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Modernism Magazine
Ace of Acrylic: Charles Hollis Jones.Arts, visual and performingWolf, Peter J.
A commonness of spirit.(Gropius House built by Walter Gropius )Arts, visual and performingGropius Johansen, Ati
After Dark: 100 Years of the Evening Dress.Arts, visual and performing 
Alan Fletcher: Fifty Years of Graphic Work (and Play).Arts, visual and performing 
Albers and Moholy-Nagy: From Bauhaus to the New World.(Josef Albers)(Laszio Moholy-Nagy)Arts, visual and performing 
Alexander Girard: Vibrant Modern.Arts, visual and performing 
Annie Lelbovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005.Arts, visual and performing 
An ode to ink-saturated paper.Arts, visual and performingHeller, Steven
Aquavit.(lighting texture and a variety of natural materials are used in furniture design)Arts, visual and performingTruppin, Andrea
Architecture for a progressive spirit: William Lescaze's Norman house.Arts, visual and performingHarris, Beth Edwards
A taste of the fifties: A Caracas cafe.Arts, visual and performingTruppin, Andrea
At home with Frey.(Albert Frey)(Personal account)Arts, visual and performingLyle, Janice
Blenko glass for museums and the masses.(handicrafted glassware designs by founder of Blenko Glass Company Inc. William J. Blenko)Arts, visual and performingCrain, Damon
Bucharest Modern.(modern art exhibition)Arts, visual and performingNikkels, Wanda
Buenos Aires.(architectural design)Arts, visual and performingHenry, Saxon
Bulldozing a masterpiece: Richard Neutra's modernist Gettysburg memorial.Arts, visual and performingFrench, Christine Madrid
Camille Faure: Impossible objects.(Biography)Arts, visual and performingMarcheschi, Cork
Central Europe photography finds its place.(innovations in photographs)Arts, visual and performingWitkovsky, Matthew S.
Clarice Cliff: Jazz hot baby of Art Decor ceramics.Arts, visual and performingPolan, Judy
Design in an age of adversity: Post glass in Czechoslovakia.Arts, visual and performingOldknow, Tina
Designing Raymond Loewy: Elizabeth Reese remembered.Arts, visual and performingGorst, Jake
Designing the Modern Utopia: Soviet Textiles from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection.Arts, visual and performing 
Discovering John Foster.Arts, visual and performingMarcheschi, Cork
Dissent!(prints exhibition)Arts, visual and performing 
Domestic deco: The Chase specialty designs.(Chase Brass and Copper Company)Arts, visual and performingJohnson, Donald-Brian
European auction roundup: The past gets closer.(Report)Arts, visual and performingTolson, Dan
Form and innovation: The furniture of Eero Saarinen.Arts, visual and performingLutz, Brian
Four labors of love for fall.(Miller's Collecting the 1970s)(Bringing Modernism Home: Ohio Decorative Arts 1890-1960)(Modern Movement in Britain)(The Sourcebook of Modern Furniture, 3d ed.)(Book review)Arts, visual and performingMcLendon, Sandy
Georg Jensen Silversmiths.(exhibition)Arts, visual and performing 
Georg Jensen Silversmiths: Masterworks of modern jewelry.Arts, visual and performingGura, Judith
Gio Ponti's.(modern designs by architects)Arts, visual and performingGomez, Hannia
Graphic Content: Contemporary and Modern/Art and Design.Arts, visual and performing 
Hawaiian modern: Vladimir Ossipoff in new territory.Arts, visual and performingSakamoto, Dean, Britton, Karla
Henry Klumb: Tropical tropes.Arts, visual and performingVazquez-Perez, Jose Fernando
Herbert Bayer beyond the Bauhaus.(graphic designer produced paintings)Arts, visual and performingPagila, Michael
Holding its own.(Paul Mitarachi )Arts, visual and performingTruppin, Andrea
Il Cosmo Driade.(furniture design)Arts, visual and performing 
Jens Risom's encore performance.(elegant furniture designed by Jens Risom)Arts, visual and performingKane, Lily
Jonathan Adler: The making of a (new) modern master.Arts, visual and performingSinger, Matt
Josef Hoffmann: Interiors, 1902-1913.Arts, visual and performing 
Kahn and Roosevelt: A long time coming.(memorial design)(Report)Arts, visual and performingFogarty, Kate
Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall - An Artist's Country Estate.Arts, visual and performing 
Made in Miami.Arts, visual and performingHenry, Saxon
Margret Craver Withers: In service of silver.Arts, visual and performingSchon, Marbeth
Marseille.(city attracts architects and it reinvents itself)(City overview)Arts, visual and performingArfin, Ferne
Martine Bedin, Citta.Arts, visual and performing 
Meet the Beadles.(Alfred Newman Beadle)Arts, visual and performingWolf, Peter J.
