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Ageing International
Active aging policy in Europe: Between path dependency and path departure.SeniorsNey, Steven
Age difference in memory for emotional messages: Do older people always remember the positive?SeniorsHelene H. Fung, Lilian Y.T. Tang
Aging and loneliness in Catalonia: The social dimension of food behavior.SeniorsBofill, Silvia
Aging mothers and daughters: Relationship changes over time.SeniorsShawler, Celeste
Alcohol consumption in elderly people across European countries: Results from the food in later life project.SeniorsGrunert, Klaus G., Davidson, Kate, Marshall, Helen, Bofill, Silvia, Vaz De Almeida, Maria Daniel, De Morais, Cecilia, Kozlowska, Katarzyna, Lacasta, Yolanda, Martines, Simona, Mattsson-Sydner, Ylva, Nielsen, Henriette Boel, Seltmann, Gudrun, Szczecinska, Anna, Raats, Monique, Lumbers, Margaret
A multi-dimensional model of elder law: an Israeli example.SeniorsDoron, Israel
A psychosocial model of functional disability.SeniorsFiksenbaum, Lisa M., Greenglass, Esther R., Marques, Sandra R., Eaton, Judy
Are contributory behaviors related to culture? Comparison of the oldest old in the United States and in China.SeniorsBei Wu, Yuwen Yue, Silverstein, Nina M., Axelord, Doris Toby, Li Li Shou, Pei Pei Song
Asian ageing: contexts of change.SeniorsYoon, Hyunsook, Hendricks, Jon
Between-and within-person variation in affect and personality over days and years: how basic and applied approaches can inform one another.SeniorsSpiro, Avron, III, Mroczek, Daniel K., Almedia, David M.
Building on the benefits: assessing satisfaction and well-being in elder care.SeniorsCavanaugh, John C., Jensen, Christine J., Ferrari, Michael
Calling all grandparents.SeniorsPizzey, Erin
Cementing pathways home: enhancing quality of life for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.SeniorsTurner, P., Jessup, M., Courtney-Pratt, H., Robison, A., Cameron-Tucker, H., Wood-Baker, R.;, Walters, H., Reid, D., Lea, E., Cummings, E.
Challenges in caregiving and creative solutions: using technology to facilitate caring for a relative with dementia.SeniorsKinney, Jennifer M., Kart, Cary S., Murdoch, Latona D., Ziemba, Tammy F.
Changes in health status subsequent to nursing home closure.SeniorsCastle, Nicholas G.
Changing work: Mid-to-late life transitions in employment.SeniorsOwen, Lynda, Flynn, Matt
Chronic physical conditions and aging: Is mental health a potential protective factor?SeniorsKeyes, Corey L.M.
Coming of age in twenty-first century America: Public attitudes towards the importance and timing of transitions to adulthood.SeniorsSmith, Tom W
Community health centers as primary providers of health care.SeniorsDuncan, Shelly Raymer, Deye. Cinthia L.
Consequences of men's retirement for the continuation of work-related personal relationships.SeniorsTilburg, Theo Van
Consumer choice and employer-sponsored health insurance.(Survey)SeniorsKaestner, Robert
Consumer choice on drugs: Medicare and medications.SeniorsKaplan, Richard L., Olson, Richard W.
Contemplating grandmotherhood.SeniorsNelson, Janet L.
Contracts and the aging driver.SeniorsKline, Donald W., Wenchen Li
Countdown to becoming a granny for the 21st century.SeniorsPitt, Ruth
Developing technology to support the functional independence of older adults.SeniorsMynatt, Elizabeth D., Rogers, Wendy A.
Diary of supergran.(grandmothers)SeniorsWhite, Monica
Differences in expectations and patterns of informal support for older persons in Hong Kong modification to filial piety.SeniorsKeng-mun Lee, William, Kwok Hong-Kin
Digit force control in older adults: benefits of resistance-training?SeniorsKeogh, Justin W.L.
Education, cumulative advantage, and health.SeniorsMirowsky, John, Ross, Catherine E.
Elder care in Korea: the future is now.SeniorsChee, Yeon Kyung
Elder respect among young adults: exploration of behavioral forms in Korea.SeniorsKyu -Taik Sung, Han Sung Kim
Emerging lifestyles and proactive options for successful ageing.SeniorsKercher, Kyle, Kahana, Eva, Kahana, Boaz
Empowering assisted living front-line care staffs to better care for Alzheimer's and Dementia residents.SeniorsGurnik, Marie, Hollis-Sawyer, Lisa
Experiences of older informal caregivers to people with HIV/ AIDS in Lome, Togo.SeniorsMoore, Ami R., Henry, Doug
Factors influencing older persons' residential satisfaction in big and densely populated cities in Asia: A case study in Hong Kong.SeniorsPhillips, David R., Siu, Oi-Ling, Yeh, Anthony G. O., Cheng, Kevin H. C.
Fear of crime and elderly people: Key factors that determine fear of crime among elderly people in West Flanders.SeniorsDe Donder, Liesbeth, Verte, Dominique, Messelis, Els
Feminism and critical educational gerontology: An agenda for good practice.SeniorsFormosa, Marvin
Financing care for Medicaid and the uninsured.SeniorsHolahan, John
Generation to generation.(grandmothers)SeniorsBakewell, Joan
Graying of Japan: Choju Shakai.SeniorsLevkoff, Sue E.
