Asian Survey 2004 - Abstracts

Asian Survey 2004
Afghanistan in 2003: the Taliban resurface and a new constitution is born.Regional focus/area studiesGoodson, Larry P.
Bangladesh in 2003: vibrant democracy or destructive politics?Regional focus/area studiesJahan, Rounaq
Cambodia in 2003: on the road to democratic consolidation.Regional focus/area studiesAlbritton, Robert B.
China in 2003: from SARS to spaceships.Regional focus/area studiesKraus, Richard
China's history activists and the war of resistance against Japan: history in the making.Regional focus/area studiesReilly, James
China's WTO accession and its impact on Hong Kong-Guangdong cooperation.(World Trade Organization)Regional focus/area studiesSit, Victor F.S.
Contending identities in Taiwan: implications for cross-strait relations.Regional focus/area studiesT.Y. Wang, I-Chou Liu
Dynamics of inter-Korean conflict and North Korea's recent policy changes: an inter-systematic view.Regional focus/area studiesDae-Won Koh
Failed economic take-offs and terrorism in Pakistan: Conceptualizing a proper role for U.S. assistance.Regional focus/area studiesLooney, Robert
Federal arrangements and the provision of public good in India.Regional focus/area studiesChhibber, Pradeep, Shastri, Sandeep, Sisson, Richard
Food security under structural adjustment in Pakistan.Regional focus/area studiesGera, Nina
Income inequalities under economic restructuring in Hong Kong.Regional focus/area studiesZhao Xiaobin, Zhang Li, Sit Tak O Kelvin
India and Iran: an 'axis' in the making?Regional focus/area studiesPant, Harsh V.
India in 2003: pre-electoral maneuvering and the prospects for regional peace.Regional focus/area studiesSaez, Lawence
Indonesia in 2003: terror's aftermath.Regional focus/area studiesKipp, Rita Smith
Japan in 2003: muddling ahead?Regional focus/area studiesUriu, Robert
Laos in 2003: counterrevolution fails to ignite.Regional focus/area studiesThayer, Carlyle A.
Leadership transition, intra-party democracy, and institution building in China.Regional focus/area studiesLin, Gang
Malaysia in 2003: leadership transition with a tall shadow.Regional focus/area studiesGanesan, N.
Migration of foreign workers into South Korea: from periphery to semi-periphery in the global labour market.Regional focus/area studiesKim, Wang-Bae
Myanmar in 2003: frustration and despair?Regional focus/area studiesKyaw Yin Hlaing
Nepal in 2003: another failed chance for peace.Regional focus/area studiesKramer, Karl-Heinz
North Korea in 2003: pendulum swing between crisis and diplomacy.Regional focus/area studiesKyung-Ae Park
North Korean refugees in Northeast China.Regional focus/area studiesLankov, Andrei
Pakistan in 2003: political deadlock and continuing uncertainties.Regional focus/area studiesTalbot, Ian
Post-Taliban Afghanistan: changed outlook for women?Regional focus/area studiesRiphenburg, Carol J.
Reflections on women's empowerment through local representation in South Korea.Regional focus/area studiesMikyung, Chin
Russia and the CIS in 2003: regional reconstruction.Regional focus/area studiesLeszek Buszynski
Russian policy towards South Asia: an update.Regional focus/area studiesMalek, Martin
Russo-North Korean relations in the 2000S: Moscow's continuing search for regional influence.Regional focus/area studiesSeung Ham Yang, Woosang Kim, Yongho Kim
Singapore in 2003: another tough year.Regional focus/area studiesCase, William
Southeast Asia in a new era: domestic coalitions from crisis to recovery .Regional focus/area studiesSolingen, Etel
South Korea in 2003: a question of leadership?Regional focus/area studiesHong Yung Lee
Sri Lanka in 2003: seeking to consolidate peace.Regional focus/area studiesDeVotta, Neil
Taiwanese nationalism and its implications: testing the worst-case scenario.Regional focus/area studiesYu-Shan Wu
Taiwan in 2003: plenty of clouds, few silver linings.Regional focus/area studiesRigger, Shelley
Taiwan's national identity politics and the prospect of cross-strait relations.Regional focus/area studiesYun-han Chu
Taiwan's political parties and national identity: the rise of an overarching consensus.Regional focus/area studiesSchubert, Gunter
Taiwan's self-conscious nation-building project.Regional focus/area studiesLynch, Daniel C.
Thailand in 2003: riding high again.Regional focus/area studiesMutebi, Alex M.
The Asia-Europe Meeting and inter-regionalism: toward a theory of multilateral utility.Regional focus/area studiesDent, Christopher M.
The middle path to democracy in the kingdom of Bhutan.Regional focus/area studiesWangchuk, Tashi
The Philippines in 2003: troubles, none of them new.Regional focus/area studiesMontesano, Michael J.
The referendum phenomenon in Taiwan: solidification of Taiwan consciousness?Regional focus/area studiesMily Ming-Tzu Kao
The United States and Asia in 2003: all quiet on the eastern front?Regional focus/area studiesPollack, Jonathan D.
Understanding Taiwan independence and its policy implications.Regional focus/area studiesNiou, Emerson M.S.
Untouchability in India with a difference: Ad dharm, Dalit assertion and caste conflicts in Punjab.Regional focus/area studiesRam, Ronki
Vietnam in 2003: the road to ungovernability?Regional focus/area studiesFforde, Adam
Who advised the Hong Kong government? The politics of absorption before and after 1997.Regional focus/area studiesCheung, Anthony B.L., Wong, Paul C.W.
Why is ASEAN diplomacy changing: from "non-interference" to "open and frank discussions".(Association of South East Asian Nations )Regional focus/area studiesKatsumata, Hiro
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