Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1995
A demand theory for number of trips in a random utility model of recreation.Environmental services industryParsons, George R., Kealy, Mary Jo
A discrete-count model of recreational demand.Environmental services industryFeather, Peter, Hellerstein, Daniel, Tomasi, Theodore
Alternatives for managing drought:a comparative cost analysis.Environmental services industryFisher, Anthony, Fullerton, David, Hatch, Nile, Reinelt, Peter
An econometric model of the regulated emissions for fuel-efficient new vehicles.Environmental services industryKhazzoom, J. Daniel
An experiment in voluntary environmental regulation: participation in EPA's 33/50 program.Environmental services industryCason, Timothy N., Arora, Seema
An independent sample test of yea-saying and starting point bias in dichotomous-choice contingent valuation.Environmental services industryKramer, Randall A., Holmes, Thomas P.
A policy simulation of the Wetlands Reserve Program.Environmental services industryParks, Peter J., Kramer, Randall A.
A spatial model of optimal water conveyance.Environmental services industryZilberman, David, Chakravorty, Ujjayant, Hochman, Eithan
Assessing the economic cost of greenhouse-induced sea level rise: methods and application in support of a national survey.Environmental services industryYohe, Gary, Neumann, James, Ameden, Holly
Assessing the relationship between government policy and deforestation.Environmental services industryDeacon, Robert T.
Assessing the validity and reliability of contingent values: a comparison of on-site users, off-site users, and non-users.Environmental services industryWhitehead, John C., Blomquist, Glenn C., Hoban, Thomas J., Clifford, William B.
Averting behavior and policy evaluation.Environmental services industryBresnahan, Brian W., Dickie, Mark
A well-based cost function and the economics of exhaustible resources: the case of natural gas.Environmental services industryChermak, Janie M., Patrick, Robert H.
Bias in discrete response contingent valuation.Environmental services industryKanninen, Barbara J.
Changes in optimal pollution taxes as population increases.Environmental services industryKennedy, John O.S.
Comparing three approaches that generate bids for the referendum contingent valuation method.Environmental services industryElnagheeb, Abdelmoneim H., Jordan, Jeffrey L.
Compensating wages, value of a statistical life, and inter-industry differentials.Environmental services industryLeigh, J. Paul
Consumer surplus from discrete choice models.Environmental services industryMcConnell, K.E.
Contingent valuation when respondents are ambivalent.Environmental services industryWhitehead, John C., Blomquist, Glenn C., Ready, Richard C.
Cost-effectiveness analysis for complex managed hydrosystems: an application to the Columbia River Basin.Environmental services industryWernstedt, Kris, Paulsen, Charles M.
Discrete choice under preference uncertainty: an improved structural model for contingent valuation.Environmental services industryLi, Chuan-Zhong, Mattsson, Leif
Does willingness to pay reflect the purchase of moral satisfaction? A reconsideration of Kahneman and Knetsch. (response to D. Kahneman, J.L. Knetsch, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 22, p. 57, 1992)Environmental services industryNickerson, Carol A.E.
Dynamic incentives of environmental regulations:the effects of alternative policy instruments on technology diffusion.Environmental services industryJaffe, Adam B., Stavins, Robert N.
Effects of carbon taxes in an economy with prior tax distortions:An intertemporal general equilibrium analysis.Environmental services industryGoulder, Lawrence H.
Efficiency vs bias of willingness-to-pay estimates: bivariate and interval-data models.Environmental services industryAlberini, Anna
Energy taxation as a policy instrument to reduce CO2 emissions: a net benefit analysis.Environmental services industryViscusi, W. Kip, Boyd, Roy, Krutilla, Kerry
Environmental standards and industrial policy.Environmental services industryCadot, Olivier, Sinclair-Desgagne, Bernard
Expanding U.S. log export restrictions: impacts on state revenue and policy implications.Environmental services industryJohnson, Ronald N., Rucker, Randal R., Lippke, Holly
Explaining "irrational" land use: risk aversion and marginal agricultural land.Environmental services industryParks, Peter J.
Exvessel price determination in the Alaska king crab fishery: a formula price contract under uncertainty.Environmental services industryMittelhammer, Ron C., Matulich, Scott C., Greenberg, Joshua A.
Garbage, recycling and illicit burning or dumping.Environmental services industryFullerton, Don, Kinnaman, Thomas C.
House prices during siting decision stages: the case of an incinerator from rumor through operation.Environmental services industryKiel, Katherine A., McClain, Katherine T.
Modeling recreation demand in the presence of unobservable travel costs:toward a travel price model.Environmental services industryShonkwiler, J.S., Englin, Jeffrey
Neoclassical growth, the J curve for abatement, and the inverted U curve for pollution.Environmental services industrySelden, Thomas M., Song, Daqing
On the value of a collection of species.Environmental services industryPolasky, Stephen, Solow, Andrew R.
Optimal 'adders' for environmental damage by public utilities.Environmental services industryBurtraw, Dallas, Harrington, Winston, Krupnick, Alan J.
Optimal capital accumulation in a fishery: a nonlinear irreversible investment model.Environmental services industryBoyce, John R.
Optimal designs for discrete choice contingent valuation surveys: single-bound, double-bound, and bivariate models.Environmental services industryAlberini, Anna
Optimal pricing of depletable, replaceable resources: the case of landfill tipping fees.Environmental services industryReady, Mark J., Ready, Richard C.
Overlapping generations and environmental control.Environmental services industryMarini, Giancarlo, Scaramozzino, Pasquale
Pollution as news: media and stock market reactions to the toxics released inventory data.Environmental services industryHamilton, James T.
Pollution-controlling innovation in oligopolistic industries:some comparisons between patent races and research joint ventures.Environmental services industryHackett, Steven C.
Pollution taxes and revenue recycling.Environmental services industryParry, Ian W.H.
Project evaluation for sustainable rural development: Plan Sierra in the Dominican Republic.Environmental services industrySadoulet, Elisabeth, Janvry, Alain de, Santos, Blas
Property rights and entrepreneurial income in commercial fisheries.Environmental services industryTerrebonne, R. Peter
Public mechanisms to support compliance to an environmental norm.Environmental services industryStranlund, John K.
Regulating pollution under asymmetric information: the case of industrial wastewater treatment.Environmental services industryThomas, Alban
Rent capture in a rights-based fishery.Environmental services industryGrafton, R. Quentin
Sequencing and nesting in contingent valuation surveys.Environmental services industryCarson, Richard T., Mitchell, Robert Cameron
Siting noxious facilities:are markets efficient?Environmental services industryIngberman, Daniel E.
Stochastic trends and structural breaks in the intensity of metals use.Environmental services industryLabson, B. Stephen
Structural estimation of the stochastic dynamic decision problems of resource users:an application to the timber harvest decision.Environmental services industryProvencher, Bill
Technological change and the dynamics of resource scarcity measures.Environmental services industryFarzin, Y.H.
The context for substitutes in CVM studies:some empirical observations.Environmental services industryNeill, Helen R.
The cyclical exploitation of renewable resource stocks may be optimal.Environmental services industryWirl, Franz
The economics of conjunctive groundwater management with stochastic surface supplies.Environmental services industryOlson, Lars J., Knapp, Keith C.
The effect of labor market performance on deforestation in developing countries under open access: an example from rural Nepal.Environmental services industryBluffstone, Randall A.
Transaction costs and tradeable permits.Environmental services industryStavins, Robert N.
Uncertainty and irreversibility in groundwater resource management.Environmental services industryZemel, Amos, Tsur, Yacov
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