care industryByrne, Daniel W., Niazi, Zahid B.M., Salzberg, C. Andrew, Viehbeck, Maricela
Risk and assessment of pressure ulcer development in surgical patients.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryStotts, Nancy A.
Risk Assessment Tools for Pressure Ulcers.Health care industryLangemo, Diane K.
"Show Me the Science" -- A Risk Manager's Plea to All Wound Care Practitioners.Health care industryMangels, Linda Sue
Skin care in the frail, elderly, dependent, incontinent patient.Health care industryJeter, Katherine F., Lutz, James B.
Study results: prediction and prevention of pressure ulcers in surgical patients.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industrySchultz, Alyce A.
The application of collaborative benchmarking to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.Health care industryBankert, Keith, Daughtridge, Sherri, Meehan, Marge, Colburn, Louise
The cost of healing pressure ulcers across multiple health care settings.Health care industryXakellis, George C., Frantz, Rita
The effect of intermittent noise exposure on wound healing.Health care industryWysocki, Annette B.
The False Claims Act as a remedy to the inadequate provision of nutrition and wound care to nursing home residents.Health care industryHoffman, David R.
The federal balanced budget: challenges for wound care.Health care industryKurlander, Stuart, Lane, Laurence S.
The future: society and government working together on wound care.Health care industryKerstein, Morris D.
The impact of pressure ulcers on health care costs and mortality.(First Annual OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Symposium)Health care industryAllman, Richard M.
The National Examination Blueprint: Information and Practice Questions.(certification for wound care)Health care industryOvington, Liza
The Physiology of Wound Healing.Health care industryEhrlich, H. Paul
The scientific basis of healing.Health care industryKerstein, Morris D.
Use and perceived effectiveness of pressure ulcer treatments in extended care facilities.Health care industryHoffman, Rosemary G., Pase, Marilyn N., VanLeeuwen, Dawn M.
Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen in the Management of Selected Wounds.Health care industryMoon, Richard E.
Use of pressure to treat hypertrophic burn scars.Health care industryStaley, Marlys J., Richard, Reg L.
Venous leg ulcer study risk factors: who will study the problem?(Editorial)Health care industryMaklebust, JoAnn
Why wound care certification?Health care industryPrior, John A., McKinlay, Robert
Wound care pain management.Health care industryRook, Jack L.
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