Journal of Marriage and the Family 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Marriage and the Family 1996
A marker method to test a phasing hypothesis in family problem-solving interaction.Family and marriageKieren, Dianne K., Maguire, Thomas O., Hurlbut, Nancy
An examination of parent-child shared time.Family and marriageZick, Cathleen D., Bryant, W. Keith
A Paradigm of Family Transcendence.Family and marriageBahr, Kathleen Slaugh, Bahr, Howard M.
A prospective study of divorce and parent-child relationships.Family and marriageAmato, Paul R., Booth, Alan
As cheaply as one: cohabitation in the older population.Family and marriageChevan, Albert
Assisting young, unmarried mothers to become self-sufficient: the effects of different types of early economic support.Family and marriageHill, Martha S., Sandfort, Jodi R.
Associations between marital distress and work loss in a national sample.(National Comorbidity Survey)Family and marriageMarkman, Howard J., Kessler, Ronald C., Cox, Martha, Forthofer, Melinda S., Stanley, Scott
Becoming married and mental health: a longitudinal study of a cohort of young adults.Family and marriageWhite, Helene Raskin, Horwitz, Allan V., Howell-White, Sandra
Caring more or less: individualistic and collectivist system of family eldercare.Family and marriageBengtson, Vern L., Pyke, Karen D.
Changing Fatherhood: An Interdisciplinary Practice.Family and marriageDaly, Kerry J.
Changing policy, changing practice: mothers' incomes and child support orders.Family and marriageCancian, Maria, Meyer, Daniel R.
Characteristics of child sexual abuse as correlates of women's adjustment: a prospective study.Family and marriageBanyard, Victoria L., Williams, Linda M.
Childbearing in cohabitational relationships.Family and marriageZheng Wu
Children's perceptions of corporal punishment, caretaker acceptance, and psychological adjustment in a poor, biracial Southern Community.Family and marriageRohner, Ronald P., Bourque, Shana L., Elordi, Carlos A.
Chinese lunar birth timing in Singapore: new concerns for child quality amidst multicultural modernity.Family and marriageGoodkind, Daniel
Cohabitation versus marriage: a comparison of relationship quality.Family and marriageBrown, Susan L., Booth, Alan
Compatibility and the development of premarital relationships.Family and marriageHuston, Ted L., Houts, Renate M., Robins, Elliot
Compliance with child support orders in divorce cases.Family and marriageBartfeld, Judi, Meyer, Daniel R.
Convergence and divergence in ethnic divorce patterns: a research note.Family and marriageJones, F.L.
Coresidence beliefs in American society - 1973 to 1991.Family and marriageAlwin, Duane F.
Corporal punishment as a stressor among youth.Family and marriageFinkelhor, David, Turner, Heather A.
Corporal punishment in adolescence and physical assaults on spouses in later life: what accounts for the link?Family and marriageStraus, Murray A., Yodanis, Carrie L.
Couples watching television: gender, power and the remote control.Family and marriageWalker, Alexis J.
Demand-withdraw communication in marital interaction: tests of interspousal contingency and gender role hypotheses.Family and marriageSmith, David A., Klinetob, Nadya A.
Double jeopardy: parental conflict and stepfamily outcomes for children.Family and marriageThomson, Elizabeth, McLanahan, Sara S., Hanson, Thomas L.
Effects of occupational status differences between spouses on the wife's labor force participation and occupational achievement: findings from 12 European countries.Family and marriageSmits, Jeroen, Ultee, Wout, Lammers, Jan
Engendering Motherhood: Identity and Self-Transformation in Women's Lives.Family and marriageDaniluk, Judith C.
Explaining the intergenerational transmission of divorce.Family and marriageAmato, Paul R.
Family background and early life course transitions in Kinshasa.Family and marriageShapiro, David, Tambashe, B. Oleko
Family cohesion and enmeshment: different constructs, different effects.Family and marriageBuehler, Cheryl, Barber, Brian K.