Hidden in the household: now it's men in mid-life.SeniorsMcDaniel, Susan A.
"Isn't he wonderful?" exploring the contribution and conceptualization of older husbands as carers.SeniorsMiline, Alisoun, Hatzidimitriadou, Eleni
"I think a woman can take it": widowed men's views and experiences of gender differences in bereavement.SeniorsSmith, Philip T., Benett, Kate M., Hughes, Georgina M.
Late-life widowhood in the United States: new directions in research and theory.SeniorsCarr, Deborah, Utz, Rebecca
Living life to the fullest: Well elder's views of hip fracture.SeniorsHunt, Marcia G., Stein, Catherine H.
Malaysian elderly: the cultural precursors.SeniorsYusnani, Mohd Yusof
Meaning of grandparenthood: Do concerns about time and mortality matter?SeniorsFung, Helene H., McBridge-Chang, Catherine, Siu, Christy M.Y., Choy, Winnie C.W.
Mechanisms and evidence for the role of nutrition in cognitive ageing.SeniorsBryan, Janet
Midlife loss of parents: The transition from adult to orphan.SeniorsMarshall, Helen
Nurturing hope at the end of life.(elderly people)SeniorsHudson, Rosalie
Objective neighborhood properties and perceptions of neighborhood problems: Using a geographic information system (GIS) in neighborhood effects and aging research.SeniorsMeersman, Stephen C.
Older adults ' fear and acceptance of death: a transition model.SeniorsCicirelli, Victor G.
Older but not wiser? The relationship between age and wisdom.SeniorsSternberg, Robert J.
Older men's participation in community life: notions of social capital, health and empowerment.SeniorsSixSmith, Judith, Boneham, Margaret
On being a grandmother.SeniorsBlackstone, Tessa
Personal and societal intervention strategies for successful ageing.SeniorsFriedrich, Douglas
Positive aging: new images for a new age.SeniorsGergen, Mary M., Gergen, Kenneth J.
Preface: why grandmothers?SeniorsDench, Geoff
Progress report on Alzheimer's disease: taking the next steps.Seniors 
Prospective predictors of successful aging in community-residing and institutionalized Canadian elderly.SeniorsReker, Gary T.
Recent development in Chinese elder homes: A reconciliation of traditional culture.SeniorsZhan, Heying J., Guangya Liu, Hong-Guang Bai
Religion, religiosity and spirituality in the biopsychosocial model of health and ageing.SeniorsKoenig, Harold G., Cohen, Adam B.
Sex and age cohort differences in patterns of socioemotional functioning in older adults and their links to physical resilience.SeniorsMagai, Carol, Consedine, Nathan S., Krivoshekova, Yulia S.
Signposts of aging: The transitions to later life of a sample of older gay men.SeniorsLee, Adrian
Single older men in disadvantaged households: narratives of meaning around everyday life.SeniorsRusell, Cherry, Porter, Maree
Social capital- A potential tool for analysis of the relationship between ageing individuals and their social environment.SeniorsBarr, Felicity M., Russell, Cherry A.
Socioemotional selectivity and mental health among trauma survivors in old age.SeniorsCarstensen, Laura L., Isaacowitz, Derek M., Smith, Timothy B.
Talking with your doctor: a guide for older people.Seniors 
The grandmother 'Manque'.SeniorsFord, Julienne
The helping networks of rural elders: demographic and social psychological influences on service use.SeniorsBlieszner, Rosemary, Roberto, Karen A., Singh, Kusum
The impact of downward social comparison processes on depressive symptoms in older men and women.SeniorsKohn, Steven J., Smith, Gregory C.
"The invisible man?" older man in modern society.SeniorsFennell, Graham, Davidson, Kate
The long march.(grandmothers)SeniorsStogdon, Jean
The many faces of religious coping in late life: Conceptualization, measurement, and links to well-being.SeniorsPargament, Kenneth I., Emery, Erin E.
The nature of self-directed learning in older rural adults.SeniorsRoberson, Donald N., Jr.
The 'new'grandmother.SeniorsAttias-Donfut, Claudine
The paradox of ageing with developmental disabilities: increasing needs, declining resources.SeniorsDoka, Kenneth J., Lavin, Claire
The politics of health and social welfare in the United States.SeniorsKnott, Jack H., Rich, Robert F.
The shifting sands of time: Results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing on multiple transitions in later life.SeniorsHiggs, Paul, Hyde, Martin
The subjective evaluation of well-being in adulthood: Findings and implications.SeniorsDiener, Ed, Pavot, William
To be active or not to be active, that is the question: The preference model of activity in advanced age.SeniorsVidovicova, Lucie
Toward a productive ageing paradigm for geriatric practice.SeniorsKaye, Lenard W., Butler, Sandra S., Webster, Nancy M.
Visual impairments, functional and health status, and life satisfaction among elderly Bedouins in Israel.SeniorsIecovich, Esther, Isralowitz, Richard E.
Waiting fairly patiently.(grandmothers)SeniorsTait, Kirsteen
What revolution: whose revolution?(grandmothers)SeniorsWeldon, Fay
Where have the neighbours gone?(grandmothers)SeniorsWhelan, Linda
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