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Social Science & Medicine
120 years old: why and at what price?(Editorial)Social sciencesBaszanger, Isabelle, Bungener, Martine
Abortion from a crosscultural perspective: an introduction.(Symposium: Abortion From A Crosscultural Perspective)Social sciencesRylko-Bauer, Barbara
A brief response.(Discussion of neoliberalism)Social sciencesCoburn, David
A call for consistency in definition of breastfeeding behaviors.Social sciencesLabbok, Miriam H., Coffin, C. Jared
An introduction to: honoring the life and work of Sol Levine.(Papers Honouring the Life and Work of Sol Levine)(medical sociologist)(Editorial)Social sciencesBrown, Phil
A review of relationships between active living and determinants of health.Social sciencesFrankish, C. James, Milligan, C. Dawne, Reid, Colleen
Can the World Bank be an effective leader in international health?Social sciencesPavignani, Enrico
Carol Pulley MacCormack. (anthropologist and public health expert)(Obituary)Social sciencesHeggenhougen, H.K.
Climate change and vector-borne diseases distribution.Social sciencesCurto de Casas, Susana Isabel, Carcavallo, Rodolfo U.
Coburn's thesis: plausible, but we need more evidence and better measures.Social sciencesTarlov, Alvin R.
Communities, AIDS and geography. (Editorial)Social sciences 
Complaining about chronic pain.Social sciencesKugelmann, Robert
Deeper than "neoliberalism": a reply to David Coburn.Social sciencesWilkinson, Richard G.
Developing health insurance in transitional Asia.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesEnsor, Tim
Disability assumptions, concepts and theory: reply to Tom Koch.(p. 757, this issue)Social sciencesAlbrecht, Gary L., Devlieger, Patrick J.
Disentangling the process of disablement.Social sciencesJette, Alan M.
Does financial hardship account for elevated psychological distress in lone mothers?(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesRodgers, Bryan, Power, Chris, Hope, Steven
Epidemiology's role in the creation of a humane world: convergences and divergences among the schools.Social sciencesBreilh, Jaime
Family focus or career focus: controlling for infertility.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesMeyer, Christine Siegwarth
Friends, neighbors, enemies, strangers: aggressor and victim in civilian ethnic riots.(Violence and Well-Being)Social sciencesTambiah, Stanley J.
Gender, domestic violence and sickness in Mexico.(Violence and Well-Being)Social sciencesFinkler, Kaja
General practice 1995 - caught in the fast lane.(Editorial)Social sciencesHowie, J.G.R.
Genetics, reproductive technologies, euthanasia and the search for a new societal paradigm.Social sciencesSomerville, Margaret A.
Guidelines for contributors to "Social Science & Medicine".(Editorial)Social sciencesGordon, Anne J.
Health and social sciences in Sri Lanka: an overview of the Triangle Program. (University of Antwerp-University of Peradeniya-University of Connecticut Triangle Program on health social science research) (Health and Social Sciences in Sri Lanka: An Overview of the Triangle Program)Social sciencesPeeters, Ruud, Silva, Tudor, Lewis, Judy
Health economics: an important contribution to social science and medicine.(Editorial)Social sciencesBirch, Stephen
Health geography: style and paradigms.(editorial)(Editorial)Social sciencesEarickson, Robert
Health inequality and population variation in fertility-timing.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesGeronimus, Arline T., Bound, John, Waidmann, Timothy A.
Household nutrition and health in Poland.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesWinter, Mary, Bakken, Rosalie, Zejewska-Zychowicz, Marzena
How marginal is a "marginalised group"?Social sciencesCrewe, Mary
Incentives can lower the incidence of HIV AIDS in Africa. (Editorial)Social sciencesGood, Charles M.
Income inequality and health: expanding the debate.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesLynch, John
In defence and pursuit of equity: a response.(response to article by Lucy Gilson in this issue, p. 1891)Social sciencesCreese, Andrew
In defence and pursuit of equity.(equity in health care policy debates)Social sciencesGilson, Lucy
In defense and pursuit of equity and efficiency.(response to article by Lucy Gilson in this issue, p. 1891)Social sciencesAdeyi, Olusoji, Lovelace, James Christopher, Ringold, Dena
Introduction to symposium: on-going studies in critical medical anthropology.Social sciencesBaer, Hans A.
Irving Kenneth Zola. (Mortimer Gryzmish Professor of Human Relations at Brandaeis University)(Obituary)Social sciencesConrad, Peter, Bell, Susan, Brwon, Phil
Jonathan Mann (1947 - 1998).(Obituary)Social sciencesCarballo, Manuel
Letters to Dr Frankenstein? Ethics and the new reproductive technologies. (Editorial)Social sciencesHave, Henk Ten
Letter to the editor. (comment on article by Gigi Santow in Social Science and Medicine, Jan. 1995)(Letter to the Editor)Social sciencesGursoy, Akile
Medical humanitarianism and human rights: reflections on doctors without borders and doctors of the world.Social sciencesFox, Renee C.
More than just "interesting!" Anthropology, health and human rights.(Editorial)Social sciencesHeggenhougen, H.K.
