Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 1998 - Abstracts

Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 1998
Aim high when you target prospects. (advertising tips for the manufactured home industry)(successful advertising)Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert J.
Allen REIT index: is the honeymoon over?(real estate investment trusts)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Allen reit index quarterly report.(community corner)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Alliance formed to develop affordable urban housing.Construction and materials industries 
An old warrior finds new battlegrounds. (profile on Hames Homes founder Curt Hames)Construction and materials industriesOverend, Robert B.
Appeals court reverses roof pitch decision.Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
Are we ready for higher interest rates.(merchandiser impressions)(Column)Construction and materials industries 
Are you getting your fair share?Construction and materials industriesBoers, Ted
A smoke-filled room. (manufactured housing industry financial management strategies)Construction and materials industriesWantuck, T. Otto
Associations play a key role.(importance of people involved in the manufactured homes industry to be active in their organizations)(Column)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
A very good point.(customer service in the manufactured home industry)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Avoid selling sins. (marketing prefabricated homes)Construction and materials industriesLaird, Guy
Better credit applications speed the sales process.Construction and materials industriesGabriel, Greg
Can empowering employees be a bottom line booster?Construction and materials industriesLowndes, Leil
Congress fails to pass MH bills before adjourning.(manufactured housing)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
Developing a winning retail sales team.Construction and materials industriesDavidson, Carl
Does your sales team help or hurt you?(the art of selling)Construction and materials industriesDavidson, Carl
Finding the hidden value of MH developments. (manufactured housing)Construction and materials industriesCline, Richard
First quarter Allen REIT index update.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Five lessons of leadership for sales managers.Construction and materials industriesTownsend, Fred
Grading communities with rating chart.(ABCD Real Estate Asset Property Rating Chart)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Guiding prospects to a purchase decision.Construction and materials industriesHutson, Don, Lucas, George
Handling the changing trend toward choice.Construction and materials industriesDavidson, Carl
House holds hearings on homeownership act. (American Homeownership Act of 1998)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
How much does a prospect cost?(customer relations in the prefabricated housing industry sector)Construction and materials industriesCorbin, Ken
HUD issues interpretative bulletin on metal roofs.(Housing and Urban Development)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
Indoor home show ends winter doldrums. (Centennial Homes Inc's winter marketing strategy)Construction and materials industriesOverend, Robert B.
Innovative home designs revitalize Lido resort.(Lido Mobile Home Park in Newport Beach, California, transformed to the Lido Peninsula Resort)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
Investor math lesson: I plus C equals Max ROI. (image, curb appeal, maximum return of investment)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Is it a service crisis or a training vacuum? (mobile homes sales training)Construction and materials industriesManning, Shaun
Is it election time again.Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
It's all about image.(development of the US manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industries 
Land development may be the answer. (Column)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Making the best choices for your digital needs.(computer systems for the prefabricated houses industry)(part 1)(Panel Discussion)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
Managing turnover of the sales staff.Construction and materials industriesHutson, Don, Lucas, George
Manufactured housing with a Canadian flavor.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
MHI calls for industry role in CASA program.(move by the Manufactured Housing Institute for the inclusion of the industry in the Computer Automation of the SAA Activities)(Washington Report)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
New Colony Village: an upscale community.(housing developers)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
No ban on 'on-frame' modulars, N.C. Supreme Court rules. (North Carolina)Construction and materials industries 
Offensive versus defensive advertising.Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Oklahoma retailers find their niche.(manufactured housing retailers)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
Professionalism improves through prospecting.Construction and materials industriesHutson, Don, Lucas, George
Raising the standard of sales center professionalism.Construction and materials industriesHutson, Don, Lucas, George
Roundtable looks at the state of the industry.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Sales expected to continue through 2000.(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industries 
Sales growth predicted through year 2000.(manufactured home industry)Construction and materials industries 
Selling the dream of home ownership.Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Sell your sales center.(successful advertising)Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Separating industry truths from the misconceptions.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Setting your sights on great performances.(efficient sales management in the prefabricated housing sector)Construction and materials industriesDavidson, Carl
Seven steps toward maximum ROI. (return on investment)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Should you sell on the 'first date'?Construction and materials industriesDavidson, Carl
Smart retailers lock up the market. (issues in locking up displayed project homes)Construction and materials industriesDavidson, Carl
Survey reveals profile of TV ad respondents. (survey on the response of TV viewers on the advertisement of Colorado Manufactured Housing Association)Construction and materials industriesTremblay, Kenneth R., Jr.
The ABC's of MH loans. (manufactured housing financing basics)Construction and materials industriesWantuck, T. Otto
The community business: past, present and future.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
The elimination of sales fraud.Construction and materials industriesLavin, Martin
The march of time never stops.(trends in the prefabricated housing sector)(Column)Construction and materials industries 
The never-ending battle for the truth continues.(public perception of manufactured homes as low-quality products for low-income people)Construction and materials industries 
The property management audit.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Tornadoes draw focus to MH storm safety. (manufactured homes)Construction and materials industries 
Tornado news reports draw mixed reviews.Construction and materials industries 
Turnover: the high cost of the people mills.(staff management)Construction and materials industriesTownsend, Fred
Western report.(business conditions for the prefabricated housing industry in California)Construction and materials industriesWest, Bob
Western report.(manufactured housing industry in California)(Industry Overview)Construction and materials industriesWest, Bob
Westfall Mobile Homes: staying ahead of the pack.(Company Profile)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
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