Asian Survey 2006 - Abstracts

Asian Survey 2006
Afghanistan in 2005: The challenges of reconstruction.Regional focus/area studiesGhufran, Nasreen
An analysis of the 2005 Japanese general election: Will Koizumi's political reforms endure?(Koizumi Junichiro)Regional focus/area studiesChristensen, Ray
Asia in 2005.Regional focus/area studiesDittmer, Lowell
Bangladesh in 2005: Standing at a crossroads.Regional focus/area studiesRiaz, Ali
Cambodia in 2005: Year of reassurance.Regional focus/area studiesWeggel, Oskar
Changing dynamics in Korea-Japan economic relations: Policy ideas and development strategies.Regional focus/area studiesSang-young Rhyu, Seungjoo Lee
Changing trends of work in South Korea: The rapid growth of underemployment and job insecurity.Regional focus/area studiesKim, Andrew Eungi, Park, Innwon
China in 2005: Hu's in charge.Regional focus/area studiesSaich, Tony
China's 1994 tax-sharing reforms: One system, differential impact.Regional focus/area studiesLoo, Becky P.Y., Sin Yin Chow
Chinese educationalists in Malaysia: Defenders of Chinese identity.Regional focus/area studiesCollins, Alan
Diplomacy, domestic politics, and the U.S.-India nuclear agreement.Regional focus/area studiesMistry, Dinshaw
Do Asian values deter popular support for democracy in South Korea?Regional focus/area studiesDoh Chull Shin, Park, Chong-Min
Economic crisis and changes in employment relations in Japan and Korea.Regional focus/area studiesEeHwan Jung, Byung-you Cheon
Electoral reform and the evolution of informal norms in Japan.Regional focus/area studiesCarlson, Matthew M.
From international linkages to internal divisions in China: The political response to climate change negotiations.Regional focus/area studiesHyung-Kwon Jeon, Seong-Suk Yoon
Functional representation in Hong Kong's legislature: Voting patterns and political implications.Regional focus/area studiesKwok, Rowena Y.F.
Icons and reform politics in India: The case of S.M. Krishna.Regional focus/area studiesPani, Narendar
India in 2005: India rising, but uphill road ahead.Regional focus/area studiesNayar, Baldev Raj
Indonesia in 2005: A new multiparty presidential democracy.Regional focus/area studiesMujani, Saiful, Liddle, William R.
Is China an economic threat to Southeast Asia?Regional focus/area studiesRavenhill, John
Japan in 2005: Koizumi's finest hour.(Junichiro Koizumi)Regional focus/area studiesHiwatari, Nobuhiro
Japan's Host Nation Support program for the U.S.-Japan security alliance: Past and prospects.Regional focus/area studiesYoda, Tatsuro
Japan's shift toward a Westminster system: A structural analysis of the 2005 lower house election and its aftermath.Regional focus/area studiesEstevez-Abe, Margarita
Laos in 2005: 30 Years of the people's Democratic Republic.Regional focus/area studiesForbes, Dean, Cutler, Cecile
Malaysia in 2005: Moving forward quietly.Regional focus/area studiesDerichs, Claudia
Mongolia in 2005: Sharing power, dealing with corruption.Regional focus/area studiesTuya, Nyamosor
Mongolia's DPRK policy: Engaging North Korea.(Democratic People's Republic of Korea)Regional focus/area studiesBatchimeg, Migeddorj
Muslims, markets, and the meaning of a "good" education in Pakistan.Regional focus/area studiesNelson, Matthew J.
Myanmar in 2005: In a holding pattern.Regional focus/area studiesJames, Helen
Nepal and Bhutan in 2005: Monarchy and democracy, can they co-exist?Regional focus/area studiesHutt, Michael
North Korea in 2005: Maximizing profit to save socialism.Regional focus/area studiesMeredith Jung-en Woo
Pakistan in 2005: Surviving Domestic and International tremors.Regional focus/area studiesKennedy, Charles H.
Patterns of South Korea's foreign direct investment flows into china.Regional focus/area studiesJai S. Mah, Eun Mee Kim
Perceptions of universal suffrage and functional representation in Hong Kong: A confused public?Regional focus/area studiesChan, Joseph, Chan, Elaine
Prospects for justice and stability in Burma.Regional focus/area studiesMcCarthy, Stephen
Relocating the U.S. forces in South Korea: Strained alliance, emerging partnership in the changing defense posture.Regional focus/area studiesChang-hee Nam
Rhetoric versus reality for the women of North Korea: Mothers of the revolution.Regional focus/area studiesJung, Kyungja, Dalton, Bronwen
Russia and the CIS in 2005: Promoting East Asian oil diplomacy, containing change in central Asia.Regional focus/area studiesWishnick, Elizabeth
Russia's debate on military-technological cooperation with China: From Yeltsin to Putin.Regional focus/area studiesRangsimaporn, Paradorn
Singapore in 2005: "Vibrant and cosmopolitan" without political pluralism.Regional focus/area studiesRodan, Garry
Sino-Japanese rivalry and its implications for developing nations.Regional focus/area studiesDreyer, June Teufel
South Korea in 2005: Economic dynamism, generational conflicts, and social transformations.Regional focus/area studiesLie, John, Park, Myoungkyu
Sri Lanka in 2005: Continuing political turmoil.Regional focus/area studiesDe Silva, Chandra R.
Strategy and evolution of Vietnam's policy: A changing mixture of pathways.Regional focus/area studiesVuving, Alexander L.
Taiwan in 2005: Strategic interaction in two-level games.Regional focus/area studiesChan, Steve
Taiwan's participation in inter-governmental organizations: An overview of its initiatives.Regional focus/area studiesLi, Chien-Pin
Tensions in South Korean political parties in transition: From entourage to ideology?Regional focus/area studiesSteinberg, David I., Shin, Myung
Thailand in 2005: The struggle for democratic consolidation.Regional focus/area studiesAlbritton, Robert B.
The 2004 general elections in Malaysia: A mandate to rule.Regional focus/area studiesMoten, Abdul Rashid, Mokhtar, Tunku Mohar
The authoritarian temptation in East Timor: Nationbuilding and the need for inclusive governance.Regional focus/area studiesSimonsen, Sven Gunnar
The Chinese-Korean border issue: An analysis of a contested frontier.Regional focus/area studiesGoma, Daniel
The evolution of preventive diplomacy in the ASEAN regional forum: Problems and prospects.Regional focus/area studiesYuzawa, Takeshi
The Japanese pension reform of 2004: A new mode of legislative process.Regional focus/area studiesYoshida, Kenzo, Yung-Hsing Guo, Li-Hsuan Cheng
The Philippines in 2005: Old dynamics, new conjuncture.Regional focus/area studiesHedman, Eva-Lotta E.
The political economy of Chinese investment in North Korea: A preliminary assessment.Regional focus/area studiesJae Cheol Kim
The regionalization of avian influenza in East Asia: Responding to the next Pandemic (?).Regional focus/area studiesThomas, Nicholas
The security of sea lanes in South East Asia.Regional focus/area studiesHo, Joshua H.
The United States and Asia in 2005: Managing troubles, sustaining leadership.Regional focus/area studiesSutter, Robert
Unraveling the Japan-South Korea "virtual alliance": Populism and historical revisionism in the face of conflicting regional strategies.Regional focus/area studiesRozman, Gilbert, Shin-Wha Lee
Varieties of labor politics in Northeast Asian democracies: Political institutions and union activism in Korea and Taiwan.Regional focus/area studiesYoonkyung Lee
Vietnam in 2005: Economic momentum and stronger state-society dialogue.Regional focus/area studiesLuong, Hy V.
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