Shape 1999 - Abstracts

Shape 1999
9 no-fail steps to losing weight and keeping it off.(The Real Woman's Guide to Weight Loss)Women's issues/gender studies 
Adventure afoot.(outdoor shoes and boots)(Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesSarah Bowen Shea, Andrea Gabbard
Adventure racing lite.(adventure racing is in vogue in the US)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine Fredman, Beth M. Howard
A kick-butt workout: six strategic moves for a butt that works.Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Turner
Arms race.(arm, shoulder, chest and back exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Turner
Balancing act.(includes related articles)(planning meals)Women's issues/gender studiesKatie Sullivan Morford, Robin Vitetta-Miller
Beat the heat: don't sweat summer. Use these strategies for staying cool and looking hot.Women's issues/gender studiesRebecca Sample
Body boost.(28-day knockout body plan)Women's issues/gender studiesDana Sullivan
Body shop.(Shape magazine's body-image workshop)Women's issues/gender studiesLisa Dionne
Booby trap: a busty babe takes on the bounce factor.(Column)Women's issues/gender studiesCarolyn C. Armistead
Breaking the soy barrier.(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
Carrot cake.(Recipe)Women's issues/gender studiesEvelyn Tribole
Crazy for creatine.(analysis of the exercise supplement)Women's issues/gender studiesDana Sullivan
Dying of shyness?Women's issues/gender studiesRoberta Pollack Seid
Editor's letter.(reaching the summit of one's training)(Editorial)Women's issues/gender studiesBarbara C. Harris Bishop
Europe (on a shoestring).(includes list of guidebooks and packing tips)Women's issues/gender studiesSandy Wolofsky
Get chiseled.(EXERCISE)(strength training and exercise program)Women's issues/gender studies 
Get going.(a weight loss program)Women's issues/gender studiesCourtney Rubin
Glitter for grown-ups.(makeup)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Clarke
Goal for it!(setting and achieving fitness goals)Women's issues/gender studiesJulia Bourland
Hail Halle!(actress Halle Berry tries three different exercises)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesMichele Kort
Healing secrets: recipes to de-stress, soothe and energize your body.(Recipe)Women's issues/gender studiesJudith Benn Hurley
Heavenly bodies.(how movie stars developed their enviable physique)Women's issues/gender studiesMichael Kort
Holiday survival.(keeping fit from Thanksgiving to New Year)Women's issues/gender studiesKatie Sullivan Morford, Donna Raskin
Home body.(at-home exercise equipment)(Buyers Guide)Women's issues/gender studiesKaren Good
Hot by day hot by night.(America's nine hippest cities)Women's issues/gender studiesGrace Huang
"I never gave up because I knew what I had done to my body by smoking and that I was the only one who could make it right.".(Success Stories)(Rosa Esposito, New York)Women's issues/gender studies 
Infertile ground.(includes related article on fertility indicators)(fertility)Women's issues/gender studiesMichele Pullia Turk
It's a sin to tell a lie....(why people lie)Women's issues/gender studiesRoberta Pollack Seid
Just desserts.(DIET & NUTRITION: Shape Cooks Special)(includes related article on winning tips)(recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
(Last-dash) Y2K weekends.(travel at new year 2000)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Elaine Glusac, Tajinder Reyatt, Catherine Fredman
Lemon twists.(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesAngela Hynes
Lighten up.(a woman's weight loss journey)Women's issues/gender studiesCourtney Rubin
No excuses.(The Real Woman's Guide to Weight Loss)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Duffy
Olestra update: chipping into the snack market.Women's issues/gender studiesSusan Learner Barr
"Once I realized it was my choice to remain trapped by my weight, I decided to free myself by simply applying movement to my life.".(Success Stories)(Mary Robinson, Texas)Women's issues/gender studies 
Outside help: getting in touch with nature is good for body, mind and soul.Women's issues/gender studiesPamela Michael
Pictures of health: 5 women show you why BMI doesn't tell the whole story. How do you measure up?(body mass index)Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne Schlosberg, Leslie Milk
