Shape 2000 - Abstracts

Shape 2000
10 hot videos.(survey of exercise videos)Women's issues/gender studies 
10-minute beauty solutions.Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne Gleason
10 ways to pump up your cardio.(exercise advice)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin, Linda Lewis
11 ways you can beat stress.(stress-relieving strategies)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesChristina Frank
30 ways to do summer.(includes recipes)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin, Jenna McCarthy, Robin Vitetta-Miller, Carolyn C. Armistead, Mary Rose Almasi, Monica Gullon, Collen Dunn Bates, Kristin Carpenter, Gayle Sato Stodder, Amy Allison
4 foods that won't make you fat.Women's issues/gender studiesMyatt Murphy
4 rules for nonfat dressing.(clothing and style advice)Women's issues/gender studiesLeah Feldon
50 ways to stress less....(advice to keep calm over Christmas)Women's issues/gender studiesAngela Hynes
All about breasts.Women's issues/gender studiesCarolyn Armistead
An attractive painkiller?(health aspects of magnets)Women's issues/gender studiesSarah Bowen Shea
Are you a stress eater?(link between overeating and stress)Women's issues/gender studiesPamela Peeke
Beauty 2000.(makeup advice)Women's issues/gender studiesMaria Wennefors
Beauty cocktails.(blending products)(includes related information on specific products)(Illustration)Women's issues/gender studiesAbbie Kozolchyk
Beauty etiquette.Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne B. Gleason
Beauty in Action.(hair care tips)Women's issues/gender studiesJenny Morrison
Beyond the pap.(includes related article)(smear tests, gynecological matters)Women's issues/gender studiesLisa Lombardi
Bodies of evidence.(Developing a positive body image requires changing how you feel about yourself)Women's issues/gender studiesAnnie Murphy Paul
Born to be wide? How to outsmart your fat genes.Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Somer
Bust your butt.(exercise advice)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studies 
Bust your rut.(includes related article)(achieving lifestyle changes)Women's issues/gender studiesAndrea Vander Pluym
Everywoman's Alaska.(travelling in Alaska)Women's issues/gender studiesSharon Cohen
Eyes for you.(beauty treatments for eyes)Women's issues/gender studiesAbbie Kozolchyk
Facing fall.(make-up ideas)Women's issues/gender studiesMeredith Asplundh
Fire & ice.(exercising on holiday)Women's issues/gender studiesKaren Good, Carole Jacobs, Thomas Simon, Elaine Glusac, Stacy Whitman
Food processing.(benefits of daily food journal)Women's issues/gender studiesBeth Pinsker
Gaining weight.(hypothyroidism)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Shomon
Get happy.(happiness)Women's issues/gender studiesAnnie Murphy Paul
Getting even.(breast implants)Women's issues/gender studiesAbbie Britton
Got muscle?(exercise workouts used by athletes)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesMichele Kort
Gotta have it?(curbing food cravings)Women's issues/gender studiesKatie Sullivan Morford
Hearty winter salads.(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesVictoria Abbot Riccardi
Home work.(at-home strength-training program)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Duffy
Lush lips.(personal beauty)Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne B. Gleason
Making contact.(a playful new twist on traditional yoga)Women's issues/gender studiesBonnie Siegler
Naked escapes.(includes related article)(travel)Women's issues/gender studiesJenna McCarthy, Carole Jacobs, Amy Allison, Peg Moline
New hope for bulimia.(eating disorders)Women's issues/gender studiesLauren Picker
Nobody's perfect.(fitness instructors' body image)Women's issues/gender studiesVictoria Clayton
Not just for the elderly.(includes related article)(osteoporosis)Women's issues/gender studiesKaty Koontz
Off the vine; sometimes all it takes to bring out a vegetable's star quality is the right wine. Here's a primer on picking a perfect bouquet.(Illustration)(Recipe)Women's issues/gender studiesPaul E. Piccuito
Photo finish.(makeup advice)Women's issues/gender studiesJenny Morrison
Pump fiction? The country's hottest weight-training class may not live up to its claims.(BodyPUMP)(Illustration)Women's issues/gender studiesDana Sullivan
Road (and trail) warriors: Shape's 33 best-rated shoes and sport sandals for running, hiking and walking.(Shoe Review)(includes sock review)(Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesSarah Bowen Shea
Saving face.(facial skin treatments)Women's issues/gender studiesKaryn Repinski
Seven health sins of your past.(health advice)Women's issues/gender studiesStacey Colino
Sight seeing: a 20/20 look at today's corrective eye procedures.(includes related article on possible complications)Women's issues/gender studiesKaren Good, Jenna McCarthy
Soy backlash.(health aspects)Women's issues/gender studiesMindy Hermann
Strength in numbers.(group fitness training)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Duffy
Success stories.(achieving healthy lifestyle)Women's issues/gender studiesDiana Sklenar, Amie E. Sacco-Sykes, Becky Nordskog
Success stories.(diet and exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesKaren S. Hayse
Success stories.(exercise and diet)Women's issues/gender studiesJessica Haber
Success stories.(Two women provide insight into their personal challenge with weight loss)Women's issues/gender studies 
The 5 healthiest ways to cook.Women's issues/gender studiesMary Bemis
The bare truth.(Real Women project)Women's issues/gender studiesA.G. Britton
The best in fitness.(readership survey)(includes related poll information)Women's issues/gender studies 
The cardio component.(exercise program to burn calories)Women's issues/gender studiesSherri Kwasnicki
The Doctor is On.(online pharnacies)Women's issues/gender studiesRichard Laliberte
The easiest way to eat well.(includes related article)(includes menu and recipes)(healthy eating)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Somer
The lean-legs workout.(exercises)Women's issues/gender studies 
The no-diet diet.(Techniques for changing bad eating habits to good ones.)Women's issues/gender studiesStacey Colino
Time out.(summer fashions selection)Women's issues/gender studiesMeg Freeman, Veronique Vial
Treasure islands.(island holiday destinations)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Thomas Simon, Elaine Glusac, Tajinder Reyatt
Tri, tri again.(triathlon competitors)Women's issues/gender studiesCarolyn C. Armistead
Walk with me.(When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided to do a three-day, 60-mile fund-raising walk. I had no idea how hard (or rewarding) it would be)Women's issues/gender studiesKara Corridan
Water works.(beauty products for bath or shower)Women's issues/gender studiesKaryn Repinski
Weight loss for sale.(includes related article)(health aspects of supplements)Women's issues/gender studiesRichard Laliberte
Wild at heart.(adventure trips)Women's issues/gender studiesSamantha Dunn
Wild at heart.(model Niki Taylor)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesMaureen Healy
Your no-binge party plan.(staying healthy over the Christmas period)Women's issues/gender studiesMegan McCafferty
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