The Journals of Gerontology, Series B - Abstracts

The Journals of Gerontology, Series B
Acquisition and long-term retention of a gross motor skill in Alzheimer's disease patients under constant and varied practice conditions.SeniorsCotman, Carl W., Dick, Malcolm B., Shankle, Rodman W., Beth, Richard E., Dick-Muehlke, Cordula, Kean, Mary-Louise
A cross-cultural study of the subjective well-being of married elderly persons in the United States and India.SeniorsVenkatraman, Manorama M.
Address at ceremony launching the International Year of Older Persons (1999).(Transcript)SeniorsAnnan, Kofi
Adult age differences in perceptually based, but not conceptually based implicit tests of memory.SeniorsMasson, Michael E.J., Hultsch, David F., Small, Brent J.
Advancing caregiver research: weighing efficacy and feasibility of interventions.SeniorsMontogomery, Rhonda J.V.
Age and gender differences in the effectiveness of map-like learning aids in memory for routes.SeniorsCaplan, Leslie J., Lipman, Paula Darby
Age-associated changes in specific errors on the Benton Visual Retention Test.SeniorsKawas, Claudia, Zonderman, Alan B., Resnick, Susan M., Trotman, Karen Mae
Age differences in recall and predicting recall of action events and words.SeniorsHultsch, David F., McDonald-Miszczak, Leslie, Hubley, Anita M.
Age-related changes in binocular vision: detection of noise-masked targets in young and old observers.SeniorsSperanza, Filippo, Schneider, Bruce A., Moraglia, Giampaolo
Age-related retention of skilled memory search: examination of associative learning, interference, and task-specific skills.SeniorsHertzog, Christopher, Fisk, Arthur D., Cooper, Brian P., Anderson-Garlach, Marjo
Aging and the segregation of auditory stimulus sequences.SeniorsAlain, Claude, Ogawa, Keith H., Woods, David L.
A measurement model of cortisol reactivity of healthy older adults.SeniorsZarit, Steven H., Bosworth, Hayden B., Preville, Michel, Susman, Elisabeth, Smyer, Michael, Reid, James D.
An examination of driving records in a dementia clinic.SeniorsCooper, Peter, Tuokko, Holly, Tallman, Karen, Beattie, B. Lynn, Weir, Janine
Burden among White and Black caregivers to elderly adults.SeniorsFredman, Lisa, Daly, Mel P., Lazur, Ann M.
Change in productive activity in late adulthood: MacArthur studies of successful aging.SeniorsSeeman, Teresa E., Herzog, A. Regula, Berkman, Lisa F., Glass, Thomas A., Kahn, Robert
Changes in physician utilization over time among older adults.SeniorsStump, Timothy E., Johnson, Robert J., Wolinsky, Fredric D.
Changing perspectives on retirement.(Editorial)SeniorsHenretta, John C.
Cross pressures on middle-aged adults: a broader view.(Editorial)SeniorsSoldo, Beth J.
Effects of late-onset depression and recovery on autobiographical memory.SeniorsFromholt, Pia, Larsen, Steen F., Larsen, Per
Effects of multifactorial memory training in old age: generalizability across tasks and individuals.SeniorsBackman, Lars, Neely, Anna Stigsdotter
Effects of parental divorce and memories of family problems on relationships between adult children and their parents.SeniorsHerzog, A. Regula, Webster, Pamela S.
Factors underlying the institutionalization of elderly persons in Canada.SeniorsCarriere, Yves, Pelletier, Louis
Family structure and the risk of nursing home admission.SeniorsFreedman, Vicki A.
Genetic and environmental influences on functional age: a twin study.SeniorsMcGue, Matt, Whitfield, Keith, Finkel, Deborah
Guest editorial: sharing and archiving data is fundamental to scientific progress.(Social Sciences)SeniorsRockwell, Richard C., Abeles, Ronald P.
Hospital utilization profiles among older adults over time: consistency and volume among survivors and decedents.SeniorsStump, Timothy E., Johnson, Robert J., Wolinsky, Fredric D.
How does formal and informal community care affect nursing home use?SeniorsJette, Alan M., Crawford, Sybil, Tennstedt, Sharon
Interrelations of age, health, and speed.SeniorsSalthouse, Timothy A., Earles, Julie L.
Judging event covariation: effects of age and memory demand.SeniorsMutter, Sharon A., Pliske, Rebecca M.
Longitudinal investigation of eyeblink classical conditioning in elderly human subjects.SeniorsWoodruff-Pak, Diana S., Ferrante, Lynn S.
Long-term efficacy of fluid ability interventions with older adults.SeniorsHayslip, Bert, Jr., Maloy, Robyn M., Kohl, Rita
Measurement properties of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale: an Australian community study of aged persons.SeniorsMackinnon, Andrew, McCallum, John, Simons, Leon, Simons, Judith
Minority use of community long-term care services: a comparative analysis.SeniorsLi, Min, Campbell, Richard T., Furner, Sylvia, Prohaska, Thomas, Miller, Baila, Davis, Lucille, Giachello, Aida, Kaufman, Julie E., Perez, Carmen
Mixed trends in population health among older adults.(Guest Editorial)(Editorial)SeniorsCrimmins, Eileen M.