Family "decline" and child well-being: a comparative assessment.Family and marriageHouseknecht, Sharon K., Sastry, Jaya
Family experience in preadolescence and the development of male delinquency.Family and marriageVuchinich, Samuel, Coughlin, Chris
Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues.Family and marriageBahr, Stephen J.
Family structure and the timing of transitions from 70 to 103 years of age.Family and marriageJohnson, Colleen L., Troll, Lillian
Family type and children's growth in reading and math over the primary grades.Family and marriageEntwisle, Doris R., Alexander, Karl L.
Feminism, family work, and moral discourse: A comment on Ahlander and Bahr's "Beyond Drudgery, Power, and Equity."(response to Nancy Rollins Ahlander and Kathleen Slaugh Bahr, 'Journal of Marriage and the Family,' vol. 57, p. 54, 1995)Family and marriageSanchez, Laura
Flying solo at midlife: gender, marital status, and psychological well-being.Family and marriageMarks, Nadine F.
Four measures of partner violence: construct similarity and classification differences.Family and marriageHamby, Sherry L., Poindexter, Valerie C., Gray-Little, Bernadette
Gender differences in parent-child coresidence experiences.Family and marriageSpitze, Glenna, Ward, Russel A.
Gender, parenthood, and anger.Family and marriageRoss, Catherine E., Willigen, Marieke Van
Husbands' participation in domestic labor: interactive effects of wives' and husbands' gender ideologies.Family and marriageGreenstein, Theodore N.
Identity relevance and disruption as predictors of psychological distress for widowed and divorced women.Family and marriageKitson, Gay C., DeGarmo, David S.
Incorporating health into models of marriage choice: demographic and sociological perspectives.Family and marriageGoldman, Noreen, Haishan Fu
Intergenerational coresidence and contact: a longitudinal analysis of adult children's response to their mother's widowhood.Family and marriageRaley, R. Kelly, Roan, Carol L.
Is marriage dissolution linked to differences in mortality risks for men and women?Family and marriageHemstrom, Orjan
It takes two to tango, doesn't it? The influence of couple characteristics on the timing of the birth of the first child.Family and marriageCorijn, Martine, Liefbroer, Aart C., Gierveld, Jenny de Jong
Life-course timing and sequencing of marriage and military service and their effects on marital stability.Family and marriageTeachman, Jay D., Call, Vaughn R.A.
Living Arrangements and Social Networks of Older Adults.Family and marriageBedford, Victoria Hilkevitch
Living separately as a child-care strategy: implications for women's work and family in urban Thailand.Family and marriageRichter, Kerry
Marital conflict about the division of household labor and paid work.Family and marriageKluwer, Esther S., Vliert, Evert van de, Heesink, Jose A.M.
Marital quality and conflict across the transition to parenthood in African American and White couples.Family and marriageCrohan, Susan E.
Marriage timing in Sri Lanka: the role of modern norms and ideas.Family and marriageMalhotra, Anju, Tsui, Amy Ong
Mate availability and the transition to unwed motherhood: a paradox of population structure.Family and marriageSouth, Scott J.
Medicine and the Family: A Feminist Perspective.Family and marriageHanson, Shirley M.H.
Morality, feminism, and family work: a reply to Sanchez's commentary.(response to article by Laura Sanchez in this issue, p. 514)Family and marriageAhlander, Nancy Rollins, Bahr, Kathleen Slaugh
Mothers' work hours and marital quality: variations by family structure and family size.Family and marriageRogers, Stacy J.
Multiple roles and the self: a theory of role balance.Family and marriageMarks, Stephen R., MacDermid, Shelley M.
Normative beliefs about marriage and cohabitation: a comparison on non-Latino Whites, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Ricans.Family and marriageOropesa, R.S.
Parental cohabitation and children's economic well-being.Family and marriageManning, Wendy D., Lichter, Daniel T.
