Technovation 1998 - Abstracts

Technovation 1998
Abilities and competencies required, particularly by small firms, to identify and acquire new tchnology.High technology industryGomes, Paula, Ezingeard, Jean-Noel, Woolgar, Steve, Vaux, Janet, Grieve, Robert
A comparative record of technological capability in ASEAN countries.High technology industryJones, Alan, Lall, Ashish
A comparison of the electronics industry of India and Korea.High technology industryKhan, Mohsin U.
An integrative model of innovation in organizations.High technology industryTang, H.K.
A research investigation to identify the key players in the two-stroke engine industry.High technology industryWahla, N., Tither, D., Naude, P.
Bridging government-university-industry technological learning disconnects: a comparative study of training and development policies and practices in the U.S., Japan, Germany, and France.High technology industryCarayannis, Elias G., Jorge, Jennifer
Capacity management in service organisations.High technology industryCorsten, Hans, Stuhlmann, Stephan
Cooperation in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry - the network as an organizational innovation governing technological innovation.(research and development)High technology industryStaropoli, Carine
Cultural aspect and technological development: a Chinese perspective.High technology industryChang, Zeph Yun, Lee, Kee Beng
Developing partnerships and networks: learning from practices in Australia.High technology industrySohal, Amrik S., Perry, Marcia, Pratt, Trevor
Entrepreneurship networks and high technology firms: the case of Aragon.(Aragon, Spain)High technology industrySanchez, Angel Martinez, Perez, Olga Urbina
Equipment leasing: a strategy for technology acquisition in Nigeria.High technology industryAkarakiri, J.B.
Global manufacturing issues: the case of Siemens AG.High technology industrySohal, Amrik S., Orr, Stuart
Global strategic benchmarking, critical capabilities and performance of aerospace subcontractors.High technology industryLefebvre, Louis A., Lefebvre, Elisabeth
Higher order technological learning as determinant of market success in the multimedia arena; a success story, a failure, and a question mark: AGFA/BAYER AG, Enable Software, and Sun Microsystems.High technology industryCarayannis, Elias G.
High-technology spin-offs from government R&D laboratories and research universities.(research and development)High technology industryRogers, Everett M., Carayannis, Elias G., Kurihara, Kazuo, Allbritton, Marcel M.
Hotspots in complex product systems: emerging issues in innovation management.High technology industryRush, Howard, Hansen, Karen Lee
How to make product development projects more successful by integrating Kano's model of customer satisfaction into quality function deployment.High technology industryMatzler, Kurt, Hinterhuber, Hans H.
Implementation of productivity improvement strategies in a small company.High technology industryGunasekaran, A., Cecille, P.
Indigenous metal casting in Nigeria: its technology, attendant problems, business prospects and policy implications.High technology industryIlori, M.O., Ibitoye, S.A.
Industrial viewpoint - entrepreneurship education: developing technological start-up entrepreneurs: a case study of a graduate entrepreneurship programme at Swinburne University.High technology industryMcMullan, W.E., Gillinm L.M.
Informal investors as entrepreneurs.High technology industryLandstrom, Hans
Informal thinkering - how is it important?High technology industryTremblay, Pierre J.
Integrating technology into merger and acquisition decision making.High technology industryGeorghiou, Luke, James, Andrew D., Metcalfe, J. Stanley
Investment decisions in Australian manufacturing.High technology industryBeaumont, N.B.
Justification of global positioning systems purchase using the analytic hierarchical process - the case of the Israeli Defense Force.High technology industryMehrez, Abraham, Israeli, Aviad A., Bochen, Dov, Hakim, David
Locational decision-making and pattern of diffusion of frozen fish depots in Ibadan city, Nigeria.High technology industryIlori, M.O., Salami, Ayobami T.
Management accounting systems in Finnish service firms.High technology industryLaitinen, Erkki K., Gunasekaran, A., Hussain, Md. Mostaque
Managing tensions in user groups.High technology industryArmstrong, Peter, Tomes, Anne
Managing the technology acquisition process.High technology industryCarrie, A.S., Durrani, T.S., Forbes, S.M., Broadfoot, C.
Manufacturing seniority, strategy and innovation.High technology industryBrown, Steve
Partnering and knowledge transfer in the U.K. motor industry.High technology industryCordey-Hayes, M., Beecham, M.A.
Performance analysis of technology using the S curve model: the case of digital signal processing (DSP) technologies.High technology industryNieto, Mariano, Lopez, Francisco, Cruz, Fernando
Planet Earth and automobiles, with special reference to the Indian automobile industry.High technology industryKhare, Anshuman
Planning processes for advanced manufacturing technology by large American manufacturers.High technology industrySohal, Amrik S., Millen, Robert
Processing of discarded refrigerators in the Netherlands.High technology industryLambert, Alfred J.D., Stoop, Mat. L.M.
Profiles of corporate technological capabilities - a comparison of large British and German pharmaceutical companies.High technology industryBachmann, Astrid
Promotion of academia-industry cooperation in Japan - establishing the "law of promoting technology transfer from university to industry" in Japan.High technology industryKenzo Fujisue
Psychometric properties of the Hurt-Joseph-Cook scales for the measurement of innovativeness.High technology industryFoxall, Gordon R., Pallister, John G.
"Requirements capture": theory and practice.High technology industryCooper, Rachel, Wootton, Andrew B.
Small firms, R&D, technology and innovation in the UK: a literature review.(research and development)High technology industryBessant, John, Hoffman, Kurt, Perren, Lew, Parejo, Milady
Strategic considerations of the interplay between R&D and M&S. (research and development, marketing and sales)High technology industryOttosson, Stig
Strategies for managing knowledge assets: a tale of two companies.High technology industryMole, Veronica, Boisot, Max, Griffiths, Dorothy
Supporting partnership sourcing in Northern Ireland through advanced technology.High technology industryMcGloin, Eileen, Grant, Caroline
Switzerland's participation in the European RTD framework programmes: a win-win game?High technology industryReger, Guido, Buhrer, Susanne, Balthasar, Andreas, Battig, Christoph
Technological discontinuities and media patterns: assessing electric vehicle batteries.High technology industryMcGrath, Robert N.
Technology management in manufacturing business: process and practical assessment.High technology industryProbert, D.R., Phaal, R., Paterson, C.J.
Technology policy and the development of small and medium scale enterprises in contemporary Nigeria.High technology industryOladeji, S.I.
The analysis of dynamic capabilities in a competence-oriented organization.High technology industryPetroni, Alberto
The manufacturing mix and consulting firms - how different are they in associating tasks with objectives?High technology industrySnaddon, D. Roy
The potential of cowpea as human food in Nigeria.High technology industryTaiwo, Kehinde A.
The process of developing venture capital in India.High technology industryPandey, I.M.
The R and D/Marketing interface and single informant bias in NPD research: an illustration of a benchmarking case study.(new product development)High technology industryErnst, Holger, Teichert, Thorsten
The strategic management of technological learning in project/program management: the role of extranets, intranets and intelligent agents in knowledge generation, diffusion, and leveraging.High technology industryCarayannis, Elias G.
Three forms of innovation resistance: the case of retail payment methods.High technology industrySzmigin, Isabelle, Foxall, Gordon
Totemics: new metaphor techniques to manage knowledge from discovery to storage and retrieval.High technology industryDumas, Angela, Fentem, Andrew
University-based technology licensing in the knowledge based economy.High technology industryConceicao, Pedro, Heitor, Manuel V., Oliveira, Pedro
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