Asian Survey 2007 - Abstracts

Asian Survey 2007
A decade after the Asian Financial crisis: regionalism and international architecture in a globalized world.Regional focus/area studiesHellman, Donald C.
Afghanistan in 2006: The complications of post-conflict transition.Regional focus/area studiesGhufran, Nasreen
America's policy toward East Asia.Regional focus/area studiesRosenbluth, Frances, Saito, Jun, Zinn, Annalisa
Asia in 2006.(Statistical data)Regional focus/area studiesDittmer, Lowell
Assessing American Asia policy.Regional focus/area studiesDittmer, Lowell
Bangladesh in 2006: Living in "interesting times".(Bangladesh Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party)(Muhammad Yunus gets Nobel Prize)Regional focus/area studiesHagerty, Devin T.
'Brand Buddha' in India's West Bengal: the left reinvents itself.Regional focus/area studiesBasu, Partha Pratim
Brunei in 2006: Not a bad year.Regional focus/area studiesCase, William
Building the state in Timor-Leste.Regional focus/area studiesSahin, Selver B.
Cambodia in 2006: Self-promotion and Self-deception.(Cambodian People's Party won over National United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful and Cooperative Cambodia)Regional focus/area studiesWeggel, Oskar
China's perception of U.S. intentions toward Taiwan: how hostile a hegemon?Regional focus/area studiesKennedy, Andrew Bingham
Democratization and changing anti-American sentiments in South Korea.Regional focus/area studiesChang Hun Oh, Arrington, Celeste
Foreign portfolio investors and financial sector stability in Asia.Regional focus/area studiesJeong Yeon Lee
From political reform and economic crisis to coup d'tat in Thailand: the twists and turns of the political economy, 1997-2006.Regional focus/area studiesPrasirtsuk, Kitti
Grading Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi's revolution: how far has the LDP's policymaking changed?(Junichiro Koizumi)(Liberal Democratic Party)Regional focus/area studiesMishima, Ko
Hong Kong citizens' beliefs in media neutrality and perceptions of press freedom: Objectivity as self-censorship?(Legislation)Regional focus/area studiesLee, Francis L. F.
India and Bangladesh: will the twain ever meet?Regional focus/area studiesPant, Harsh V.
India in 2006: A new emphasis on engagement.Regional focus/area studiesLavoy, Peter R.
Indonesia in 2006: Cautious reform.Regional focus/area studiesKingsbury, Damien
Japan: a turning point?Regional focus/area studiesDittmer, Lowell
Japan in 2006: A political transition.Regional focus/area studiesPark, Gene, Vogel, Steven
Japan's history textbooks debate: national identity in narratives of victimhood and victimization.Regional focus/area studiesBukh, Alexander
Japan-Taiwan relations: unofficial in name only.Regional focus/area studiesJing Sun
Japan, the active state? .Regional focus/area studiesArase, David
Land tenure, democracy, and insurgency in Nepal: Peasant support for insurgency versus democracy.Regional focus/area studiesMason, T. David, Joshi, Madhav
Laos in 2006: Changing of the guard.(Somsavat Lengsavat elected as foreign minister Pany Yathothu elected as first women member)(Khamtai Siphandon elected as president)Regional focus/area studiesGunn, Geoffrey C.
Malaysia in 2006: An old tiger roars.(confrontation between Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Mahathir Mohamad)Regional focus/area studiesDerichs, Claudia
Malaysia-Japan relations under the Mahathir administration.(Case study)Regional focus/area studiesFuruoka, Fumitaka
Malaysia ten years after the Asian financial crisis.Regional focus/area studiesLee Poh Ping, Tham Siew Yean
Missing strategic opportunity in U.S. China policy since 9/11.Regional focus/area studiesTwomey, Christopher P.
Mongolia in 2006: Land of the rising Khan.Regional focus/area studiesNoerper, Stephen
Myanmar in 2006: Another year of housekeeping?Regional focus/area studiesThawnghmung, Ardeth Maung, Myoe, Maung Aung
National unity struggles in Myanmar: A degenerate case of governance for harmony in Asia.Regional focus/area studiesHolliday, Ian
Nepal and Bhutan in 2006: A year of revolution.Regional focus/area studiesGellner, David N.
