Journal of Marriage and the Family 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Marriage and the Family 1997
Adolescent birth intentions, social disadvantage, and behavioral outcomes.Family and marriageCrowder, Kyle, Trent, Katherine
Adult children taking parents into their homes: effects of childhood living arrangements.Family and marriageSzinovacz, Maximiliane
A longitudinal study of marital problems and subsequent divorce.Family and marriageAmato, Paul R., Rogers, Stacy J.
A longitudinal study of the effects of the birth of a sibling during preschool and early grade school years.Family and marriageBrooks-Gunn, Jeanne, Baydar, Nazli, Hyle, Patricia
A longitudinal study of the effects of the birth of a sibling during the first 6 years of life.Family and marriageBrooks-Gunn, Jeanne, Baydar, Nazli, Greek, April
A national profile of nonresident fathers and their ability to pay child support.Family and marriageSorensen, Elaine
A reconsideration of the effect of no-fault divorce on divorce rates. (includes related article giving original authors' response to the reconsideration of their article)Family and marriageGlenn, Norval D.
Attitudes surrounding the continuation of female circumcision in the Sudan: passing the tradition to the next generation.Family and marriageWilliams, Lindy, Sobieszczyk, Teresa
Attitudes toward childbearing among young parents.Family and marriageCernkovich, Stephen A., Giordano, Peggy C., Groat, H. Theodore, Pugh, M.D.
Beliefs about women's intergenerational family obligations to provide support before and after divorce and remarriage.Family and marriageColeman, Marilyn, Ganong, Lawrence, Cable, Susan M.
Beyond marital status: partner history and well-being in old age.Family and marriageLiefbroer, Aart C., Peters, Arnold
Child, parent, and contextual influences on perceived parenting competence among parents of adolescents.Family and marriageBogenschneider, Karen, Small, Stephen A., Tsay, Jenner C.
Cognitive and behavioral predictors of communication in clinic-referred and nonclinical mother-adolescent dyads.Family and marriageReed, Janet S., Dubow, Eric F.
Commitment processes in accounts of the development of premarital relationships.Family and marriageHughes, Debra K., Surra, Catherine A.
Consequences of young mothers' marital histories for children's cognitive development.Family and marriageCooksey, Elizabeth C.
Divorce-related transitions, adolescent development, and the role of the parent-child relationship: a review of the literature.Family and marriageHines, Alice M.
Early motherhood in an intergenerational perspective: the experiences of a British cohort.Family and marriageManlove, Jennifer
Effectiveness of prevention programs for adolescent pregnancy: a meta-analysis.Family and marriageCorcoran, Jacqueline, Miller, Pamela O'Dell, Bultman, Linda
Effects of family structure on the earnings attainment process: differences by gender.Family and marriageParcel, Toby L., Powell, Mary Ann
Factor structure and predictive validity of questionnaire reports on family problem solving.Family and marriageVuchinich, Samuel, De Baryshe, Barbara
Familial factors associated with the characteristics of nonmaternal care for infants.Family and marriage 
Family structure, school context, and eighth-grade math and reading achievement.Family and marriagePong, Suet-Ling
Farm couples and crisis politics: the importance of household, spouse, and gender in responding to economic decline.Family and marriageMeyer, Katherine, Lobao, Linda
Fathering and acculturation: immigrant Indian families with young children.Family and marriageBelsky, Jay, Jain, Anju
Fertility of Chinese immigrants in the U.S.: testing a fertility emancipation hypothesis.Family and marriageSaenz, Rogelio, Hwang, Sean-Shong
From adolescent to young adult: a prospective study of parent-child relations during the transition to adulthood.Family and marriageAquilino, William S.
Gender and the timing of marriage: rural-urban differences in Java. (Indonesia)Family and marriageMalhotra, Anju
Gender differences in the social and economic burdens of parenting and psychological distress.Family and marriageBird, Chloe E.
Gender of siblings, cognitive achievement, and academic performance: familial and nonfamilial influences on children.Family and marriageTeachman, Jay
Gender, status, and domestic violence: an integration of feminist and family violence approaches.Family and marriageAnderson, Kristin L.
Gift giving and the emotional significance of family and friends.Family and marriageVollebergh, Wilma, Komter, Aafke
Healthy and unhealthy friendship and hostility between ex-spouses.Family and marriageMasheter, Carol
Immigration and changing patterns of extended family household structure in the United States: 1970-1990.Family and marriageGlick, Jennifer E., Bean, Frank D., Van Hook, Jennifer V.W.
Influence of older siblings on initiation of sexual intercourse.Family and marriageWidmer, Eric D.
Living arrangements and family formation attitudes in early adulthood.Family and marriageBarber, Jennifer S., Axinn, William G.
Marital quality and physical illness: a latent growth curve analysis.Family and marriageLorenz, Frederick O., Conger, Rand D., Elder, Glen H., Jr., Wickrama, K.A.S.
Marital status and long-term illness in Great Britain.Family and marriageGrundy, Emily, Glaser, Karen
Married and recently divorced mothers' stressful events and distress: tracing change across time.Family and marriageLorenz, Frederick O., Conger, Rand D., Simons, Ronald L., Chao, Wei, Elder, Glen H., Jr., Johnson, Christine
Mate availability and African American family structure in the U.S. nonmetropolitan South, 1960-1990.Family and marriageFossett, Mark A., Kiecolt, K. Jill, Cready, Cynthia M.
