Journal of Marriage and the Family 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Marriage and the Family 1999
Acts of psychological aggression against a partner and their relation to physical assault and gender.Family and marriageHamby, Sherry L., Sugarman, David B.
Adolescents' well-being as a function of perceived interparental consistency.Family and marriageSteinberg, Laurence, Fletcher, Anne C., Sellers, Elizabeth B.
Assessing interparental conflict: Reports of parents and adolescents in European American and Mexican American families.Family and marriageTschann, Jeanne M., Pasch, Lauri A., Flores, Elena, VanOss Marin, Barbara
Boundary ambiguity and coparental conflict after divorce: an empirical test of a family systems model of the divorce process.Family and marriageChristopher, F. Scott, Madden-Derdich, Debra A., Leonard, Stacie A.
Caregiver burden from a social exchange perspective: caring for older people after hospital discharge.Family and marriageCall, Kathleen Thiede, Kane, Rosalie A., Finch, Michael A., Huck, Shirley M.
Childhood migration and social integration in adulthood.Family and marriageMyers, Scott M.
Contagion in family affection: Mothers, fathers, and young adult children.Family and marriageWhite, Lynn
Correlates of parenting styles in predominantly working-and middle-class African American mothers.Family and marriageBluestone, Cheryl, Tamies-LeMonda, Catherine S.
Does no-fault legislation matter? Definitely yes and sometimes no.Family and marriageRodgers, Joseph Lee, Nakonezny, Paul A., Shull, Robert D.
Do fertility intentions affect fertility behavior?Family and marriageSchoen, Robert, Astone, Nan Marie, Nathanson, Constance A., Kim, Young J.
Do men's characteristics affect whether a nonmarital pregnancy results in marriage?Family and marriageZavodny, Madeline
Early adolescent sexual activity: A developmental study.Family and marriageConger, Rand D., Whitbeck, Les B., Hoyt, Dan R., Yoder, Kevin A.
Explaining the higher incidence of adjustment problems among children of divorce compared with those in two-parent families.Family and marriageLorenz, Frederick O., Conger, Rand D., Simons, Ronald L., Lin, Kuei-Hsiu, Gordon, Leslie C.
Exploring the link between corporal punishment and children's cruelty to animals.Family and marriageFlynn, Clifton P.
Families in the media: Reflections on the public scrutiny of private behaviour.Family and marriageLitton Fox, Greer
Family violence and the perpetration of adolescent dating violence: Examining social learning and social control processes.Family and marriageBauman, Karl E., Foshee, Vangie A., Fletcher Linder, G.
Father involvement in childrearing and the perceived stability of marriage.Family and marriageKalmijn, Matthijs
Further discussion on the effects of no-fault divorce on divorce rates.Family and marriageGlenn, Norval D.
Historical changes and life course variation in the determinants of premarital childbearing.Family and marriageSouth, Scott J.
Intergenerational transmission of marital quality and marital instability.Family and marriageBengtson, Vern L., Feng, Du, Giarrusso, Roseann, Frye, Nancy
Longitudinal effects of divorce on the quality of the father-child relationship and on fathers' psychological well being.Family and marriageShapiro, Adam, Lambert, James David
Marital perceptions and interactions across the transition to parenthood.Family and marriagePaley, Blair, Cox, Martha J., Burchinal, Margaret, Payne, C. Chris
Marital strains and marital quality: The role of high and low locus of control.Family and marriageBooth, Alan, Myers, Scott M.
Marital success and domains of social support in long-term relationships: Does the influence of network members ever end?Family and marriageConger, Rand D., Bryant, Chalandra M.
Meaning and measurement: reconceptualizing measures of the division of household labor.Family and marriageFerree, Myra Marx, Twiggs, Joan E., McQuillan, Julia
Multiple perspectives on family differentiation: Analyses by Multitrait Multimethod Matrix and Triadic Social Relations Models.Family and marriageGavazzi, Stephen M., Bartle-Haring, Suzanne, Kenny,David A.
Multiple risk factors in the family environment and youth problem behaviours.Family and marriageBuehler, Cheryl, Gerard, Jean M.
Multiple roles and psychological distress: the intersection of the paid worker, spouse, and parent roles with the role of the adult child.Family and marriageVoydanoff, Patricia, Donnelly, Brenda W.
Neighborhood and family contexts of adolescent sexual activity.Family and marriageUpchurch, Dawn M., Aneshensel, Carol S., Levy-Storms, Lene, Sucoff, Clea A.
