Southern Folklore - Abstracts

Southern Folklore
A kinder, gentler St. Nicholas: transformation and meaning in a "Louisiana German" tradition.Regional focus/area studiesSexton, Rocky L.
American folksinging scholarship: a response to Norm Cohen.(response to article in this issue, p. 3)Regional focus/area studiesRosenberg, Neil V.
American Indian health care: approaching the Thunder's Nest.(Cultural Diversity in Medical Education)Regional focus/area studiesChilton, Mariana
A moment too quiet to be heard: conversion experiences of suburban Christians examined.Regional focus/area studiesWelch, Wendy Opal
A note on the origin and meaning of bold hives in the American South.Regional focus/area studiesCavender, Anthony
Applying folklore in medical education.(Cultural Diversity in Medical Education)Regional focus/area studiesO'Connor, Bonnie Blair
Approaches to the study of folklore and literature: old cruces and new possibilities.Regional focus/area studies 
A sense of place or a sense of self: personal narratives and the construction of personal and regional identity.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesWilson, William A.
Beowulf, old law, internalized feud.(Outlaws and Other Medieval Heroes)Regional focus/area studiesLindahl, Carl
"Born on the wrong side of the porch": violating traditions in 'Bastard Out of Carolina'.Regional focus/area studiesDonlon, Jocelyn Hazelwood
"Bring me a pumpkin": a healing ceremony in Orisha worship for women of all ages.Regional focus/area studiesEvanchuk, Robin
"Bury Me Beneath the Willow": Linda Parker and definitions of tradition on the National Barn Dance, 1932-1935.Regional focus/area studiesMcCusker, Kristine M.
Clearing the air: black and white assumptions and attitudes toward the Regal Crown Air Freshener.Regional focus/area studiesBruce, Alexander M.
Connecting with God: Christian women's sermons and the revisioning of the Divine.Regional focus/area studiesLawless, Elaine J.
Conservatism and dynamism in the contemporary celebration of Halloween: institutionalization, commercialization, gentrification.Regional focus/area studiesGrider, Sylvia Ann
Culinary tourism: a folkloristic perspective on eating and otherness.(Culinary Tourism)Regional focus/area studiesLong, Lucy M.
Dark-fried tobacco: the origin, migration, and survival of a colonial agrarian tradition.Regional focus/area studiesMorgan, John
Deaf identity, language politics, and "hyphenated" ethnography.Regional focus/area studiesHarmon, Kirsten
Eating fried rattler: the symbolic significance of the Rattlesnake Roundup. (Sweetwater, Texas)Regional focus/area studiesMcCormick, Charlie
"Edward," incest, and intertextuality: problems of authority and indeterminacy in the traditional ballad.Regional focus/area studiesAtkinson, David
Ethnography, journalism and literature: ethnographic text and Southern author Harry Crews.Regional focus/area studiesRotenstein, David S.
Flavors of memory: Jewish food as culinary tourism in Poland.(Culinary Tourism)Regional focus/area studiesJochnowitz, Eve
Folklore figures in Spanish Galician Carnaval.Regional focus/area studiesValentine, Kristin B., Valentine, Eugene
Folkloric representation and extended context in the experimental ethnography of Zora Neale Hurston.Regional focus/area studiesLawrence, David Todd
From culinary other to mainstream American: meanings and uses of Southwestern cuisine.(Culinary Tourism)Regional focus/area studiesBentley, Amy
Gender, culture and experience: a painful case.(Cultural Diversity in Medical Education)Regional focus/area studiesHufford, David J.
"It's not a president's business to catch flies": proverbial rhetoric in inaugural addresses of American presidents.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesMieder, Wolfgang
"Jumping the broom": possible Welsh origins of an African-American custom.Regional focus/area studiesSullivan, C.W., III
Juneteenth in Louisiana: "If I found out it was a holiday, I'd try to celebrate it".Regional focus/area studiesAdkins, Courtney
La quinceanera: towards an ethnographic analysis of a life-cycle ritual.Regional focus/area studiesCantu, Norma E.