Nonresident parents' characteristics and child support.Family and marriageManning, Wendy D., Smock, Pamela J.
Paid leave and the timing of women's employment before and after birth.Family and marriageJoesch, Jutta M.
Parental and occupational stress as predictors of depressive symptoms among dual-income couples: a multilevel modeling approach.Family and marriageWindle, Michael, Dumenci, Levent
Parental involvement in adolescent schooling: a proximal process with transcontextual validity.Family and marriageBogenschneider, Karen
Parents' socioemotional investment in children.Family and marriageBradley, Robert H., Whiteside-Mansell, Leanne, Brisby, Judith A., Caldwell, Bettye M.
Paternal absence and child behavior: does a child's gender make a difference?Family and marriageKowaleski-Jones, Lori, Menaghan, Elizabeth G., Mott, Frank L.
Perceptions of family differentiation, individuation, and self-esteem among Korean adolescents.Family and marriageMacDermid, Shelley M., Chun, Young-Ju
Poverty and marital behavior of young women.Family and marriageLichter, Daniel T., McLaughlin, Diane K.
Poverty history, marital history and quality of children's home environments.Family and marriageDavis, Diane, Miller, Jane E.
Repeat pregnancies among adolescent mothers.Family and marriageGillmore, Mary Rogers, Lewis, Steven M., Spencer, Michael S., Lohr, Mary Jane, White, Rachelle D.
Risk, conflict, mothers' parenting, and children's adjustment in low-income, Mexican immigrant, and Mexican American families.Family and marriageRoosa, Mark W., Jackson, Kristina M., Dumka, Larry E.
Risk factors for teenage fatherhood.Family and marriageSmith, Carolyn A., Thornberry, Terence P., Howard, Gregory J.
Self-verification and depressive symptoms in marriage and courtship: a multiple pathway model.Family and marriageKatz, Jennifer, Beach, Steven R.H.
Sexual abuse history and problems in adolescence: exploring the effects of moderating variables.Family and marriageLuster, Tom, Small, Stephen A.
Significant life experiences and depression among single and married mothers.Family and marriageMcAlpine, Donna D., Avison, William R., Davies, Lorraine
Social change and declines in marriage and fertility in Eastern Germany.Family and marriageAdler, Marina A.
Strong support but uneasy relationships: coresidence and adult children's relationships with their parents.Family and marriageRogers, Stacy J., White, Lynn K.
Structural and assimilationist explanations of Asian American intermarriage.Family and marriageSaenz, Rogelio, Hwang, Sean-Shong, Aguirre, Benigno E.
Testing the theoretical models underlying the ways of coping questionnaire with couples.Family and marriageWright, John, Sabourin, Stephane, Lussier, Yvan, Bouchard, Genevieve, Richer, Chantal
The contribution of intermediary factors to marital status differences in self-reported health.Family and marriagevan de Mheen, H., Mackenbach, J.P., Joung, I.M.A., Stronks, K., van Poppel, F.W.A., van der Meer, J.B.W.
The effects of age at home leaving and pathways from home on educational attainment.Family and marriageWhite, Lynn, Lacy, Naomi
The influence of spouses' behavior and marital dissolution on marijuana use: causation or selection.Family and marriageYamaguchi, Kazuo, Kandel, Denise B.
Their mother's daughters? The intergenerational transmission of gender attitudes in a world of changing roles.Family and marriageMoen, Phyllis, Erickson, Mary Ann, Dempster-McClain, Donna
The legacy of grandparenting: childhood experiences with grandparents and current involvement with grandchildren.Family and marriageElder, Glen H., King, Valarie
The marital dynamics of conflict over the division of labor.Family and marriageKluwer, Esther S., Vliert, Evert van de, Heesink, Jose A.M.
The parental comparison level index: a measure for assessing parental rewards and costs relative to expectations.Family and marriageSabatelli, Ronald M., Waldron-Hennessey, Rebecca
The relation of divorced mothers' perceptions of family cohesion and adaptability to behavior problems in children.Family and marriageDreman, Solly, Ronen-Eliav, Hagar
The relationship between communication skill and marital satisfaction: some moderating effects.Family and marriageBurleson, Brant R., Denton, Wayne H.
The relationship between social class and childrearing behaviors: parents' perspective taking and value orientations.Family and marriageDekovic, Maja, Gerris, Jan R.M., Janssens, Jan M.A.M.
The relationship of childhood sexual abuse to teenage pregnancy.Family and marriageRoosa, Mark W., Tein, Jenn-Yun, Reinholtz, Cindy, Angelini, Patricia Jo
The stress of caring for a parent: effects of the elder's impairment on an employed, adult child.Family and marriageStarrels, Marjorie E., Ingersoll-Dayton, Berit, Neal, Margaret B., Dowler, David W.
What did you do today? Children's use of time, family composition, and the acquisition of social capital.Family and marriageRobinson, John, Bianchi, Suzanne M.
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