Early American Homes 1998 - Abstracts

Early American Homes 1998
A Christmas dinner in colonial Williamsburg. (recipes for 18th-century Christmas dinners)Home furnishings industry 
A designer's own house.Home furnishings industry 
A different kind of Yankee. (Leathers family of Barrington, New Hampshire) (includes related article)Home furnishings industryWinston, Monica
A few flowers and how they got their names.Home furnishings industryWells, Diana
A guide to period textiles. (includes related article on period textile terms)Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
All-season color. (plant bulbs)Home furnishings industryJackson, Donald W.
A magical, mystical Christmas. (annual Lantern Light Tours hosted by the Mystic Seaport Museum)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
A Newburyport Christmas.Home furnishings industryFrost, Roon
A New England Garden.Home furnishings industry 
A new look at the Shakers. (John Kirk's book 'The Shaker World')(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
A new way of seeing Historic Deerfield. (exhibition featuring 18th-century New England way of life in Deerfield, Massachusetts)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Antique animals.Home furnishings industryMorgenroth, Lynda
Antiques for the wine lover.Home furnishings industryFiske, John, Freeman, Lisa
Brussels carpet in the early American house.Home furnishings industryDunbar, Jean
Build a plant stand.Home furnishings industrySaberin, Gloria
Celebrating the Fourth of July.Home furnishings industryDoyle, Marian I.
Charming Forge. (historic mansion in Berks County, Pennsylvania)Home furnishings industryCreznic, Jean
Christmas in Williamsburg.Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
Christmas tree-trimming party. (Christmas recipes)Home furnishings industryGuthrie, Margaret E.
Cleomes. (spider flowers)Home furnishings industryLoewer, Peter
Cobalt-decorated stoneware.Home furnishings industryShaw, Robert
Collecting romantic transferware.Home furnishings industryAlbertson, Karla Klein
Colloquialisms in early America. (colonial origin of American idiomatic expressions)Home furnishings industryKiley, Marla
Craftsmen, consumers, and connoisseurs.(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
Early growth. (gardens)(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
Fairbanks House. (North America's oldest timber frame house)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Flax in the garden.Home furnishings industryJohnson, Cathy
Following the drinking gourd. (movement in New England that helped escaping black slaves)Home furnishings industryCurtis, John Obed
Frolics, raisings, and bees. (18th-century community gatherings in Pennsylvania)Home furnishings industryDoyles, Marian I.
Furniture of the Mahantongo Valley. (German furniture in Mahantongo Valley, Pennsylvania)Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
Gardening for Love. (book)Home furnishings industry 
George Washington's Gardens.Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
Gifts from your kitchen. (Christmas food presents)(recipes)Home furnishings industryWoolfolk, Margaret
Glebe House and its Gertrude Jekyll Garden.Home furnishings industryBrooks, Patricia
Greek Revival, Covert, New York. (domestic architecture)Home furnishings industry 
Greenhouse cuisine at Margaret Tilghman Carroll's Mount Clare.Home furnishings industryFertig, Judith M.
Herbs for all seasons.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Homewood. (historic house in Johns Hopkins University)Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
How to make a sugar cone.Home furnishings industryO'Neill, Edyth
How to make period slipcovers for chairs.Home furnishings industryBurke, Anne, Moore, Rosanna
How to take care of a quilt.Home furnishings industryAlbertson, Karla Klein
Ideas for the kitchen in a period house.Home furnishings industry 
Identifying homespun linen.Home furnishings industryGraves, Donald
If architecture is frozen music, this must be the minute waltz.(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
Interior storm sashes.Home furnishings industryRoth, McKie Wing, Jr.
Living in grandmother's garden: May Brawley Hill.Home furnishings industryMartin, Tovah
New England Indian baskets. (includes related article on collecting baskets)Home furnishings industryShaw, Robert
Old-fashioned ornaments to make. (Christmas decorations)Home furnishings industry 
Old house details. (restoration of early houses)Home furnishings industry 
Old kitchen stuff.Home furnishings industryCreznic, Jean
Over the hill to the poorhouse. (America's almshouses)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
Pieced quilts.Home furnishings industryShaw, Robert
Pirates. (history)Home furnishings industryLaLand, Patricia
Prudence Crandall and the Canterbury female boarding school.Home furnishings industryHornbuckle, Robin Peress
Rokeby and the underground railroad. (includes related article on Rokeby's owners, the Robinsons)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
Sweet peas.Home furnishings industryMartin, Tovah
The Abiah Taylor house. (Taylor-Cope Historic District, Chester County, Pennsylvania)Home furnishings industry 
The Aiken-Rhett House. (survey of the architectural design of former Southern Carolina governor William Aiken's house)(includes related article)Home furnishings industry 
The Barns-Brinton house.Home furnishings industryCreznic, Jean
The Christmas long ago.Home furnishings industryDoyle, Marian I.
The curious knotted garden.Home furnishings industryHinkley, Terry Tucker
The furniture hunt. (collectors of historical Mahantongo Valley, Pennsylvania German furniture)Home furnishings industry 
The garden at the Adams house.Home furnishings industryLangford, Norma Jane
The gardens of Genesee. (Genesee County Village and Museum in Mumford, New York)Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
The Gardner kitchen house. (transformation of a servants' quarters in Charleston, South Carolina into a quaint modern residence)Home furnishings industry 
The George Wythe House. (colonial house in Williamsburg, VA)Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
The glass armonica.Home furnishings industryMiley, Mary R.
The Kutztown Festival. (annual Kutztown Pennsylvania German Festival)Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
The Spencer-Peirce-Little House, Newbury, Massachusetts.Home furnishings industry 
The Thomas Elfe house. (18th-century cabinetmaker in Charleston, South Carolina)Home furnishings industry 
The Victoria and Albert Museum.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Tullie Smith Farm. (Atlanta, Georgia)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
Virginia samplers. (Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
What's buried. (discovering historic houses in Covert town, New York)(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
Where to learn traditional skills.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Wilderness elegance restored: the Thomas Ruggles house.Home furnishings industry 
Winterthur's garden.Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
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