Presents of mind.(gifts for women who enjoy fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesAbbie Kozolchyk, Sarah Bowen Shea, Kristin Carpenter
Quitting time: no more excuses: there have never been so many ways to stop smoking.(includes related articles on psychological and physiological barriers to a quit-smoking regime)Women's issues/gender studiesNicolle Smith
Reader round table: are your really fit?(seven elements of physical fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesAlice Lesch Kelly
River wise.(seven women's five-day white-water-rafting-and-kayaking adventure)Women's issues/gender studiesCarol Jacobs
Scentsibility: luxurious floral fragrances beautifully capture the mood of the moment.Women's issues/gender studiesJillian Mackenzie
Shattered!(post-traumatic stress disorder among women)Women's issues/gender studiesSharon Cohen
Sneaky eating.(includes recipes)(healthful diet)Women's issues/gender studiesEvelyn Tribole
Sorbet.(recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesBeth Hensperger
Spa light.(includes recipes)(food tips from spa chefs)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Rommelmann
Spa worlds.(nine retreats)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Sara Hare
Success stories.(MIND/BODY HEALTH)(women who successfully lost weight)Women's issues/gender studies 
Success stories.(stories of three previously overweight women)Women's issues/gender studiesLisa Walters, Christy Walker, Mary F. Oves
Success stories.(successful weight loss' narrative)Women's issues/gender studies 
Success stories.(three women's weight loss stories)Women's issues/gender studies 
Success stories.(weight loss narratives)Women's issues/gender studies 
Success stories.(woman's weight loss program)Women's issues/gender studies 
Success stories.(women who have lost weight)Women's issues/gender studiesEllen Stovall, Jennifer Thompson
Success stories.(women who were able to reduce their weight tell how they did it)Women's issues/gender studies 
Summer go lightly.(a No-Fuss Summer Weight-Loss Plan)Women's issues/gender studiesMonica Gullon, Mindy Herman, Ethel Brennan
Summer's-end escapes.(recommended summer destinations)Women's issues/gender studiesSara Hare
Sun and sensitivity.(photosensitivity)Women's issues/gender studiesAmy Bratt
Ten novel remedies.(specialsection: Health)(includes related article on dealing with negative emotions)(simple solutions to common ailments)Women's issues/gender studies 
The fitness top 20: the 5 best sports clubs, the 10 best exercise classes and the 5 greatest outdoor workout sports.Women's issues/gender studiesSharon Cohen
The five best sports clubs.(specialsection)(best gyms by value)(Directory)Women's issues/gender studies 
The island of summer.Women's issues/gender studiesMarion Winik
The new medicine.(alternative treatment for migraine, colds, flu and depression)Women's issues/gender studiesColleen Dunn Batess
The new recess: take a play break and get fit!Women's issues/gender studies 
The new wave in color.(hair dyes)Women's issues/gender studies 
"The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to make exercise a part of each day. I'll never love it, but I do love what it's done for my body.".(Success Stories)(Cindy Spicka, Illinois)Women's issues/gender studies 
The power of meditation.(includes related article)(health aspects)Women's issues/gender studiesAngela Hynes
The power shower.(STYLE: Beauty in Action)(with related article on shower toys)(hidden benefits of bathing)Women's issues/gender studiesJennifer Schonbrunn Hinkle
The road less traveled.(includes related article on ensuring comfort and safety while hiking)(hiking as an alternative to fitness walking)Women's issues/gender studiesKristin Carpenter
The road less travelled.(evaluating alternative medicines)Women's issues/gender studiesKathleen Doheny
They dared to compete.(MIND/BODY HEALTH: Shape Women's Sports Roundtable)(pioneer sportswomen)(Interview)Women's issues/gender studiesMichele Kort
Triathlon 101.Women's issues/gender studiesDagny Scott
Tried & true.(competing in a mini-triathlon)Women's issues/gender studiesCarolyn C. Armistead
What will save your skin? 8 new breakthroughs in skin science unmasked.Women's issues/gender studiesRachael Combe
Women at work.(female-friendly companies)(Directory)Women's issues/gender studiesCaryne Brown
You think, therefore you heal (or not).Women's issues/gender studiesAlice Lesch Kelly
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