Shape 1995 - Abstracts

Shape 1995
20 minute fitness: a holiday strength workout you can take anywhere.(includes workout schedule and exercise tips)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studies 
A change of scenery. (weight loss) (Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesLorraine Douville
Amazing feats: the right shoes can help you do most anything better.(includes related glossary and related information on buying shoes)(Cover Story)(Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesPeg Moline, Tom Brunick, Andrea Gabbard
A model workout. (weight training program)(includes related articles)Women's issues/gender studiesDeborah Gimelson
A moving life. (how a preschool teacher lost 30 pounds through exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesBrenda Butcher
A new debut. (weight loss success story)Women's issues/gender studiesJennifer Klein
Body language.Women's issues/gender studiesMartin Rush
Boston: history on the move. (historic sites; working out in Boston, Massachusetts)Women's issues/gender studiesAnna B. Alexander
Climb for a cure.(mountain-climbing by breast-cancer survivors)Women's issues/gender studiesAndrea Gabbard, Annette Porter, Claudia Crosetti
Cookie classics: low-fat traditional treats as innocent and sweet as childhood.(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesTucker Sara
Cool deserts: six sweet ways to beat the summer heat.Women's issues/gender studies 
Design your own life: a guide to surviving your college, healthfully.Women's issues/gender studiesWanda Urbanska
Easy reaches. (stretching exercises)Women's issues/gender studies 
Elle gets physical: the supermodel gives new meaning to "personal best" in all her endeavors, including her new exercise video. (Elle Macpherson)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Gottesman
Escapes for body & soul. (hiking spas)Women's issues/gender studiesCarol Jacobs
Every model tells a story. (profile on model Rachel Hunter)Women's issues/gender studiesEd Dwyer
Exercise 101. (exercises for women)Women's issues/gender studiesEllen Goodyear
Facing facts. (weight loss success story)Women's issues/gender studiesKarin Blitte
Fancy footwork. (review of sports sandals and running and walking shoes)Women's issues/gender studiesDouglas Richie
Field day. (football-style workout)Women's issues/gender studies 
Fit friends. (losing weight)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesKarla Rene Ramsey
Form & function.(actress/model Tyra Banks)(includes related bodywear fashions)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesMaureen Connolly
Full of surprises. (weight loss)Women's issues/gender studiesKimberly Lynch
Get out. (exercising outdoors)(includes related articles)Women's issues/gender studies 
Go, Gabby, go. (volleyball player Gabrielle Reece)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Turner
Going under: hold the power of hypnotic suggestion.Women's issues/gender studiesLou Schuler
Happily ever after. (weight-loss)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Anderson
Healing journey. (behavioral medicine)Women's issues/gender studiesHenry Dreher
Heavenly pizza. (includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Hilgers
Hige-five thighs. (exercise program)Women's issues/gender studiesKaren Voight
Holiday recipe makeovers: traditional favorites made healthful & low-fat.(Supplement to the November 1995 Issue of Shape)(recipes; includes related information on low-fat substitutions)Women's issues/gender studiesEvelyn Tribole
Holidays unplugged.(making holiday gifts)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Gottesman, Ben Kallen
Hopeful and fit. (how an aerobics instructor overcame anorexic thinking)Women's issues/gender studiesRachel Davidson
Ice queens. (sorbets)Women's issues/gender studiesSusan Lerner Barr
Jolt yourself lean: a whole new approach to changing your body that'll zap you out of the old rut.Women's issues/gender studiesSylvia Cary
Kathy's lower-body workout. (fitness instructor Kathy Smith)Women's issues/gender studies 
Let's get personal: a trainer and his client peeve each other off. (Interview)Women's issues/gender studiesMatthew Segal
Lighten up. (plan for losing and maintaining weight)(includes related menu and shopping recommendations) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesGail Johnston, Greg Phillips
Living and learning. (gaining weight)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesBeth R. Schreiber
Love of moment. (recovery from Legg-Calve-Perthes disease)Women's issues/gender studiesTina Castaldi
Love thyself. (weight loss) (Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesSally Blackburn
(Low-key) ski resorts. (includes related related information on women's ski schools, on additional resorts, and on skiing gear)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Claire Walter
Luck of Ireland. (model Kathy Ireland)(In Shape)Women's issues/gender studiesCathy Harris
Mind over matter: the effects of an exercise-related injury are more than just physical. Here's how to cope.(includes related information on recovery steps)Women's issues/gender studiesLaurie Nadel
