Hospital Material Management Quarterly 1997 - Abstracts

Hospital Material Management Quarterly 1997
Adjusting to not being "on top": making effective use of transitions.(how to cope with job losses and demotion)Health care industryDavidhizar, Ruth, Dowd, Steven B.
An innovative appraisal/reward strategy for high-performance teams/.Health care industryJoy, Luis W., III
Bracing for survival. (materiel managers are faced with tight promotion and opportunities for employment as downsizing and consolidation in health care support services continue)Health care industrySheil, Joseph F., Jr.
Breaking down silos and building teamwork.Health care industryLunn, Terry
Building the dream team: don't make it a nightmare.(developing work groups in business)Health care industryNelson, Susan, Nelson, Mel
Career survival strategies for materiel managers. (knowledge on information systems and techniques to face competition)Health care industryOrthman, Dennis P.
Carry the fire. (hospital materiel managers must devise ways to survive amidst consolidation trend)Health care industryNellis, Jeffrey A.
Conflict and the dynamic organization.Health care industryKlunk, Sarah Wenzel
Conquering internal process problems with the use of cross-functional self-directed work teams.Health care industrySly, Carolyn Farr
Don't force change - facilitate it. (social aspects of effecting change within an organization)Health care industryWojciak, Paul J.
Effective performance measurements.Health care industryCurry, Larry G.
Eliminate (don't automate) inventory tracking.Health care industryStahl, Robert A.
Five years and counting: the path to self-directed work teams.Health care industryChilds, Joel
Flexible forecasts: a key to better customer service.Health care industryNeuhaus, Cynthia A.
How to use benchmarking to reduce planning and purchasing costs.Health care industryPoole, Lewis W.
Inventory accuracy in 60 days! (tips on inventory accuracy)Health care industryMiller, George J.
Inventory count strategies. (hospital materiel managers need regular physical inventory checks)Health care industrySpringer, Warren H., III
ISO 9000: a guide to world-class quality standards.Health care industryTambolas, Stephen F.
It's 8 A.M.: do you know where your paradigm is? (analysis of communication paradigms in hospital administration)Health care industryHutchins, Henry Alex
Just get it right! Measure it and fix it: the only sure route to 98-percent inventory record integrity.Health care industryRibar, Thomas R.
Just-in-time in the infrastructure. (application of the just-in-time management principle in various hospital departments)Health care industryGuariello, Michael L.
Lead, follow, or get out of the way. (tips in personnel management)(includes related questionnaire on psychological empowerment)Health care industryMiller, Johnny
Managing conflicts in systems development.Health care industryBarnett, E. "Mac"
Materiel management and internal audit: a team approach. (working together to meet goals)Health care industrySherman, Glenn B., Maurer, Frank
Materiel management reengineering: value creation through innovation.Health care industryKilgore, Cynthia A., Muller, Marlene
Maximizing the potential of your systems.Health care industryBettini, Patrick J.
Organizational change and survival skills for materiel managers.Health care industryGiuniper, Larry C.
Personal strategies for maximizing your value in an uncertain future.Health care industryPannessi, Ron
Play and learn team building.Health care industryMartin, Stephanie, Haas, Richard C.
Profiting from cycle time reductions.Health care industryPoole, Lewis Wm.
Recent initiatives in U.S. hospital supply management.Health care industrySykucki, Teri
So you're the project leader: 10 roadblocks to watch out for.(how to make team members work for the success of a company's manufacturing resource planning II)Health care industryWojciak, Paul J.
Standardization of orthopedic hip and knee implants. (hip and knee implants list price)Health care industryFriedman, Barbara B.
Strategies for materiel management executives.Health care industryWeil, Thomas P.
Survival strategies in the era of managed care. (restructuring)Health care industryRudomin, Michael L., Spirakes, Arthur S.
Team-based organization: the fruits of employee empowerment.Health care industrySwick, Larry
The ABCs of effective communication.(factors affecting business communication)Health care industryJust, Karen
The evolution to electronic data interchange: are there benefits at all stages of implementation?Health care industryLummus, Rhonda R.
The future role of materiel management.Health care industryStorck, Ken
The Genesis Enterprise: creating peak-to-peak performance.Health care industryTompkins, James A.
The high cost of foreign sourcing.Health care industryHarding, Michael
The resilient worker: employees who can cope with change.Health care industryLaMarsh, Jeanenne
Time out! When slowing down can be the quickest way.(Proxima's manufacturing resource planning (MRPII)II system)Health care industryPollock, Mary Ann
Time-phased order points.(using time-phasing software in materials management)Health care industrySpedding, Paul
Value-added forecasting. (analysis of forecasting as a management tool)Health care industryShedlawski, Joseph F.
Why our negotiations aren't more successful- and how to fix them.Health care industryBuddress, Lee
World-class materiel flexibility: one plant's victory over materiel-related downtime.Health care industrySamuelson, Quentin B.
You're always on stage, but do you know how to act?Health care industryMcChesney, Harvey
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