Lee Hays: a literary reconsideration.Regional focus/area studiesKoppelman, Robert
Legends of Breca and Beowulf.(Outlaws and Other Medieval Heroes)Regional focus/area studiesMcNamara, John
"My soul will come back to trouble you": cultural and ethical issues in the coerced treatment of a Hmong adolescent.(Cultural Diversity in Medical Education)Regional focus/area studiesTrue, Gala
Negotiating the flesh and the spirit in modern Pentecostal preachers.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesDeShane, Kenneth R.
Negotiating the planning process: applied folklore and organizational strategy.Regional focus/area studiesWalle, Alf H.
"No whining": visitation restrictions in American hospitals and their impact on health care.(Cultural Diversity in Medical Education)Regional focus/area studiesLambrinidou, Yanna
Other books, other powers: 'The 6th and 7th Books of Moses' in Afro-Atlantic folk belief.Regional focus/area studiesPolk, Patrick A.
"Our friends have given consolation": communal response to the Jonesboro school shootings.Regional focus/area studiesBurns, Richard Allen
Personal narrative in gospel performance: Shirley Caesar's "The Four Angels"Regional focus/area studiesHarrington, Brooksie
Redeemers and outlaws in Welsh tradition.(Outlaws and Other Medieval Heroes)Regional focus/area studiesHenken, Elissa R.
Rites of intensification: eating and ethnicity in the Catskills.(Culinary Tourism)Regional focus/area studiesSaltzman, Rachelle H.
Signaling the creator: Indian football as ritual performance among the Yuchi and their neighbors.Regional focus/area studiesJackson, Jason Baird
'Sometimes it takes experts to tell the difference': a believer's perspective on Pentecostal sermons.Regional focus/area studiesDeShane, Kenneth R.
Strategies of presentation and control at Disney's EPCOT: "field notes" on tourism, folk ideas, and manipulating culture.Regional focus/area studiesCaro, Frank de
Symbolic themes in the European Cinderella cycle.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesSilva, Francisco Vaz da
The iniquitous undertaker: legends of Oscar and Mary Fischer.Regional focus/area studiesEdwards, Emily D.
The possibilities of flight: the celebration of our wings in 'Song of Solomon,' 'Praisesong for the Widow,' and 'Mama Day.'.Regional focus/area studiesMetting, Fred
The prism of race: two Texas folk performers.Regional focus/area studiesMullen, Patrick B.
The psychoanalytic study of religious custom and belief: ritual fasting, self-mutilation, and the "deus otiosus."Regional focus/area studiesDundes, Alan
The relevance of "authentic tradition" in studying an oldtime Florida fiddler.Regional focus/area studiesHansen, Gregory
"There's not much to talk about when you're taking pictures of houses": the poetics of vernacular spaces.Regional focus/area studiesLaudun, John
The Robin Hood ballads and the English outlaw tradition.(Outlaws and Other Medieval Heroes)Regional focus/area studiesLundgren, Tim
"The same damn stories": exploring a variation on tradition in Sherman Alexie's 'The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven'.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesMcGrath, Jacqueline L.
"These stories are not 'real,' but they are as true as I can make them": Lee Smith's literary ethnography.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesHill, Reinhold L.
The shape of defeat: from Roncevaux to the Little Big Horn to the Ia Drang.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesAncelet, Barry Jean, Bordessoule, Nadine
The singking of the Titanic and the floundering of American folksong scholarship.Regional focus/area studiesCohen, Norm
"The spirit will tell you to see a doctor": the viability of espiritismo in bio-medicine.Regional focus/area studiesMyers, Christa M.
The "Tale of Gamelyn" as a Greenwood outlaw talking.(Outlaws and Other Medieval Heroes)Regional focus/area studiesBradbury, Nancy Mason
"The Tell-Tale Heart" as Evil Eye event.Regional focus/area studiesKirkland, James
Toward a theory of adolescent cruising: echoes from 1983.Regional focus/area studiesMcCormick, Charles
Transformative re-membering: de-scribing the unspeakable in battered women's narratives.Regional focus/area studiesLawless, Elaine F.
Vermin in boils: what if it were true?Regional focus/area studiesBennett, Gillian
"Waking up less than whole": the female perpetrator in male-victim kidney-theft legends.Regional focus/area studiesGoska, Danusha
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