Patterns of parental independence giving to adolescents: variations by race, age, and gender of child.Family and marriageBulcroft, Richard A., Carmody, Dianne Cyr, Bulcroft, Kris Ann
Predicting marital instability from spouse and observer reports of marital interaction.Family and marriageConger, Rand D., Wickrama, K.A.S., Matthews, Lisa S.
Predicting relationship status and satisfaction after six months among dating couples.Family and marriageFine, Mark A., Sacher, Jennifer A.
Racial and ethnic differences in the role of cohabitation in premarital childbearing.Family and marriageManning, Wendy D., Landale, Nancy S.
Racial differences in mother-child coresidence in the past.Family and marriageZuberi, Tukufu, Morgan, Philip (English bishop)
Self-concept disconfirmation, psychological distress, and marital happiness.Family and marriageWickrama, K.A.S., Schafer, Robert B., Keith, Patricia M.
Sex preferences, family planning, and fertility: an Israeli subpopulation in transition.Family and marriageOkun, Barbara S.
Sexual exclusivity among dating, cohabiting, and married women.Family and marriageTanfer, Koray, Forste, Renata
Sibling Relationships Across the Life Span.Family and marriageConger, Katherine Jewsbury
Social capital and dropping out of school early.Family and marriageCarver, Karen, Teachman, Jay D., Paasch, Kathleen
Social mobility across three generations.Family and marriageBucur, Alexander, Biblarz, Timothy J., Bengtson, Vern L.
Spending time with his kids: effects of family structure on fathers' and children's lives.Family and marriageCooksey, Elizabeth C., Fondell, Michelle M.
Stress as a driver of the allocation of housework.Family and marriagePittman, Joe F., Solheim, Catherine A., Blanchard, David
The Communication Patterns Questionnaire: the reliability and validity of a constructive communication subscale.Family and marriageChristensen, Andrew, Heavey, Christopher L., Larson, Brandon M., Zumtobel, Daniel C.
The determinants of fathering during the child's second and third years of life: a developmental analysis.Family and marriageBelsky, Jay, Crnic, Keith, Woodworth, Sharon
The distributive norm of monetary support to older parents: a look at a township in China.Family and marriageYang, Hongqiu
The division of child care among mothers, fathers, and nonparental care providers in Dutch two-parent families.Family and marriageSiegers, Jacques J., Dijk, Liset Van
The effects of single-mother families and nonresident fathers on delinquency and substance abuse in black and white adolescents.Family and marriageFarrell, Michael P., Thomas, George, Barnes, Grace M.
The effects of work history and timing of marriage on the division of household labor: a life-course perspective.Family and marriagePittman, Joe F., Blanchard, David
The importance of child-care characteristics to choice of care.Family and marriageWaite, Linda J., Leibowitz, Arleen, Johansen, Anne S.
The Lesbian Family Life Cycle.Family and marriageHannan, Kristi L.
The life course of children born to unmarried mothers: childhood living arrangements and young adult outcomes.Family and marriageAquilino, William S.
The marital construction of gender through work and family decisions: a qualitative analysis.Family and marriageZvonkovic, Anisa M., Hall, Leslie D., Greaves, Kathleen M., Schmiege, Cynthia J.
The "paradigm of family transcendence": not a paradigm, questionably transcendent, but valuable, nonetheless.Family and marriageBerscheid, Ellen
The problem and politics of wholeness in family studies.Family and marriageMarks, Stephen R.
The Psychology of Intimacy.Family and marriageBringle, Robert G.
The relationship between social support and life satisfaction as a function of family structure.Family and marriageRamey, Sharon L., Jaccard, James, Wan, Choi K.
Too much of a good thing? Intergenerational social support and the psychological well-being of older parents.Family and marriageHeller, Kenneth, Silverstein, Merril, Chen, Xuan
Traumatic events and marital well-being.Family and marriageBroman, Clifford L., Riba, Melissa L., Trahan, Meredith R.
Women's decisions about breastfeeding and maternal employment.Family and marriageLindberg, Laura Duberstein
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