Asian Survey 2003 - Abstracts

Asian Survey 2003
Afghanistan in 2002: the struggle to win the peace.Regional focus/area studiesJalali, Ali A.
Bangladesh in 2002: imperiled democracy.Regional focus/area studiesJahan, Rounaq
Burma in 2002: a year of transition.Regional focus/area studiesClark, Allen L.
Cambodia in 2002: decentralization and its effects on party politics.Regional focus/area studiesKheang Un, Ledgerwood, Judy
Can Japanese aid be an effective tool of influence?: Case studies of Cambodia and Burma.Regional focus/area studiesOishi, Mikio, Furuoka, Fumitaka
Change and continuity in the Thai political party system.Regional focus/area studiesOckey, James
China and ASEAN: renavigating relations for a 21st- century Asia.Regional focus/area studiesBa, Alice D.
China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: shaping future economic relations.Regional focus/area studiesWong, John, Chan, Sarah
China in 2002: leadership transition and the political economy of governance.Regional focus/area studiesYang, Dali L.
Constitutional debates in the Philippines: from presidentialism to parliamentarianism?Regional focus/area studiesRuland, Jurgen
Democracy and the Thai middle class: globalization, modernization, and constitutional change.Regional focus/area studiesEnglehart, Neil A.
Development and change in rural Tibet: problems and adaptions.Regional focus/area studiesGoldstein, Melvyn C., Jiao, Ben, Beall, Cynthia M., Tsering, Phuntsog
Does party alliance have a decisive effect on gubernatorial elections in Japan?Regional focus/area studiesHiromoto, Masayuki
East Timor's founding elections and emerging party system.Regional focus/area studiesKing, Dwight Y.
Facing citizen complaints in China, 1951-1996.Regional focus/area studiesLuerhmann, Laura M.
Foreigners' rights in Japan: beneficiaries to participants.Regional focus/area studiesTakao, Yasuo
Generations, legitimacy, and political ideas in China: the end of polarization or the end of ideology?Regional focus/area studiesSausmikat, Nora
Hong Kong haze: air pollution as a social class issue.Regional focus/area studiesStern, Rachel E.
How federalism influences India's domestic politics of WTO engagement: (and is itself affected in the process).Regional focus/area studiesJenkins, Rob
India in 2002: the BJP's faltering mandate and the morphology of nuclear war.(Bharatiya Janata Party (India))Regional focus/area studiesSaez, Lawrence
Indonesia in 2002: the rising cost of inaction.Regional focus/area studiesMalley, Michael S.
Japan and South Korea: security relations reach adolescence.Regional focus/area studiesManosevitz, Jason U.
Japan in 2002: an up-and-down year, but mostly down.Regional focus/area studiesUriu, Robert
Japan's response to terror: dispatching the SDF to the Arabian Sea.(Self-Defense Forces (Japan))Regional focus/area studiesMidford, Paul
Laos in 2002: regime maintenance through political stability.Regional focus/area studiesThayer, Carlyle A.
Malaysia in 2002: political consolidation amid change?Regional focus/area studiesGanesan, N.
Mongolian-Russian relations in the past decade.Regional focus/area studiesBatbayar, Tsedendamba
Myth and reality in the discourse of Confucian capitalism in Korea.Regional focus/area studiesSeong Hwan Cha
Neo-left and neo-right in post-Tiananmen China.Regional focus/area studiesMisra, Kalpana
Nepal in 2002: emergency and resurrection of royal power.Regional focus/area studiesKramer, Karl-Heinz
North Korea in 2002: a survival game.Regional focus/area studiesAhn, Yinhay
Pakistan in 2002: democracy, terrorism, and brinkmanship.Regional focus/area studiesTalbot, Ian
Playing by the rules in Korea: lessons learned in the North-South economic engagement.Regional focus/area studiesTait, Richard
Post-secondary education in Hong Kong: repercussions for inequality and civil society.Regional focus/area studiesPost, David
Preconditions and prospects for democratic transition in Burma/Myanmar.Regional focus/area studiesThawnghmung, Ardeth Maung
Racing from the bottom in South Korea? The nexus between civil society and transnational migrants.Regional focus/area studiesLim, Timothy C.
Russia and the commonwealth of independent states in 2002: going separate ways.Regional focus/area studiesBuszynski, Leszek
Singapore and ASEAN in the global economy: the case of free trade agreements.Regional focus/area studiesDaquila, Teofilo C., Huy, Le Huu
Singapore in 2002: economic lassitude and threats to security.Regional focus/area studiesCase, William
South Korea in 2002: multiple political dramas.Regional focus/area studiesHong Yung Lee
Sri Lanka in 2002: turning the corner?Regional focus/area studiesShastri, Amita
Taiwan in 2002: another year of political droughts and typhoons.Regional focus/area studiesRigger, Shelley
Taiwan's dilemma across the strait: lifting the ban on semiconductor investment in China.Regional focus/area studiesYang, Chyan, Hung, Shiu-Wan
Tensions in recent Sino-Japanese relations: the May 2002 Shenyang incident.Regional focus/area studiesMing Wan
Thailand in 2002: political consolidation amid economic uncertainties.Regional focus/area studiesMutebi, Alex M.
The co-evolution of the Internet and civil society in China.Regional focus/area studiesYang, Guobin
The empowering effect of village elections in China.Regional focus/area studiesLi, Lianjiang
The Philippines in 2002: playing politics, facing deficits, and embracing Uncle Sam.Regional focus/area studiesMontesano, Michael J.
The revitalised Philippine-U.S. security relations: a ghost from the Cold War or an alliance for the 21st Century.Regional focus/area studiesDe Castro, Renato Cruz
The role of NGOS in political elections in South Korea: the case of the citizens' alliance for the 2000 general election.Regional focus/area studiesShin, Eui Hang
The sixteenth central committee of the Chinese communist party: hu gets what?Regional focus/area studiesWhite, Lynn, Cheng, Li
The United States and Asia in 2002: needing help against "evil".Regional focus/area studiesRozman, Gilbert, Rozman, Noah
Timor-Leste: divided leadership in a semi-presidential system.Regional focus/area studiesShoesmith, Dennis
Transforming China's urban health-care system.Regional focus/area studiesGuo, Baogang
Vietnam in 2002: on the road to recovery.Regional focus/area studiesAbrami, Regina M.
Vietnam in the era of Doi Moi: issue-oriented organisations and their relationship to the government.Regional focus/area studiesWischermann, Joerg
Will economic integration between mainland China and Taiwan lead to a congenial political culture?Regional focus/area studiesChien-min Chao
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