NGOs in community health insurance schemes: examples from Guatemala and the Philippines.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)(nongovernmental organizations)Social sciencesRon, Aviva
Obituary. (medical sociologist Sol Levine)(Obituary)Social sciences 
On providing a truly international perspective.Social sciencesWyatt, David
On the goals of medicine: a Chilean perspective.(Beyond the Anglophone World)Social sciencesLolas, Fernando
Patterns of vaccination acceptance.Social sciencesStreefland, Pieter, Chowdhury, A.M.R., Ramos-Jimenez, Pilar
Policy, praxis, and medical anthropology. (symposium)Social sciencesAnglin, Mary K.
Problem-based learning in medicine: new curriculum, old stereotypes.Social sciencesPhillips, Susan P.
Professionals, intellectuals, visible practitioners? The case of 'medical humanitarianism.'Social sciencesHerzlich, Claudine
Psychological impact of predicting individuals' risks of illness: a systematic review.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesAbrams, Keith, Marteau, Theresa M., Shaw, Chris
Publishing in "Social Science & Medicine".(Editorial)Social sciencesMacintyre, Sally
Pursuing equity without getting beat.(response to article by Lucy Gilson in this issue, p. 1891)Social sciencesHsiao, William C., Tollman, Stephen M.
'Quality of life' in social science and medicine: introduction.Social sciencesBowling, Ann, Brazier, John
Reaction paper: medical humanitarianism and human rights; reflections on Doctors Without Borders and Doctors of the World. (comment on article by R. Fox in this issue, p. 1607)Social sciencesFalck, Hans S.
Rejoinder. (reply to article by David Wyatt in this issue, p. 1623)Social sciencesFox, Renee C.
Religious characteristics of US women physicians.(United States)(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesFrank, Erica, Dell, Mary Lynn, Chopp, Rebecca
Relocating gender and morbidity: examining men's and women's health in contemporary Western societies.(Special Issue: Gender and Health)(Editorial)Social sciencesHunt, Kate, Annandale, Ellen
Reply to Richard Wilkinson. (response to a letter in Social Science and Medicine's forthcoming issue)Social sciencesJudge, Ken, Mulligan, Jo-Ann, Benzeval, Michaela
Restructuring medical care: where are the sociologists? (Editorial)Social sciencesTwaddle, Andrew
Role conflict? The World Bank and the world's health.Social sciencesBuse, Kent, Walt, Gill
Rural health prepayment schemes in China: towards a more active role for government.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesBloom, Gerald, Shenglan, Tang
Sectoral investment in health: prescription or principles?Social sciencesCassels, Andrew, Janovsky, Katja
Small wars and invisible genocides.Social sciencesScheper-Hughes, Nancy
Social class differences in mortality using the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification: a reply to Rose and Pevalin.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesChandola, T.
Social movements and health insurance: a critical evaluation of voluntary, non-profit insurance schemes with case studies from Ghana and Cameroon.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesAtim, Chris
Social network influences on reproductive health behaviors in urban northern Thailand.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesValente, Thomas W., Bond, Katherine C., Kendall, Carl
The Bwamanda hospital insurance scheme: effective for whom? A study of its impact on hospital utilization patterns.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesCriel, Bart, Stuyft, Patrick Van, Lerberghe, Wim Van
The emerging international policy agenda for reproductive health services in conflict settings.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesZwi, Anthony B., Palmer, Celia A., Lush, Loiusiana
The epidemiology of functional apartheid and human rights abuses. (Editorial)Social sciencesHeggenhougen, H.K.
The illusion of paradox: commentary on Albrecht, G.L. and Devlieger, P.J. (1998).(The disability paradox: high quality of life against all odds. Social Science & Medicine 48, 977-988)Social sciencesKoch, Tom
The international conferences on the social sciences and medicine 1968-1996. An abridged history.Social sciencesMcEwan, Peter J.M.
The potential for social mobilisation in Bangladesh: the organisation and functioning of two health insurance schemes.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesDesmet, M., Chowdhury, A.Q., Islam, Md.K.
The reason they're called lessons.(social science publication guidelines)Social sciencesHaes, J.C.J.M. de, Smets, E.M.A.
The reform of the rural cooperative medical system in the People's Republic of China: interim experience in 14 pilot counties.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesHong, Wang, Ron, Aviva, Carrin, Guy, Hui, Yang, Tuohong, Zhang, Licheng, Zhang, Shuo, Zhang, Yide, Ye, Jiaying, Chen, Qicheng, Jiang, Zhaoyang, Zhang, Jun, Yu, Xuesheng, Li
The role of the World Bank in international health: renewed commitment and partnership.Social sciencesBaru, Rama, Jessani, Amar
The social security scheme in Thailand: what lessons can be drawn?(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesTangcharoensathien, Viroj, Supachutikul, Anuwat, Lertiendumrong, Jongkol
Transcultural psychiatry at the German psychiatric society: report on a symposium held in Reichenau. (German Society of Psychiatry and Neurology)Social sciencesLolas, Fernando
Understanding the AIDS epidemic and reacting sensibly to it.(Editorial)Social sciencesCaldwell, John C.
Urban violence: health consequences and costs.Social sciencesOloruntimehin, O.
Using social health insurance to meet policy goals.(Special Issue: The Economics of Health Insurance in Low and Middle-income Countries)Social sciencesNormand, Charles
Violence and well-being.Social sciencesKleinman, Arthur, Desjarlais, Robert
What makes new mothers unhappy: psychological distress one year after birth in Italy and France.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesSaurel-Cubizolles, Marie-Josephe, Romito, Patrizia, Lelong, Nathalie
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