Negative interaction and satisfaction with social support among older adults.SeniorsKrause, Neal
Opportunity wages and workforce adjustments: understanding the cost of in-home elder care.SeniorsWhite-Means, Shelley, Chollet, Deborah
Optical flow, spatial orientation, and the control of posture in the elderly.SeniorsTreat-Jacobson, Diane, Taylor, John R., Lindquist, Ruth, Wade, Michael G.
Perceiving middle-aged adults: effects of stereotype-congruent and incongruent information.SeniorsHeckhausen, Jutta, Krueger, Joachim, Hundertmark, Jutta
Plasma lipids and their relationships with psychosocial factors in older adults.SeniorsVitaliano, Peter P., Russo, Joan, Niaura, Raymond
Positive and negative social exchanges: weighing their effects in later life.(Editorial)SeniorsRook, Karen S.
Racial differences in family support and formal service utilization among older persons: a nonrecursive model.SeniorsMiner, Sonia
Religion, aging, and health: current status and future prospects.(Editorial)SeniorsKrause, Neal
Religious effects on health status and life satisfaction among black Americans.SeniorsTaylor, Robert Joseph, Chatters, Linda M., Levin, Jeffrey S.
Research and politics in policymaking for Social Security.(Social Sciences)(Editorial)SeniorsBerkowitz, Edward D.
Robust aging among the young-old, old-old, and oldest-old.SeniorsHerzog, A. Regula, Garfein, Adam J.
Self-care and assistance from others in coping with functional status limitations among a national sample of older adults.SeniorsKonrad, Thomas R., Koch, Gary G., DeFriese, Gordon H., Kalsbeek, William D., Ory, Marcia G., Bernard, Shulamit L., Norburn, Jean E. Kincade, Woomert, Alison
Self-rated health and physical disability in elderly survivors of a major medical event.SeniorsIdler, Ellen L., Kasl, Stanislav V., Wilcox, Victoria L.
Sources of covariation among Mini-Mental State Examination scores, education, and cognitive abilities.SeniorsPedersen, Nancy L., Gatz, Margaret, Reynolds, Chandra A.
Spillover between daughters' roles as caregiver and wife: interference or enhancement?SeniorsStephens, Mary Ann Parris, Franks, Melissa M.
Successful aging at work: an applied study of Selection, Optimization, and Compensation through impression management.SeniorsAbraham, Joseph D., Hansson, Robert O.
The balance of exchange in instrumental support with network members outside the household.SeniorsStrain, Laurel A., Hirdes, John P.
The effect of retirement on mental health and health behaviors: the Kaiser permanent retirement study.SeniorsTekawa, Irene S., Soghikian, Krikor, Ransom, Laura J., Midanik, Lorraine T.
The index used to measure "religious practice" in "The Relation of Religion Preference and Practice to Depressive Symptoms Among 1,855 Older Adults." (response to G.J. Kennedy, H.R. kelman, C. Thomas and J. Chen, Journal of Gerentology: Psychological Sciences, vol. 51B, p. 301, 1996)SeniorsPacker, Sharon
The International Year of Older Persons: putting aging and research onto the political agenda.SeniorsAndrews, Gary, Clark, Michele J.
The last half-century of aging research - and thoughts for the future.SeniorsGeorge, Linda K.
The locus of age-related movement slowing: sensory processing in continuous goal-directed aiming.SeniorsWinstein, Carolee J., Pohl, Patricia S., Fisher, Beth E.
The methodology of social scientific research in gerontology: progress and issues.SeniorsCutler, Stephen J.
The next half-century of aging research - and thoughts for the past.SeniorsMarshall, Victor W.
The relationship between chronic illness and depression in a community of urban Black elderly persons.SeniorsBazargan, Mohsen, Hamm-Baugh, Verneda P.
The relationship between depression and cognition in older adults: a cross validation study.SeniorsLichtenberg, Peter A., Ross, Thomas, Millis, Scott R., Manning, Carol A.
The relative deprivation of U.S. elderly households as judged by their housing problems.SeniorsGolant, Stephen M., Greca, Anthony J. La
The structure of social engagement among nursing home residents.SeniorsMor, Vincent, Morris, John, Branco, Kenneth, Fleishman, John, Hawes, Catherine, Phillips, Charles, Fries, Brant
Valuing intervention research. (response to "Advancing Caregiver Research: Weighing Efficacy and Feasibility of Interventions" by R. Montgomery in 'Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences' 51B:S109-110, 1996)(Letter to the Editor)SeniorsGallagher-Thompson, Dolores, Mittelman, Mary Sherman
Worker adaptation and employer accommodation following the onset of a health impairment.SeniorsDaly, Mary C., Bound, John
Write this way.(Editorial)SeniorsEkerdt, David J.
Young adults' relations with grandparents following recent parental divorce.SeniorsCooney, Teresa M., Smith, Lori Ann
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