North Korea in 2006: The year of living dangerously.Regional focus/area studiesCho, Ilsoo David, Woo, Meredith Jung-En
Pakistan in 2006: Safe center, dangerous peripheries.Regional focus/area studiesKhan, Adeel
Papua New Guinea in 2006: Somare's U-turn and legacy.(Michael Somare removed Bart Philemon from post of prime minister)Regional focus/area studiesChin, James
Persistent inequalities in funding for rural schooling in contemporary China.Regional focus/area studiesGang Guo
Prime Ministerial popularity and the changing electoral fortunes of Japan's Liberal Democratic party.(Junichiro Koizumi)Regional focus/area studiesPatterson, Dennis, Maeda, Ko
Rising Chinese influence in the South Pacific: Beijing's 'Island Fever'.Regional focus/area studiesShie, Tamara Renee
Russia and the CIS in 2006: Asserting Russian interests on Korean security, energy, and Central Asia.Regional focus/area studiesWishnick, Elizabeth
Singapore in 2006: An irritating and irritated ASEAN neighbor.(Temasek Holdings Private Ltd. acquired Shin Corporation)(foreign relations with Indonesia)Regional focus/area studiesChua Beng Huat
Singapore's political economy, 1997-2007: strategizing economic assurance for globalization.Regional focus/area studiesChong, Alan
South Korea in 2006: Nuclear standoff, trade talks, and population trends.Regional focus/area studiesLie, John, Kim, Andrew Eungi
Sri Lanka in 2006: Unresolved political and ethnic conflicts amid economic growth.Regional focus/area studiesDe Silva, Chandra R.
Taiwan in 2006: A year of political turmoil.(Chen Shui-bian forced to step down becuase of political corruption)Regional focus/area studiesYun-han Chu
Taiwan's developmental state: after the economic and political turmoil.Regional focus/area studiesYu-Shan Wu
Thailand in 2006: Retreat to military rule.(Thaksin Shinawatra)Regional focus/area studiesOckey, James
The 1997 Asian financial crisis and the revival of populism/neo-populism in 21st century Philippine politics.Regional focus/area studiesDe Castro, Renato Cruz
The advent of a new Japanese politics: effects of the 1994 revision of the electoral law.(Junichiro Koizumi)(Liberal Democratic Party )Regional focus/area studiesKaihara, Hiroshi
The Asian financial crisis and the Asian developmental state: ten years after.Regional focus/area studiesDittmer, Lowell
The dispatch of Japan's self-defense forces to Iraq: public opinion, elections, and foreign policy.(Japan. Defense Agency)(Iraq War, 2003-)(Liberal Democratic Party )Regional focus/area studiesIshibashi, Natsuyo
The North Korean nuclear crisis and U.S. strategy in Northeast Asia.Regional focus/area studiesRozman, Gilbert
The Philippines in 2006: Democracy and its discontents.(Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo forced to step down)(New People's Army (Philippines) and Philippine Communist Party)Regional focus/area studiesCoronel, Sheila S.
The political economies of broadband development in Korea and Japan.Regional focus/area studiesKushida, Kenji, Oh, Seung-Youn
The politics of economic reform in South Korea: crony capitalism after ten years.Regional focus/area studiesYong-Chool Ha, Wang Hwi Lee
The transformation of U.S.-India relations.Regional focus/area studiesGanguly, Sumit, Kapur, S. Paul
The United States and Asia in 2006: Crisis management, holding patterns, and secondary initiatives.Regional focus/area studiesSutter, Robert
The virtues and potential gains of continental trade in Eurasia.Regional focus/area studiesNorling, Nicklas, Swanstrom, Niklas
The Yasukuni controversy: divergent perspectives from the Japanese political elite.Regional focus/area studiesRyu, Yongwook
Timor-Leste in 2006: The end of the post-independence honeymoon.Regional focus/area studiesNevins, Joseph
U.S. policy and energy security in South Asia.Regional focus/area studiesSaez, Lawrence
U.S. policy in Southeast Asia.Regional focus/area studiesMauzy, Diane K., Job, Brian L.
U.S. policy toward North Korea in strategic context: Tempting Goliath's fate.Regional focus/area studiesHuntley, Wade L.
Vietnam in 2006: Stronger global integration and resolve for better governance.Regional focus/area studiesLuong, Hy V.
Workplace sexual harassment in Japan: a review of combating measures taken.Regional focus/area studiesHuen, Yuki W.P.
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