New visions. (weight loss) (Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesMelissa Feaster
Nice & easy: healthy, low-fat dinner menus you can prepare in 30 minutes or less.(includes recipes, and related ingredient and product information)Women's issues/gender studiesMarian Burros
One-a-day beauty: can antioxidant pills and potions make you look younger? (includes related article on the compound ethocyn)Women's issues/gender studiesLinda Marsa
Power to change.(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesVikki Marie Blake
Power up. (sports drinks and food)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Clark
Protect yourself.(breast cancer)Women's issues/gender studiesKathy Koontz
Real control. (controlling anorexia and bulimia)Women's issues/gender studiesAllegra Nasi
Real incentive. (weight-loss)Women's issues/gender studiesAlisa Khaitan
Rhythm round 2. (innovations on the natural birth control method)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Hilgers
Sex boosters: the truth about food and passion. (includes related information on a recommended diet and on aphrodisiac pretenders)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Sommer
Shot or not shot? (hepatitis B vaccination)Women's issues/gender studiesT.G. Rand
Ski it your way: whether you swoosh the slopes or glide the trails, we'll show you how to get started.(includes related information on fitness for skiing and on skiing resorts)Women's issues/gender studiesClaire Walter
Solar defense. (products that provide protection from the sun)(Beauty in Action)Women's issues/gender studiesJennifer Rapaport
Soup is good food: nourishment for the body and soul comes in many varieties. (Shape magazine)Women's issues/gender studiesBarbara C. Harris Bishop
Sports lessons. (how sporting games prepares oneself for life)Women's issues/gender studiesMariah Burton Nelson
Squeaky clean. (shampoos) (Beauty in Action)Women's issues/gender studiesLaurie Drake
Standing on ceremony: on your feet with a yoga sequence that will get you buzzing with energy.(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studies 
Step on it: try some step and strength training for a fast total-body workout.(includes related workout schedule and exercise information)Women's issues/gender studies 
Sweet cheeks: the new, light glycolic-acid peels, patterned after natural sugar cane, can renew your face in a lunch hour. (Beauty in Action)(includes related article on risks and precautions)Women's issues/gender studiesConstance Cardozo
Take 2: freshen up your routine with five well-targeted pairs of toning exercises.(includes related work schedule and program information)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studies 
Teaching the teacher. (physical education teacher who lost 58 pounds through healthy eating and exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesBrenda Tisdel
Thank heaven, warm water: island breezes tugging your hair, deep blue water stretching as far as you can see ... what are you doing in the cold? (travel)(includes related accommodations and activities information)Women's issues/gender studiesGini Kopecky
The eco-challenge: a race on the wild side.Women's issues/gender studiesBeth M. Howard, Sarah Odell
The "I'm too busy to eat right" diet.Women's issues/gender studies 
The new soothsayers. (includes related articles on recognizing frauds and on do-it-yourself soothsaying)Women's issues/gender studiesMichele Kort
The power of personality.Women's issues/gender studiesHenry Dreher
The real magic. (weight loss success story)Women's issues/gender studiesTrina Anderson
The secret life of squash: cook up a storm with a fabulous fall trio.(squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesDavid Ricketts
The swimming hole. (swimsuit designs)(illustrations only)Women's issues/gender studies 
The way back. (eating disorders)(includes related information on helping a friend or relative with an eating disorder, and related resource information)Women's issues/gender studiesSuanne Kelman
Timeless moments. (moments when one feels fully alive)(Shapescene)(Editorial)Women's issues/gender studiesBarbara C. Harris Bishop
Traveling well. (health tips for travelers)Women's issues/gender studiesPeter S. Greenberg
Urban head trip. (physical and mental exercises in the urban setting)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Ellen Strote
Volleyball turns 100.Women's issues/gender studies 
Wake-up call. (how an obese middle-aged woman lost 101 pounds)Women's issues/gender studiesTerry Kuhnreich
What men really think about us: a frank, all-male discussion about sex and relationships. (includes related information on men's priorities and on relationship traps.) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Ellen Strote, Matthew Segal
Why diets are doomed: want to lose weight? Toss out your old ideas - here's what really works. (includes related article on exercise) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Kaufmann
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