Nest leaving in Sweden: The importance of early educational and labor market careers.Family and marriageNilsson, Karina, Strandh, Mattias
Nonresident fathers and children's well-being: a meta-analysis.Family and marriageAmato, Paul R., Gilbreth, Joan G.
Nonresident father visitation, parental conflict, and mother's satisfaction: What's best for child well-being?Family and marriageKing, Valarie, Heard, Holly E.
Nonresident mothers' and fathers' social contact with children.Family and marriageStewart, Susan D.
Observations of marital conflict and power: Relations with parenting in the triad.Family and marriageLindahl, Kristin M., Malik, Neena M.
Parental conflict and marital disruption: do children benefit when high-conflict marriages are dissolved?Family and marriageMorrison, Donna Ruane, Coiro, Mary Jo
Parental divorce, life-course disruption and adult depression.Family and marriageMirowsky, John, Ross, Catherine E.
Parenting self-efficacy of HIV-infected mothers: The role of social support.Family and marriageForehand, Rex, Klein, Karla, Dorsey, Shannon
Paternal involvement and children's behavior problems.Family and marriageAmato, Paul R., Rivera, Fernando
Perceived instrumental support exchanges in relationships between elderly parents and their adult children: Normative and structural explanations.Family and marriageKlein Ikkink, Karen, van Tilburg, Theo, Knipscheer, Kees C.P.M.
Perceived parental acceptance as a moderator of religious transmission among adolescent boys and girls.Family and marriageConger, Rand D., Whitbeck, Les B., Bao, Wan-Ning, Hoyt, Danny R.
Persistence and change in decisions to remain childless.Family and marriageHeaton, Tim B., Jacobson, Cardell K.
Personality and marital adjustment: utility of the five-factor model of personality.Family and marriageSabourin, Stephane, Lussier, Yvan, Bouchard, Genevieve
Playing all the roles: Gender and the work-family balancing act.Family and marriagePeltola, Pia, Milkie, Melissa A.
Predictors of leaving home in young adults raised in Germany: A replication of a 1991 study.Family and marriageWiesner, Margit, Silbereisen, Rainer K., Juang, LInda P.
Race and ethnic variation in norms of filial responsibility among older persons.Family and marriageBurr, Jeffrey A., Mutchler, Jan E.
Residential mobility as a way of life: Evidence of intergenerational similarities.Family and marriageMyers, Scott M.
Scaling back: Dual-earner couples' work-family strategies.Family and marriageMoen, Phyllis, Edgell Becker, Penny
Sibling relationships in rural African American families.Family and marriageBrody, Gene H., Stoneman, Zolinda, Smith, Trellis, Morgan Gibson, Nicole
Social networks, structural interdependence, and conjugal adjustment in heterosexual, gay, and lesbian couples.Family and marriageJulien, Danielle, Begin, Jean, Chartrand, Elise
Status and income as gendered resources: the case of marital power.Family and marriageTichenor, Veronica Jaris
The economic risk of childhood in America: Estimating the probability of poverty across the formative years.Family and marriageRank, Mark R., Hirschl, Thomas A.
The effects of family characteristics and time use on teenagers' household labor.Family and marriageGager, Constance T., Cooney, Teresa M., Thiede Call, Kathleen
The effects of transitions in marital status on men's performance of housework.Family and marriageGupta, Sanjiv
The first teenage pregnancy in the family: Does it affect mothers' parenting, attitudes, or mother-adolescent communication?Family and marriageEast, Patricia L.
The instrumental side of corporal punishment: Parents' reported practices and outcome expectancies.Family and marriageHolden, George W., Miller, Pamela C., Harris, Susan D.
The intersection of time in activities and perceived unfairness in relation to psychological distress and marital quality.Family and marriageVoydanoff, Patricia, Donnelly, Brenda W.
The micropolitics of care in relationships between aging parents and adult children: individualism, collectivism, and power.Family and marriagePyke, Karen
The timing of childbearing and women's wages.Family and marriageTaniguchi, Hiromi
Two views of one relationship: Comparing parents' and young adult children's reports of the quality of intergenerational relations.Family and marriageAquilino, William S.
Unpacking authoritative parenting: reassessing a multidimensional construct.Family and marriageSteinberg, Laurence, Gray, Marjory Roberts
Using kin for child care: Embedment in the socioeconomic networks of extended families.Family and marriageUttal, Lynet
When she brings home the bacon: Labor-force participation and the risk of spousal violence against women.Family and marriageGartner, Rosemary, Macmillan, Ross
Work demands of duel-earner couples: Implications for parents' knowledge about children's daily lives in middle childhood.Family and marriageMcHale, Susan M., Crouter, Ann C., Bumpus, Matthew F.
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