Early American Homes 1997 - Abstracts

Early American Homes 1997
A chronology of teapots.(17th century to present)Home furnishings industry 
A masterpiece recreated. (18th century Shenandoah Valley dower chest)Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
American decoys. (includes related article on collecting decoys)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryShaw, Robert
America's long affair with striped carpet. (includes related article on coverlets)Home furnishings industryGoody, Rabbit
An artful Pennsylvania house.Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
Animal friends: dogs and cats, sea anemones and squirrels.Home furnishings industryRupp, Rebecca
An old Connecticut cape. (house restoration)Home furnishings industry 
An old New England house.(preservation of an 18th century house)(includes related article)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
A pre-revolutionary New Jersey House. (the Posts Mills historic house)Home furnishings industryCzernic, Jean
A rare find. (Shaker drawings)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Around The American Table. (American cookbook by Michael Krondl) (includes sample recipes)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
A strawberry pincushion to make. (article on making pincushion)Home furnishings industryO'Neill, Edyth Charlene
A tool shed with a past.Home furnishings industry 
A turn-of-the-century garden at Barrett House.(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryShockey, Jill
A twentieth-century saltbox. (house designed to look like an original Connecticut brown saltbox)Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
A two-story, two-century log house.Home furnishings industryCreznic, Jean
A William & Mary high chest: epitome of the style. (includes related articles)Home furnishings industryGreene, Jeffrey P.
Baking in earthenware cake molds: three old-time recipes.Home furnishings industryWeaver, William Woys
Bethabara's richest harvest. (Historic Bethabara Park, Winston-Salem, NC)Home furnishings industryTurnage, Sheila
Christmas in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.Home furnishings industry 
Clement Moore and the "Night Before Christmas." (biography of the author of the poem)Home furnishings industrySchuessler, Raymond
Color in the winter garden.Home furnishings industryMacGregor, Annie
Cranberries. (include recipes)Home furnishings industryPerney, Suzanne
Creating a home for wildlife.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Digging into history. (Fort Vancouver Historic Garden, Vancouver, WA)Home furnishings industryHammer, Marian Behan
Early American jewelry.(17th-19th century)Home furnishings industryAuvergne, Caroline
Early New England gravestones. (includes related article in gravestone preservation)Home furnishings industryMoulton, Mark Kimball
Emigrants crossing the Atlantic.Home furnishings industryGanter, Mary N.
Feasting with the pilgrims. (Pilgrim harvest feast)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
Folk art weather vane.Home furnishings industryNelson, John
Fresh and dried natural decorations. (unique materials in making decorations for windows and doors)Home furnishings industryMuchler, Tom, Muchler, Judy
Genesee Country Village. (Genesee County, New York)Home furnishings industryShockey, Jill
Georgia vernacular, a bridge to the past.Home furnishings industry 
Hearts and holly - a Christmas stocking to knit.Home furnishings industryHoulden, Aurena M.
Herald angels: a stenciled tablecloth.Home furnishings industryLefko, Linda Carter
How the Holcomb house was built.Home furnishings industryCurtis, John Obed
How to make an eighteenth-century floorcloth. (includes related article on recreating Wheatland's floorcloth)Home furnishings industryMcCarthy, Joann E.
Ingrain carpet.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Jamestown's link to Shakespeare. (Jamestown, Virginia)Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
Jigsaw puzzles.Home furnishings industryWilliams, Anne D.
John White and the lost colony.Home furnishings industryLaLand, Patricia
Koeken und schnapps and a gude new year. (early American new year celebrations)Home furnishings industryDoyle, Marian I.
Liberty teas of colonial America.(American teas from homegrown ingredients)Home furnishings industryHinkley, Terry Tucker
Lilacs for remembrance. (includes related article on selection, planting and care of plants)Home furnishings industryTozer, Eliot
Local history. (Granville, Massachusetts)Home furnishings industryMoulton, Mark Kimball
Magnolia plantation gardens: a plan for all seasons.Home furnishings industryLaLand, Patricia
Marblehead's crown jewels: the Jeremiah Lee and King Hooper houses.(Massachusetts)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
Marzipan for the holiday table. (confectionery)Home furnishings industryShockey, Jill
Menu. (the 375th anniversary commemoration of The Harvest Feast)Home furnishings industry 
Metalwork in early America.(Illustration)Home furnishings industryFennimore, Donald L.
Neat as a bandbox. (usage and method of making a bandbox)Home furnishings industryViator, Jane B.
Once is never enough.(collecting as a hobby)(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
On the curious monikers of wildflowers.Home furnishings industryTakaro, Tim
Out of the pages of history: painted tongue.Home furnishings industryBrander, Sue M.
Pennsylvania German furniture.Home furnishings industryAppleton, Dick
Pennsylvania pottery banks. (coin banks)Home furnishings industryBreininger, Lester P., Jr.
Pennsylvania redware cake molds.Home furnishings industryBreininger, Lester P., Jr.
Pretty with pinks. (dianthus)Home furnishings industryMartin, Tovah
Pumpkin house.(Illustration)Home furnishings industryO'Neill, Edyth Charlene
Quimper pottery.Home furnishings industryAlbertson, Karla Klein
Scented-leaf geraniums. (includes recipes)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
Solving the puzzle of a Virginia house.(restoration of an antique house)Home furnishings industryDunbar, Jean
Soup tureens at Winterthur. (museum)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Sulfur inlay. (furniture decoration)Home furnishings industryCoffin, Margaret M.
Sweet Cicely takes a ride. (plant)(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
Tales from the tea table.(history of tea drinking)Home furnishings industryGoldsborough, Jennifer F.
Ten easy steps to garden color.Home furnishings industryJackson, Donald W.
The Christmas Museum. (Murtagh 18th-century home)Home furnishings industry 
The collectible cheese basket.Home furnishings industryFreeman, Chester D.
The female Peales: a portrait of the artists.Home furnishings industryAlbertson, Karla Klein
The gardens of Waterford, Virginia.Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
The green man. (ancient symbols)Home furnishings industryCreznic, Jean
The house that Jack (re)built. (Edyth and Jack O'Neill)Home furnishings industry 
The image business.Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
The kaleidoscope. (includes relate article on the kaleidoscope revival)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
The King Hooper house.(Marblehead's Crown Jewels)Home furnishings industry 
The lady, the curmudgeon, and three bags of gold. (Percy Mann's farmhouse in Scituate, MA)Home furnishings industryLangford, Norma Jane
The lives of a 1719 Saltbox.(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryCurtis, John Obed
The mighty Conestoga. (18-wheeler wagon)Home furnishings industryBishop, Lisa Mullins
The native sweet potato.Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
The necessary parts of gardening.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
The Pliny Freeman garden. (includes recipes)Home furnishings industryCreasy, Rosalind
The preservationist. (Faith Bybee)(Editorial)Home furnishings industryHandler, Mimi
The Williamsburg Institute: apprenticeship to the past. (programs offered covers 18th century skills)Home furnishings industryAndrews, JeanMarie
The Yuletide Festival in Salem, New Jersey.Home furnishings industryCreznic, Jean
Time for tea.(afternoon tea recipes)(includes related article)Home furnishings industry 
Traditional American crafts. (1997 Directory of Traditional American Crafts)Home furnishings industryClaggett, David L.
Uncommon Christmas collectibles.Home furnishings industryCreznic, Jean
Who is that man in the coach? a needlework hypothesis. (antique hand towels that depict 18th century businessman Henry William Stiegel)Home furnishings industryRandolph, Hamp
"You must risque to win": America at odds with fortune.Home furnishings industryGanter, Mary N.
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