Miami.Arts, visual and performingGuilbert, Juliette
Modernism in American Silver: 20th Century Design.Arts, visual and performing 
Monica Backstrom: Forty years of innovation in Swedish Glass.Arts, visual and performingGura, Judith
Mountain Marvel: Charles Deaton's Sculptured House.Arts, visual and performingPaglia, Mihael
Napier and Wellington: New Zealand.Arts, visual and performingRadcliffe Rogers, Barbara
Norman Cherner deconstructed.Arts, visual and performingMoline, Julie
On the Fairway: A Palm Springs retreat.(William Cody and Richard Himmet design courtyard house)Arts, visual and performingTruppin, Andrea
Oregon time capsule Paul Laszlo.(change in interior design of John M. and Floreine A. Hudspeth's house)Arts, visual and performingTrupin, Andrea
Paulo Mendes da Rocha : Livable brutalism.Arts, visual and performingRaderschad, Kristina
Paul T. Frankl: Pioneer of modern American design.(Biography)Arts, visual and performingLong, Christopher
Philadelphia: Beyond colonial.Arts, visual and performingKosbab, Kevin
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.(architect Vann Molyvann's works)Arts, visual and performingBrookes, Stephen
Phoenix: up from the desert.(new structures in Phoenix)Arts, visual and performingBrown, David M.
Pierre Koenig: Round two.Arts, visual and performingTruppin, Andrea
Poster boy: Edward Mcknight Kauffer in Britain.Arts, visual and performingJackson, Lesley
Power at your fingertips: Streamlining domestic arts.Arts, visual and performingHanks, David A., Hoy, Anne H.
Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel.Arts, visual and performing 
Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture.Arts, visual and performing 
Ready made: An architect embraces Neutra.(C. J. Bonura designs a house)Arts, visual and performingTruppin, Andrea
Report from Stockholm: The Scandinavian idea.Arts, visual and performingNikkels, Wanda
Rescuing modernist Moscow.Arts, visual and performingSvistunova, Svetlana
Samuel Marx's May house: A modernist landmark bites.Arts, visual and performingDuffy, Robert W.
Shin Banraisha: A Cultural Memory.Arts, visual and performing 
Sixties Fashion.Arts, visual and performing 
SkinBones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture.Arts, visual and performing 
Spirited sales: Masterful 20th-century design fairs.Arts, visual and performingMason, Brook S.
Starting from scratch: Art ceramics in Flanders.Arts, visual and performingHeiremans, Marc
Streamline Design: The Essence of Speed.Arts, visual and performing 
The back page: bamboo's new shoot.(Isamu Noguchi and Isamu Kenmochi )Arts, visual and performingFogarty, Kate
The boundless perfectionism of Friso Kramer.Arts, visual and performingvan Ginkel, Dirk
The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture and Design.Arts, visual and performing 
The kisses of modern architecture: Northern California's legacy unearthed.Arts, visual and performingSerraino, Pierluigi
The Societe Anonyme: Modernism for America.Arts, visual and performing 
The talented Mr. Jere.(Jerry Fels)Arts, visual and performingFogarty, Kate
The world out of clay: Stan Bitters.Arts, visual and performingElliot-Bishop, James
Toronto, Canada.Arts, visual and performingLeBlanc, Dave
Tulsa, Oklahoma.(architectural designs of commercial offices and churches)(City overview)Arts, visual and performingJacobs, Brian
Viktor Schreckengost at 99.(Biography)Arts, visual and performingAdams, Henry
Wildwood: The last mid-century modern resort.Arts, visual and performingLev, Darleen
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